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 Zhao Fu headed on by himself. If he brought too many people, taking the Heaven Fox Stone might be difficult, so he had everyone else wait for him elsewhere.

A day later, Zhao Fu came to the Fox Race Meeting. Virtually everyone was from the Fox Race and it was rare to see outsiders. They all had powerful auras and many tails; some people had seven tails.

Zhao Fu found a corner where there was no one else and quietly waited for the beginning of the Fox Race Meeting. Since he decided not to use his Nation Armament, he had to keep a low profile. He was primarily seeking to refine himself and train himself not to rely on his Nation Armament.

At that moment, a white-skinned and chubby middle-aged man appeared on the stage and loudly announced, \"The competition will hereby begin!\"

At the same time, five young men and women giving off icily arrogant auras appeared, and they sat on five chairs on the stage.

The first was a bewitching-looking Fox Race young man. He was sloppily dressed and seemed somewhat lazy. He had seven tails and was called Hu Xie. He was one of the most powerful people in the Fox Race and was one of the biggest contenders for this competition.

There was a cold and beautiful-looking young woman with a graceful figure. She was dressed in white clothes and also had seven clothes. She was called Hu Lengleng and was second-ranked behind Hu Xie. She came from one of the biggest factions in the Fox Race.

The third person was an honest and simple-looking young man who had a powerful aura. He also had seven tails and was called Hu Hou. The fourth person was a ferocious-looking, well-built young man called Hu Sha.

The fifth person was a beautiful young woman with a mature figure dressed in a pale yellow dress. She looked quite sweet and was called Hu Meili.

The five people were the most powerful of the Fox Race's younger generation and came from different factions. They were the top contenders for the Heaven Fox Stone, and they were allowed to directly skip to the finals while everyone else had to climb their way there.

Everyone looked up at the five people on the stage. Those five people weighed down on everyone like five mountains, and wanting to surpass them would be incredibly difficult.

However, for that precious Heaven Fox Stone, everyone wanted to at least try, and they would not give up so easily or else they would not have come. Some people looked resolute and trusted in their own power.

The five people sitting on the stage looked at the people below with condescension. They did not take those people seriously at all, and they were only wary of the people next to them; everyone else was garbage.

There were also countless people spectating, making the scene seem quite lively. This was the Fox Race's largest meeting, and countless people came to watch the fun.

The scene was incredibly raucous as everyone heatedly debated who would obtain the Heaven Fox Stone.

\"From how I see it, Hu Xie will definitely obtain the Heaven Fox Stone. He's powerful and terrifying, as well as incredibly strange; who can defeat him?\"

\"I don't think so, I feel that the second-ranked Hu Lengleng has a good chance. Her strength has greatly increased and she's our Fox Race's number one beauty. I'll definitely support her.\"

\"I don't like either of them. Such a powerful item like the Heaven Fox Stone should fall into the hands of someone with morals, so I support Hu Hou. I don't like Hu Xie; I've heard that he keeps male and female slaves and is a cannibal.\"

\"The strong reign supreme! If you don't have strength, having morals is pointless. I support Hu Meili; just looking at her makes my heart almost explode.\"

\"Oi, who says that one of those five people will obtain the Heaven Fox Stone and that the people below have no chance at all?\"

\"Hahaha, what a joke. Look at the people below; how are they meant to win the Heaven Fox Stone? I feel they're just here to have some fun.\"

\"That's right, if it wasn't for the Meeting, these people would not have the right to fight for the Heaven Fox Stone, and it would definitely go to one of those five on the stage.\"

As the people below intensely discussed, the major figures sat on seats on the viewing platform and smiled as they looked down. They also discussed amongst themselves, giving off the auras of upper-level figures.

They naturally also supported the five people on the stage; the people below did not catch their attention at all.

Zhao Fu brought his number plate and came to an arena. His match was a weak-looking young man who only had Stage 6 or 7 strength.

Zhao Fu hid his aura and no one could tell what his cultivation was. He was also wearing a black cloak, making him seem quite mysterious and so that nobody could see his appearance.

Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, the weak-looking young man felt as if he was being looked at by an extremely dangerous predator. His hairs stood on end, and he felt a cold feeling in his heart and instinctively felt fearful. He did not dare to move, and his arms and legs trembled.

Zhao Fu did not attack, and he calmly looked at the young man.

Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying and unhuman-like eyes, the young man could not take it anymore and called out in fear, \"I surrender!\"

Everyone booed, feeling quite contemptuous of this young man for not daring to even attack before he surrendered. Many people mocked this young man and called him a coward.

Facing those voices, the weak-looking young man's face became quite pale, and he did not seem to hear those voices. Those terrifying eyes still lingered in his mind, and he still felt incredibly terrified.

The umpire announced Zhao Fu's victory and gave Zhao Fu's his number plate for his next match. Zhao Fu went to the next arena and there was a white-haired elder waiting for him there.

Zhao Fu stepped forwards and looked at the elder, preparing to easily dispatch him.

\"I surrender!\" Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, the elder also felt a wave of terror, just like the weak-looking young man from before.

This made everyone quite surprised, and they started to feel quite curious about Zhao Fu. Why did two people surrender to him before even fighting? Was he that terrifying?

Some people felt that Zhao Fu was quite ordinary and there was nothing special about him. Others said that Zhao Fu had bribed those two people, or else they would not have surrendered so easily. Some people said that Zhao Fu was bullying the elderly and young.

The umpire once again announced Zhao Fu's victory and gave him the number plate for his next fight.

Zhao Fu headed to another arena, and a well-built big man giving off a ferocious aura soon arrived. Everyone felt that this time they would be able to see an intense battle. However, facing Zhao Fu's terrifying gaze, the big man was unable to take it either and surrendered as well.