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 Many people looked quite confused and could not understand what was happening and why three people had successively been scared into surrendering.

Some people were dissatisfied that Zhao Fu had bought off those people, but some people found that there was something special about Zhao Fu. They started to pay attention to him.

Following this, the umpire once again announced Zhao Fu's victory.

In his fourth, fifth, and sixth matches, there was still no one who dared to make a move against him.

This made people feel incredibly shocked; did he buy off that many people, or was he that terrifying? Now, more and more people were paying attention to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless about this. The people he faced off against were simply too weak, and most of them were around Stage 5 or 6, while Zhao Fu was a Harmony Realm expert. Moreover, Zhao Fu's eyes were the most terrifying eyes in the world.

Zhao Fu's left eye had nine layers of pupils and his right eye had a cross-shaped pupil with six gray dots around it. Not only did they contain the power of five Emperor Stars, but they also contained all kinds of other powers as well.

Zhao Fu came to the arena for his seventh match, where he saw a beautiful woman with an enticing figure wearing a red dress. She had five tails and gave off a trace of a bewitching aura. She had a reddened face, and her eyes were slightly watery.

\"Sir, as long as you're willing to let me serve you for a night, I'll surrender,\" after she said this, the surrounding spectators were sent into an uproar and had never thought such a thing would happen. The woman in red was incredibly pretty and yet she took the initiative in offering to serve this person and surrender; how could such a good thing happen to someone?

Now, everyone was certain that Zhao Fu was a fake, and they thought that he had bought off people to seem cool.

At the same time, more and more people started to pay attention to Zhao Fu.

Facing the woman's words, Zhao Fu felt quite confused, but he lightly laughed and nodded, and the woman happily looked at Zhao Fu as she said, \"Sir, I'll wait for you by the side, but you have to hurry. When I smell your scent, I almost can't wait.\"

Zhao Fu nodded, and the umpire once again came up and announced Zhao Fu's victory.

For Zhao Fu's eighth match, he was up against an ugly-looking young man who had Stage 8 or 9 strength. After so many rounds, most of the weaker people had been eliminated, and the remaining people had decent strength.


Zhao Fu calmly looked at the ugly-looking young man, and the young man's heart tightened as he felt his hairs stand on end. However, he did not want to surrender like the others and decided to quickly attack.

The ugly-looking young man quickly charged at Zhao Fu and arrived in front of him quickly. He formed claws with his hands and grabbed towards Zhao Fu with immense piercing power.


A muffled explosion sounded out. Just as the ugly-looking young man attacked, before he could react, he was sent flying backwards and he crashed below the arena and coughed up a large mouthful of blood before he fainted.

Everyone looked quite shocked and had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such strength.

On the stage, Hu Xie looked over to Zhao Fu and gave a nefarious smile as he said, \"That person is quite interesting; perhaps he can take a few blows from me.\"

Hearing this, the other four people also looked at Zhao Fu.

The fourth-ranked Hu Sha said with a trace of condescension, \"If it's me, I can finish him off with a single punch!\"

Hu Hou looked quite serious and said, \"I feel that this person is quite powerful and can rival us. That casual attack from him was already so terrifying, so he definitely isn't simple. However, I should be able to defeat him.\"

Hu Meili lightly laughed as she said, \"Rather than his strength, I'm more interested in his strength. Even from here, I can smell an intoxicating scent from him; it's the first time I've encountered such a thing.\"

Hu Lengleng did not say anything and sat there icily. She glanced over at Zhao Fu before looking away.

Next to her, Hu Xie looked over her figure and gave a trace of a smile as he said to the Fox Race's number one beauty, \"Hu Lengleng, this time the Heaven Fox Stone will definitely be mine and none of you will be able to take it away. If you're willing to do it with me once, I'll gift it to you.\"

Hu Lengleng coldly looked at him and said, \"Don't be so overconfident; no one knows who will take the Heaven Fox Stone. Also, do you believe I won't chop off your thing and feed it to dogs?\"

Hu Sha loudly laughed as he said, \"Hu Xie, do you want to have a competition right now? I've long since wanted to test out your strength. Your elder has never been happy being ranked fourth.\"

Hu Meili reminded them, \"The people below are still competing; as people participating in the finals, we can't start fighting now.\"

Hu Sha arrogantly stood up, \"How is it possible for that group of trash to compete with us? How about we directly compete and whoever wins can take the Heaven Fox Stone; there's no point wasting time like this.\"

Hu Xie lightly laughed as he said, \"I agree!\"

Hu Hou thought about it and said, \"I also agree, let's begin then. I don't want to keep sitting here either.\"

The middle-aged MC felt quite troubled. These five people fighting ahead of time would disrupt the procedure of things. If the finals were concluded, there would be no point in the preliminaries anymore.

He came up and pleaded with them, saying, \"Young sirs and misses, please wait; I will try to have the preliminaries conclude as quickly as possible; it won't be long.\"

Hu Sha said dissatisfiedly, \"You say that it won't take long? Do you think we're stupid? Look at how many people there still are; I don't want to keep waiting.\"

As he spoke, Hu Sha pushed aside the MC and walked to the center of the stage, where there was a stone stele on which was a blood-red stone. That was the Heaven Fox Stone.

Hu Sha picked up the Heaven Fox Stone and said arrogantly, \"There's no need for you trash to compete anymore; you can all come! This Heaven Fox Stone will belong to whoever can snatch it!\"

After saying this, Hu Sha vigorously threw the Heaven Fox Stone into the air.

The major figures on the viewing platform did not stop him and smiled as they watched on and started to speak.

\"In previous years we've always held rounds of competitions, but our Fox Race now has five geniuses. They are simply too far above everyone else, and there's no need to continue wasting time like this. Let's allow them to chaotically fight so that everyone can reveal their true abilities. I'm looking forward to those five little fellows' performances.\"

Everyone else smiled and nodded. This Fox Race Meeting was the best opportunity for Hu Xie and the others to make their names known.