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 The male Naga God hugged the two women and rushed towards the cave. It seemed that they could no longer stay in the Naga Kingdom, so he planned to take his other wife, the female Naga God, and leave this place or else they would die.

With their World Realm power, there was no Kingdom that would not welcome them. They would become their godly spirits and receive large amounts of faith energy.

The male Naga God had deep feelings for his wife, as they had lived together for many years, but he also could not let go of She Xiaoxiao either. He also deeply loved her, or else he would not agree to help her with an uprising.

Moreover, they also had a product of their blissful union, who was their daughter, She Mi.

Now, the male Naga God felt somewhat regretful. He knew that the Naga King was suspicious, but he still went to see She Xiaoxiao. His peaceful days from before had been quite good, but they were gone now.

What made him feel quite surprised was that as husband and wife godly spirits, his wife should have sensed him being in danger.

And yet, she did not react at all, so the male Naga God started to feel quite worried about his wife. He quickly flew and soon arrived at the cave.

At the entrance of the cave, he sensed another person's aura. This aura was incredibly dangerous, and he felt quite startled and rushed in with She Xiaoxiao and She Mi.

After rushing in, he saw his wife lying red-faced on the bed, not wearing any clothes. There was a handsome young man continuously doing her, while she cooperated with him.

The male Naga God stared at this scene in disbelief before coughing up a mouthful of blood. He had already been injured, and his anger caused him to receive internal injuries.

She Xiaoxiao and She Mi were also shocked to see this scene. However, seeing how powerful the handsome young man was, they could not help but feel quite tempted. Their faces became red and their breathing became erratic, and they somewhat wanted to replace the female Naga God.

\"I'll kill you!\" the male Naga God roared furiously and exploded out with a powerful aura as he punched toward Zhao Fu, sending out a wave of energy.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and took out the Emperor Killing Sword as he also exploded out with his Nation Armament's power. He vigorously slashed, and a black sword light flew out and destroyed the incoming wave of energy. The sword light continued onwards and blasted the male Naga God back, causing him to smash into the wall behind him and cough up a large mouthful of blood.

Great Qin now had seven worlds, and the power that Zhao Fu's Nation Armament had far exceeded that of the male Naga God. As such, he was able to easily deal severe injuries to the male Naga God with a single blow.

Seeing that the male Naga God was heavily injured, Zhao Fu naturally would not let him off. He grasped this opportunity and stabbed out, sending a sword light flashing out, sinking into the male Naga God's throat. The male Naga God instantly died and his corpse sank to the ground.

Looking at the dead male Naga God, the female Naga God's eyes became filled with tears and she angrily hit Zhao Fu as she said, \"You bastard, why did you kill my husband?\"

Zhao Fu hugged her and said domineeringly, \"You're my woman now, not his wife.\"

The female Naga God lightly harrumphed, \"I got it! But he was still my husband, and I still feel sad seeing you kill him.\"

Zhao Fu put away the Emperor Killing Sword and lifted up her chin as he lightly smiled, \"You won't be sad soon.\"

The female Naga God understood Zhao Fu's intention and glared at him as her face turned red. She lightly hugged Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu's gaze fell on She Xiaoxiao and She Mi's bodies. He could guess at their identities, as She Mi looked like She Xiaoxiao.

Seeing that her father had been killed, She Mi looked at Zhao Fu hatefully. Her father had treated her incredibly well and she liked her father a lot, which was why she hated Zhao Fu.

She Xiaoxiao felt quite shocked. The male Naga God was so powerful and yet he had been killed by Zhao Fu so easily. Now, they were in danger as Zhao Fu might kill them at any moment, and even if Zhao Fu did not kill them, they could not escape the Naga Kingdom.

If they were caught by the Naga King, they would be doomed. They would be skinned from the waist up, and the scales on their lower bodies would be ripped off. This was the Naga Kingdom's harshest punishment, and she knew how painful it would be.

She Xiaoxiao did not hesitate and gave a flirtatious smile as she pulled over She Mi and came in front of Zhao Fu as she said bewitchingly, \"Sir, let us serve you!\"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and She Xiaoxiao and She Mi started to serve him.

The female Naga God also smiled. She did not like She Xiaoxiao for seducing her previous husband, nor did she like She Mi. However, seeing how depraved they looked, she felt quite happy.

Zhao Fu enjoyed the service of the mother and daughter and had wanted to have a good taste, but he sensed a massive disturbance from outside and understood that there were many soldiers charging over here.

He did not hesitate and put away the male Naga God's corpse before bringing the women to his carriage and leaving the Naga Kingdom.

After leaving the Naga Kingdom, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. He knew what had happened but did not care too much.

They came to a place without anyone else and Zhao Fu took out the male Naga God's corpse and decided to devour it.

Countless traces of black aura poured out from Zhao Fu's hand and covered the male Naga God's corpse. The powerful energy continuously ate at the corpse, causing it to melt and gradually disappear.

In the end, the corpse formed a pool of silver liquid which floated in the air. It gave off a faint silver light and a powerful godly spirit aura.

Zhao Fu opened his mouth and sucked the liquid into his mouth and continued refining the silver liquid.

The silver liquid spread throughout Zhao Fu's body and caused him to feel a chill. After absorbing the silver liquid, Zhao Fu once again felt a pain on his back as a silver Naga totem appeared on his back.

Zhao Fu knew that refining the male Naga God's corpse would definitely give a Naga totem.

After all, the male Naga God was a godly spirit and had powerful Naga godly spirit power, so his corpse would fulfill the conditions to create a totem.

After refining the male Naga God's corpse, Zhao Fu's appearance did not change much except that he now had a trace of Naga aura. The Naga bloodline was too low-grade, so it could not affect Zhao Fu's powerful Divine Bloodline and cause many changes in him.