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 Zhao Fu and his group headed on and came to a lake that had clear and still water, and the water looked like a mirror. It reflected the blue sky and white clouds, and there was also lush green grass around the lake, creating a stunning scene.

Because Zhao Fu and the women often did it in the carriage while traveling, their bodies felt quite sticky, so the women wanted to bathe here.

Zhao Fu nodded in agreement; after having a taste of She Xiaoxiao and She Mi, he also wanted to have a bath.

For the Nagas, even though their lower halves were those of snakes, they could transform certain parts of their bodies into that of humans. Most Outlanders had this ability, including the Fishmen from before.

Everyone took off their clothes and entered the water to start bathing. Zhao Fu was quite fast and had a simple bath before coming up. However, the women took their time in cleaning themselves, and some started to play in the water.

Zhao Fu sat by the side, appreciating the women's beautiful figures under the blue sky and white clouds.

At that moment, Zhao Fu sensed something and told the women to put on their clothes, as a group of Centaurs came over from the distance.

Just like normal centaurs, they had the lower bodies of horses and upper bodies of humans. They had western-looking faces, four hooves, and horse tails, and they were natural-born Cavalrymen.

The group of Centaurs was led by a young male Centaur who had golden hair and blue eyes, and he looked quite dashing. There were hundreds of Centaur soldiers behind him, and they all had Stage 4 Cultivation. They were most likely all personal guards and the Centaur at the head did not seem simple at all.

Seeing the women who had just come out of the water, with their wet hair, beautiful faces, and enchanting figures, the young Centaur's eyes lit up, and his heart rate sped up.

What delighted him was that the women were all of different races: Orcs, Lizardmen, Nagas, Fox people, Minotaurs, etc.

For any man, collecting all of these women from different races into his harem would be an amazing accomplishment.

Thinking about that, the young Centaur came up and said with a trace of arrogance, \"All of you bathing in our Holy Lake have contaminated our Holy Lake. As a Centaur Prince, I hereby declare that you are all my slaves.\"

The women all laughed and looked at Zhao Fu. The Naga Goddess laughed as she said, \"Husband, did you hear that? He said we're all his slaves now - what should we do?\"

The Centaur Prince felt quite displeased because these people evidently did not take him seriously at all. He looked at the only man, Zhao Fu, and said, \"Did you not hear This Prince's words? If you don't obey my orders, don't blame me for being discourteous.\"


A massive aura exploded out, causing the surrounding atmosphere to become heavy. A grim-looking middle-aged man next to the Centaur Prince looked at Zhao Fu's group with a sharp gaze as he gave off the power of a Divine Realm expert.

The Stage 4 soldiers also exploded out with their auras as they locked onto Zhao Fu's group and prepared to attack at any moment.

This Centaur Kingdom was quite powerful and was a Royal Kingdom level faction. They could sense that the Naga Goddess was the strongest among Zhao Fu's group, and since she only had World Realm Cultivation, they felt great confidence in capturing them.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he said, \"And what if we don't obey? What are you going to do?\"

The Centaur Prince coldly harrumphed, \"You're seeking your own death. However, I'll properly savor your women. Even I don't have such exquisite women in my harem. Men, kill him and take the women!\"

The soldiers obeyed and gave off powerful auras as they charged at Zhao Fu's group. The grim-looking middle-aged man directly attacked the Naga Goddess, as he felt that she was the strongest among them. The Centaur Prince rushed at Zhao Fu; he wanted to personally cut off Zhao Fu's head to relieve his anger.

The Centaur Prince had thought that things would be resolved quickly and that he would easily chop off Zhao Fu's head and then take away his women to enjoy.

However, what happened was exactly the opposite of what he expected.

Zhao Fu directly exploded out with an even more terrifying power, which dispelled all of the clouds and caused countless people to feel as if they had fallen into icy water as their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

\"Arghh!\" a cry sounded out as the grim-looking middle-aged man was cut in half at the waist by Zhao Fu. His blood and organs spilled all over the ground, which looked quite disgusting.

Zhao Fu once again slashed out with his sword, and a massive blood-red crescent containing terrifying power flew out.

The countless Centaur soldiers rushing over were all bisected as their upper bodies and lower bodies separated, and their broken corpses crashed to the ground, dyeing the ground red and leaving behind a gory stench.

The Centaur Prince looked terrified and had never thought that such a thing would happen, and he immediately turned and ran.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and shot out to stop him.

The Centaur Prince said in fear, \"You can't kill me, I'm a noble Prince of the Centaur Kingdom. If you kill me, you'll die a horrible death.\"

Zhao Fu did not care at all and slashed out with his sword, sending the Centaur Prince flying and he crashed ten or so meters away. Zhao Fu stepped on his head and asked, \"Do you think I fear you?\"

The Centaur Prince felt incredibly angry, but in order to keep his life, he said in fear, \"If you're willing to spare me this once, I'll give you anything; I definitely won't lie to you.\"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and asked as to his aim, \"Do you have any ancestral items or anything related to godly spirits? If you satisfy me, I'll spare you this once, or else I'll cut off your flesh bit by bit and eat it. I've never tasted horse meat before.\"

The Centaur Prince quickly thought in terror before saying, \"We have an ancestral altar nearby. If all of the dead soldiers are sacrificed, you can gain the Centaur Ancestor's power. Of course, someone from the royal family has to conduct the sacrifice.\"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and lifted his foot, and the Centaur Prince climbed up.

However, Zhao Fu climbed onto his back, making the Centaur Prince feel incredibly humiliated. He was a Centaur, not a horse, and he was the Prince of a Kingdom. He would never allow anyone to ride on his back.

Nevertheless, thinking about Zhao Fu's terrifying power and savage methods, if he objected, Zhao Fu would definitely kill him and eat him.

Zhao Fu had the women wait here while he collected the corpses and rode the Centaur Prince towards the altar.