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 Blood flew everywhere and before Hu Xie could even cry out, his body was pierced by chains, making him look like a sieve. There was no part of him left intact, making him look horrifying. The Fox Race's number one genius fell just like that.

\"Kill!\" seeing their master being killed, countless soldiers loudly roared as they gave off terrifying auras and charged towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu spun and gave a cruel smile as he turned into a ray of blood-red light and shot towards the soldiers. His blood-red sword turned into a blood-red ribbon that was ten or so meters long, and he vigorously swung it, causing it to quickly shoot out.

Chi, chi, chi...

The soldiers around Zhao Fu were sliced in half, and their corpses gradually fell and their organs spilled everywhere. Blood flew everywhere, but it was eerily held in the air by an invisible force.

At that moment, Zhao Fu gave a savage smile, stretched out a hand, and grabbed at the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The blood floating in the air turned into nail-sized orbs of blood and gave off immense force as they shot out, shooting into soldiers' bodies. Blood sprayed everywhere as cries continuously sounded out and countless holes appeared in the soldiers' bodies.

In just those few moments, Zhao Fu killed over 50,000 people. There were corpses and blood all over the ground as the incoming soldiers all looked terrified and did not dare to rashly rush ahead.

\"Kill!\" a roar sounded out as the middle-aged man who had previously been sent flying, Hu Sha's father, charged forwards.

His faction's soldiers obeyed and gave off a massive aura as they rushed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu gave a trace of an evil smile - these people charging at him was exactly what Zhao Fu wanted, as he still had not killed enough.

The ribbon within his hand shrank and re-formed into a sword. Zhao Fu gave off a massive aura as he ferociously charged towards the soldiers.

It was the first time that Zhao Fu had used the Eight Forbidden Blood Art in battle before, and even without having fused with any powerful bloodlines, it already had terrifying power. This was not only a bloodline-fusing power but an art of killing.

Chi, chi, chi...

Zhao Fu's sword slashed out as a blood-red sword light slashed through soldiers' bodies, causing blood to spray out. Zhao Fu spun, and all of the soldiers around him were cut into pieces.

This was not a battle but a one-sided slaughter. Zhao Fu's sword continuously slashed out, cutting apart the incoming soldiers like grass.

The ground was dyed red and there were corpses everywhere. Most of the corpses were in pieces and there was an incredibly gory stench.


Hu Sha's father exploded out with the power of a Nation Armament, and a terrifying aura spread out like a flood, bringing with it a wild gale.

Hu Li charged towards Zhao Fu like a wild beast, giving off massive sounds and seeming to be able to destroy everything as if nothing could stop him.


Hu Li gave off a terrifying aura as he rushed in front of Zhao Fu. Before he could attack, Zhao Fu condescendingly stretched out a hand and grabbed his head, and he spoke with a cold voice, \"Blood Extermination!\"

Hu Li felt extreme pain and gave an incredibly painful howl as his body instantly turned into blood-red water that formed an orb. It gave off an attractive force that caused the blood on the ground to turn into a few pillars of blood and fuse into the orb.

The orb became bigger and bigger and flew into the sky as it exploded with an enormous suction force. The soldiers below were sucked into the sky as if they were ants, and they were stuck against the blood-red orb, unable to resist at all.

100,000 soldiers were sucked into the sky, forming an orb made up of countless soldiers.

The orb was incredibly big, and the soldiers pressed against it vigorously struggled and howled or wept.

Zhao Fu raised a hand towards the orb and vigorously clenched his hand.


A massive explosion sounded out as the enormous orb in the sky exploded. Blood and bits of flesh shot everywhere, descending like a bloody rain, dyeing everything in the surrounding red and creating a hellish scene.

The surroundings became deathly silent, and everyone looked at Zhao Fu with terror as they trembled. In their eyes, Zhao Fu was like a god of killing.

Those with Nation Armaments released their Nation Armaments, and those with cultivation exploded out with their cultivation power. More and more soldiers gathered.

Zhao Fu stood at the center of the scene and looked around him. His gaze settled on the Fox Race's experts and he said coldly, \"Do you still have any objections?\"

The Fox Race's experts looked quite serious. After seeing Zhao Fu commit that slaughter, they understood how terrifying Zhao Fu was. If they rushed up, they might die at Zhao Fu's hands.

Such a powerful person could only be stopped by an ocean of soldiers. There were still soldiers hurrying over, but they would still not be enough. Moreover, was it really worth it to sacrifice so many soldiers to kill Zhao Fu?

Furthermore, with Zhao Fu's power, even though the soldiers might be able to stop Zhao Fu, they would not be able to stop him from leaving.

Facing Zhao Fu's words, the experts looked at each other and a dignified-looking middle-aged man said, \"You can take the Heaven Fox Stone, we have no objections. However, please leave quickly.\"

Zhao Fu killing so many people had turned this perfectly good meeting into a slaughterhouse. If this news spread, the Fox Race would lose a lot of face. Moreover, they were quite afraid of Zhao Fu's power and did not dare to act.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly harrumphed and waved his hand, sending out three chains that bound up three women. He then turned into a ray of light and shot over the horizon.

With more and more soldiers gathering, even if he used his Nation Armament, he had to quickly leave or else things would become dangerous. The power of a few billion soldiers gathered together was quite terrifying, and he might not be able to withstand it.

The three women Zhao Fu brought away were the red-clothed woman from before, who was called Hu Mei; Hu Lengleng, the Fox Race's number one beauty; and Hu Meili.

Because of how suddenly Zhao Fu had acted, the Fox Race's experts were unable to react in time. Moreover, even if they could react in time, they would have hesitated as an intense battle would have erupted.

Soon, news of what had happened here spread to other places.