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 Zhao Fu rode the Centaur Prince purely out of curiosity because he had never ridden a Centaur before and wondered what it would be like.

In the end, he felt that it was quite comfortable, and the ride was quite steady and not as shaky as riding an ordinary horse. Moreover, because the Centaurs had the upper bodies of humans, they could launch attacks, which was why they were said to be natural-born Cavalrymen.

Cavalrymen were one of the most terrifying types of troops in ancient times and were far stronger than Infantrymen. As such, Zhao Fu could guess that the Centaur Kingdom was quite powerful. After obtaining the Centaur Ancestor's power, he would have to quickly leave to avoid trouble.

A while later, Zhao Fu and the Centaur Prince arrived at the altar.

The altar was quite simple and was made of rough rocks. There were many places that did not look very even and it was only two meters wide and was quite short, only about 15 centimeters tall.

Zhao Fu felt quite doubtful and asked, \"Can this altar even be used?\"

The Centaur Prince hurriedly replied, \"Of course it can, this was one of the very first altars built by us Centaurs and contains much more powerful than ordinary altars. However, because of various reasons, it has not been used in a while.\"

Zhao Fu did not say much and got off the Centaur Prince's back and tossed out the Centaur corpses that he had collected and said, \"Hurry up and start then!\"

Hearing this, the Centaur Prince hurriedly came to the altar.

He took out a dagger and cut his palm, causing blood to flow out and drip onto the altar. The Centaur Prince started to chant, causing the altar to give off a blue light.

The Centaur corpses in the surroundings turned into withered corpses and their blood flowed into the altar and was absorbed by it.


The altar gave off a powerful aura and gave off blue light before becoming still. The Centaur Prince looked quite awkward as he said, \"Sir, there isn't enough blood to complete the summoning.\"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu frowned before cutting his arm and letting out some blood. Under Zhao Fu's control, it turned into a crystal-like orb of blood and flew in front of the Centaur Prince.

The Centaur Prince felt quite startled and said, \"Sir, we still need much more blood; this amount of blood from you isn't enough.\"

However, Zhao Fu replied calmly, \"Just try it out; my blood is more powerful than ordinary people's by tens of thousands of times. This orb of blood can compare to the blood of tens of thousands of ordinary people's blood, and it should be enough to complete the summoning.\"

Hearing this, the Centaur Prince felt quite doubtful. In actuality, he did not feel that Zhao Fu was very strong; it was only because of his Nation Armament that he was so powerful. If Zhao Fu only had his Harmony Realm Cultivation, the Centaur Prince would have the confidence to deal with him.

Moreover, he had an orthodox Royal Bloodline, which was incredibly prestigious, and yet he did not dare to say his blood was that powerful. However, Zhao Fu had claimed that this small orb of blood could compare to blood from tens of thousands of people.

How could the Centaur Prince believe such a thing? He thought to himself that Zhao Fu was far too arrogant and was spouting nonsense. Did he think that he had an Imperial Bloodline? What a joke! The Centaur Prince would never believe that Zhao Fu was an Emperor.

However, since Zhao Fu wanted to try, it would not be his fault if he failed, and Zhao Fu would have no reason to blame him.

Thinking about that, the Centaur Prince once again chanted, and the orb of blood floating in front of him turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky.


An unimaginably powerful might spread out as the Centaur Prince felt as if a massive hand had pressed down on him, forcing his four legs to kneel.

The Centaur Prince's face became incredibly pale as he felt extreme terror, and his bloodline trembled. Just what kind of bloodline was this?

As the weather suddenly changed, countless traces of Heaven and Earth Power rapidly gathered and an ancient-looking Centaur elder giving off a powerful aura appeared, causing the surrounding air to seem to sink. This Centaur elder had Emperor Heaven Realm level power.

His eyes were murky and he calmly glanced over the Centaur Prince before his gaze fell on Zhao Fu. His eyes widened and his murky eyes became full of life as he said respectfully, \"Lord Holy Son, why have you summoned me? If Lord Holy Son needs anything, I will immediately do my best to comply.\"

Hearing this term of address, the Centaur Prince's heart trembled. He was not very familiar with this title and had only heard about it from legends, as this was something that reigned above even Emperors.

How was this possible? The person in front of him was actually a Holy Son, and the Centaur Prince felt great disbelief. However, seeing his ancestor acting so respectfully, the Centaur Prince felt a chill in his heart. How come he had to offend such a terrifying person? He was doomed.

Facing the Centaur elder's words, Zhao Fu remained quite calm and did not feel much fear. After all, even though the Centaur elder gave off the aura of the Emperor Heaven Realm, it was just a summon and not its true body, so it at most only had Extreme Divine Realm power.

\"I want to obtain the Centaurs' power!\" Zhao Fu replied calmly.

Hearing this, the Centaur elder smiled and said, \"Lord Holy Son wanting our ancestral power is our glory. I will immediately give it to Lord Holy Son.\"

The Centaur elder's body gave off powerful light, which condensed and formed a blue orb of light.

The blue orb of light was as big as a soccer ball and gave off terrifying power. It gradually descended from the sky and entered Zhao Fu's body.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt a massive wave of power enter his body, and he continuously devoured this power and fused it into him. The blue orb of light continuously became smaller until it turned into motes of light and disappeared.

After absorbing this power, Zhao Fu once again felt a pain on his back as a blue Centaur totem appeared on his back.

Now, Zhao Fu had 12 totems: the Jackal person totem, Minotaur totem, Wolfman Totem, Lizardman Totem, Kobold Totem, Pigman Totem, Orc Totem, Leopard person totem, Goat person total, Fox person totem, Naga Totem, and Centaur totem.

Each of these totems were as big as a plate and they now covered Zhao Fu's back and overlapped. The 12 totems looked quite clustered on Zhao Fu's back, but Zhao Fu felt that he was still quite far away from awakening an Outlander Emperor Star.

\"Lord Holy Son, I have a request. Will you please take my unworthy descendent as your servant?\" the Centaur elder suddenly asked.

Zhao Fu hesitated because the Centaur Prince was a male and bringing him along was not very convenient. Moreover, taking him would not have any benefits.