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 The Fox Race was sent into an uproar because the Fox Race Meeting had been turned into a slaughterhouse. The strongest people from the senior and junior generations had died, and the various experts present could not do anything.

Some people said that this was the most terrifying thing that they had experienced in their lives, and it was as if the world had been dyed blood-red. There were broken corpses everywhere, and the screams still sounded out in their minds.

Everyone in the Fox Race felt quite curious about that person and wondered just who he was and how he had such terrifying power. Even the surrounding worlds had never heard of this person before.

The most fortunate one was Hu Hou, the honest-looking young man.

Of the Fox Race's five geniuses of the younger generation, the first-ranked Hu Xie had been killed, the second-ranked Hu Lengleng had been kidnapped, the fourth-ranked Hu Sha had been killed, and the fifth-ranked Hu Meili had been kidnapped. There was no one to compete with him, and he was now the Fox Race's only genius.

News of what had happened spread to the surrounding worlds, and the other worlds all became wary and hoped that this terrifying person would not come to where they were.

Zhao Fu brought the three women to a cave and set down restrictions within their bodies before undoing the chains binding them.

The three women were quite afraid of Zhao Fu, as they had personally seen how terrifying, bloodthirsty, and cruel Zhao Fu was.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, \"Don't worry, I won't harm you. Of course, you all need to obediently submit to me.\"

Seeing how gentle Zhao Fu seemed, no longer as cold and cruel, Hu Mei felt at ease and hugged him as she said, \"Sir, I've always been yours and you can do whatever you want to me. Let's start, I've waited for so long already.\"

Zhao Fu looked at the lewd Hu Mei in his embrace and pressed her below him and started to do it with her.

Hu Lengleng and Hu Meili's faces were red as they watched Zhao Fu and Hu Mei do it in front of them.

A while later, Hu Meili's breathing became rough and she looked at Hu Lengleng as she said, \"We're going to become his women sooner or later, so it's better that we take the initiative and please him. I'm going over.'

However, Hu Lengleng shook her head as she said, \"I won't submit to him; my man has to be an upstanding hero, not a bloodthirsty and domineering evildoer who kidnaps women.\"

Hu Meili did not say anything else as she looked at the two people intensely doing it. She had already been tempted by Zhao Fu's aura, and seeing how much Hu Mei was enjoying herself, she could not help but join in.

In the end, Hu Lengleng was also pressed down by Zhao Fu, and she was no longer as cold and was just as lewd as the other women.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the three women and smiled. The Fox Race's women had a bewitching air about them, which could make one feel intoxicated.

Hu Mei happily smiled as she said, \"Husband, you're so powerful. I can't leave you in the future.\"

Hu Meili also flirtatiously smiled.

Hu Lengleng's face was red and she lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and did not say anything. She felt that she had been too lewd, which was completely unbefitting of her.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as she said, \"I'll let you all go back to say goodbye to your families before leaving with me.\"

Hu Lengleng and Hu Meili felt quite delighted and had never thought that Zhao Fu would allow them to say goodbye. They were already prepared to never see their families and friends again, and they had felt quite sad.

However, Zhao Fu had unexpectedly allowed them to say goodbye; was he not afraid that they would run off and not come back?

The two women examined their bodies and realized why - their bodies were filled with Zhao Fu's restrictions and he could control them at will. Moreover, Zhao Fu had just conquered them, and they now felt a slight sense of reliance towards him.

The two women sighed; it seemed that they would not be able to escape from Zhao Fu for the rest of their lives. However, they were not angry and were instead quite happy.

Following this, the two women left while Hu Mei stayed with Zhao Fu. She did not have anyone to say goodbye to, and she only wanted to stay by Zhao Fu's side and receive his love.

After they left, Zhao Fu took out the Heaven Fox Stone and started to fuse it.

The Heaven Fox Stone floated in front of Zhao Fu's body, gave off an intense blood-red light, and became a small nine-tailed fox as big as a palm.

This little fox did not show any resistance or aversion, and it instead excitedly leapt into Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu suspected that it was because of his relationship with Tamamo-no-Mae and Su Dafei - they were pure-blooded Nine-Tailed Foxes, which made the little fox like Zhao Fu.

After the little fox entered Zhao Fu's body, Zhao Fu exploded out with a powerful aura as his body gave off an intense blood-red light.

The little fox turned into a powerful blood-red energy that spread throughout Zhao Fu's body, and Zhao Fu focused on absorbing and refining this power, turning it into his.

After Zhao Fu finished refining the power, he once again felt a pain on his back as a nine-tailed fox totem appeared on his back.

Sensing the various powers in his body, Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile.

Following this, Hu Lengleng and Hu Meili returned, looking quite happy having said goodbye to their families and friends. Zhao Fu then brought them to the meeting place with Hu Shan and the others.

Beneath a small hill, there was a massive and exquisite-looking carriage. The women had been waiting for a long time, and seeing Zhao Fu return, they all looked delighted. They immediately pulled him into the carriage, and indescribable sounds rang out.

Now that the merchant group had returned to the Fox Race, Zhao Fu's goal was to go to Outlander Ten College, and he ordered the three-headed demon wolf to head in that direction.

Because the three-headed demon wolf was incredibly intelligent, it did not need a driver, and Zhao Fu and the women could enjoy themselves inside the carriage.

Five days later, Zhao Fu and the women had passed through the outer region and reached the inner region. The people here were much stronger than those in the outer region, and the strongest people had Emperor Heaven Realm Cultivation. Zhao Fu could no longer act as unrestrainedly as before.

After receiving much love from Zhao Fu, and adding on the Beauty Spring Pearl's effects, the women all looked incredibly beautiful and gave off bewitching auras.

By now, Zhao Fu and the others had reached a small Naga Kingdom. These people had human upper bodies and snake lower bodies. They were incredibly fast, but they found it hard to turn corners.

Zhao Fu sat next to the window and hugged the red-faced Hu Lengleng as he looked at the Naga City outside.