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 There were Nagas walking on the streets, selling things, sitting in restaurants, and laughing and talking; there was not much different from a normal human settlement.

However, all of the building styles and engravings were related to snakes, and snakes could be seen everywhere.

At that moment, the street started to become quite lively as people started to crowd together. Zhao Fu felt quite curious and got off the carriage to take a look at what was happening.

He saw a beautiful Naga woman with a mature figure dressed in red armor. She held a spear and gave off a valiant aura, and she led a group of Naga soldiers as they led along some people in chains.

Zhao Fu asked a Naga next to him curiously, \"What's going on?\"

The Naga ignored Zhao Fu because he could immediately tell that Zhao Fu was not a Naga. After Zhao Fu tossed over a bag of coins, the Naga smiled and explained.

The woman in red armor was one of the Naga Kingdom's Princesses, and the people in chains were criminals. They had all committed great crimes and they were being taken to be sacrificed to their Kingdom's Naga Gods.

The Kingdom's Naga Gods were theNaga Kingdom's guardian gods, and they were very powerful. There were two of them, one male and one female. Even though they protected the Naga Kingdom, their personalities were incredibly savage, and they liked to eat people, and they ate 800 people every month.

To a big Kingdom, 800 people every month was not a big deal, so the Naga Kingdom's royal family always sent over people every month. Moreover, they would always be delivered by a Princess out of respect to the Naga Gods.

After hearing that there were Naga Gods, Zhao Fu felt quite interested and thought about it before following the group to a large mountain.

This mountain was quite big and was the tallest in the mountain range. There was a large cave in front of the mountain that was 100 meters tall and dozens of meters wide, and there were a few massive, ferocious-looking snakes engraved around it.

It was pitch-black inside the cave and nothing could be seen, but traces of cold air came out from within, accompanied by a gory stench.

After coming before the cave, the Naga Princess ordered the soldiers to tie the criminals on the pillars in front of the cave before retreating away. She then came in front of the cave by herself and loudly called out, \"Esteemed Naga Gods, we have prepared the food for you. Please come out and enjoy them.\"

Slithering sounds could be heard as two Nagas appeared in front of everyone.

One Naga looked like a well-built man from the waist-up and had a silver snake tail. The other was a beautiful and lazy-looking woman who also had a silver tail, and they both of them gave off powerful godly spirit auras.

Seeing the Princess, the male Naga God smiled and said, \"Daughter you've come again!\"

The Princess smiled as she said, \"Father, it's time to present the sacrifice to you, so I naturally came. This time, I've picked out many strong Nagas for you to eat.\"

The people tied to the poles felt incredibly confused upon hearing the Naga God calling the Princess daughter and the Princess calling the Naga God father.

After all, this Princess was the daughter of the current Queen, so why was she calling the Naga God father?

They could not help but think about that rumor that the Queen and the Naga God had an unspeakable secret. It was said that the Queen had only seized the throne with the Naga God's help, and it seemed that this rumor was true.

So it seemed that the Naga Kingdom's Queen had this kind of relationship with the Naga God. This was an incredibly shocking matter, and no one in the Kingdom knew.

Now that they knew this secret, they would definitely die. After all, the Princess only did not mind them hearing because they had been brought here to feed the Naga Gods.

The Nagas started to beg for mercy, asking the Naga Gods to spare them. They promised that they would turn over a new leaf and that they would not spread this information.

Some Nagas knew that they would not live, so they started to curse at the Naga God and the Queen; they had never thought that they would be so depraved.

The female Naga God looked quite dissatisfied before turning into a massive silver snake that was hundreds of meters long. She opened her mouth and devoured 20 or so Nagas in a single bite, causing the remaining Nagas to look terrified and beg for mercy.

In the end, the 800 Nagas were all eaten by the female Naga God, leaving behind only bloody traces and limbs.

After eating these people, the female Naga God returned to her Naga form and wiped away the blood at her lips and angrily returned to the cave.

The male Naga God helplessly laughed, knowing why the female Naga God was angry.

At that moment, the Princess said coquettishly, \"Father, you haven't gone to see mother in a long time. Mother misses you, so can you come with me to visit her? Please, father.\"

The male Naga God could not refuse the Princess' request and left with her.

After they left, a figure came out from the side. It was Zhao Fu, and he had never thought that this would happen.

The two Naga Gods had World Realm power, and the male Naga God was slightly stronger and was at the peak of the World Realm.

The Naga Kingdom had billions of Stage 3 soldiers as well as a Nation Armament, and it was not something to be trifled with. As such, Zhao Fu acted cautiously and did not reveal his power.

After the male Naga God and Princess had gone quite some distance away, Zhao Fu looked at the cave and took off his cloak as he smiled and walked in.

The inside of the cave was not as he expected. There were torches hanging from the walls and the ground was lined with bricks. As he walked forwards, he came to a very large and luxurious room where there were all kinds of furniture made of valuable materials. There were beautiful paintings on the walls, and there was a massive luminous gem on the ceiling.

There was a large bed at the center, where the female Naga God was lying.

She was resting her head on her hand and she smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu and said lazily, \"Young sir, why have you come here?\"

From the instant that Zhao Fu had approached the cave, the female Naga God had noticed Zhao Fu. Now, seeing his incredibly handsome face and sensing his intoxicating aura, she did not attack him and instead waited for him on the bed. She felt quite expectant and wanted to take revenge on the male Naga God.