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 This news made many people feel incredibly confused - what was going on? Why did Great Qin's Legatee, who had refused to reveal himself this entire time, suddenly change his mind and return to the Ying family?

Countless factions investigated this matter, and the results suggested that it could really be true. There were many things that coincided:

The person that the Ying family had found was indeed called Li Wu, and he was in East Green. His village was called Great Qin Village, and he had a distant relative who had the Ying family's blood.

These coincidences allowed the Ying family to dress up the lie as the truth.

First, the Ying family's overall strength and resources were not inferior to any other faction's, but in terms of Legacies and fame, they had fallen far behind. After so much time had passed, even though they had continuously searched and begged, Great Qin's Legatee just refused to reveal himself.

Of course, the Ying family could not go on like this. As such, they made a plan to at least regain some face while directing all of the gazes, large, small, international, or domestic, to East Green. That way, the Ying family could develop in secret and wouldn't arouse any unnecessary attention.

However, whether Great Qin's Legatee was really called Li Wu or in East Green could not be confirmed. It was simply a large possibility.

In addition, the Ying family also wanted to take some attention off of Great Qin's true Legatee. Now that this matter was being paid attention to by countless people in the world, it would be difficult for him to cover it up.

As such, they wanted to help him divert some of the attention. The Ying family hoped that Great Qin's true Legatee would be able to detect their goodwill and would return to the Ying family. Zhao Fu's performance had completely impressed the family leaders of each of the Ying family's main branches. They were all convinced that he would be able to restore Great Qin to its former glory, and if they had the chance, they would grab onto his legs and not let go.

However, even though the Ying family had done quite well in this matter, many apex factions still doubted whether this matter was true or not. At the very least, they were unable to completely verify it.


Back at Heavenstone City, the most unfortunate ones were the members of the Qian family. The Qian family was just a normal family, and it wasn't very powerful.

However, in the beginning, they had been lucky enough to meet Heavenstone City's Young Lord, Shi Wen. They continuously curried favor with him by giving him new and interesting things and had even given him many beautiful young ladies from the main branch to toy around with.

Shi Wen deeply liked these young women, so the Qian family's position in Heavenstone City had gradually risen.

Because they had Heavenstone City's Young Lord supporting them, they used this advantage to bully the other factions into leaving and to think up many methods to destroy the ones that did not leave.

Gradually, the Qian family began to monopolize Heavenstone City, and because their status rose higher and higher, they became more and more domineering. Now, the Qian family was already the second largest faction in Heavenstone City.

Whenever most people saw members of the Qian family, they would always take a detour and walk another path. Offending them was even worse than offending someone from the main city's government.

As long as one did not go out of one's way to make trouble for the government officials, they would not make life difficult for players. However, the Qian family acted incredibly unreservedly - if they felt like it, they would kill whoever they wanted, and the victim would not be able to do anything about it.

Moreover, even though none of them had Baron status, they owned more than 100 shops and had countless benefits in Heavenstone City. Even some of the government officials despised the Qian family's despicable acts, but they could do nothing about it, as the City Lord simply spoiled his son too much.

Even though many government officials felt contempt towards the Qian family, they could not do anything about the Qian family. By now, the Qian family placed no one in their eyes, and their acts became more and more unreserved and contemptible.

Zhao Fu had made too large of a splash in Heavenstone City. He had bought 20 properties in one go, and his restaurant was doing extremely well, as they were able to cook many dishes that no one else could make. What's more, that extremely profitable Merchant Alliance was most likely related to him as well.

These things had become a threat to the Qian family, and the main force behind the tragedy at the Westfall Restaurant was the Qian family. They knew what Shi Wen's personality was like, so they took him to Zhao Fu's restaurant and made a ruckus there, leading to this conclusion.

The Qian family had wanted to drive Zhao Fu's faction away, and everything had happened as they wanted. There was nothing for them to fear with Heavenstone City supporting them - who dared to offend the city's government? Who had the strength to fight against the system's government?

However, what they had never expected was that by trying to destroy a faction, it had resulted in this. They had not only kicked an iron board but also an iron nail.

Only after this did they realize how serious this matter was. They had only wanted to force a faction away, but now, it was too late. After the dust had settled, they had been surrounded by countless furious soldiers.

However, these soldiers were still loyal to Shi Jian, and they suppressed their fury. They didn't instantly massacre the Qian family. Instead, they waited for Shi Jian to wake up from his coma. If this matter was not taken care of appropriately, Heavenstone City might suffer greatly.

The next day, Shi Wen woke up from a drunken stupor and had no idea what had happened. Just as he was about to leave his room, he was stopped by some city guards, who told him that he was under house arrest.

This completely infuriated Shi Wen, and he roared in protest, saying that he was Heavenstone City's Young Lord and that he would have these city guards killed.

However, the city guards only coldly looked back at him, and he was unable to leave. As a result, he could only angrily yell, "Where's my dad? Tell him to come! What's going on?"

One city guard coldly harrumphed as he replied, "You have the face to ask? The City Lord has been heavily injured!"

"What? How could my dad be heavily injured? No, I need to go out!" Shi Wen was in complete disbelief and tried to barge out, but he was roughly shoved by the city guards back into his room.

In the end, Shi Wen could only stay in his room and furiously smash things onto the ground.


Back at the Great Qin Town, Bai Qi said with a livid expression, "I'll massacre everyone in Heavenstone City one day!"

"Alright, please calm down, Commander Bai. Right now, what's most important is finding information about His Majesty." Ba Qing did her best to calm Bai Qi down because she knew what sort of person Bai Qi was. It was possible that he really would massacre the 400,000 or so residents and 1 million or so players.

"Has there been any information about His Majesty?" Wang Jian asked worriedly as he frowned.

Li Si sighed as he replied, "I've sent thousands of people to East Green, but we still haven't found any information about His Majesty!"

After this shocking battle, just where was Zhao Fu?