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 Within the palace, Zhao Fu was already doing it with the three Leopard Queens. Before the battle had even started, Zhao Fu had waved his hand, sending out countless chains and binding them up.

This made the Goat people's morale surge, while the Leopard people looked devastated; this caused the battle to conclude incredibly quickly.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the three Leopard Queens who were completely strengthless. Their faces were red and powerlessly gasped. These three Leopard Queens were no ordinary women, and Zhao Fu had expended a great deal of energy to subdue them.

However, subduing them gave a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

Bao Jing lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and looked at Zhao Fu as she said, \"You bastard! We just want you to let off our families; we don't ask for anything else, and you can do what you want with our bodies.\"

Zhao Fu hugged their bodies and lightly laughed as he said, \"There's naturally no problem in letting off your families, but you also need to give me things I'm interested in. I want ancestral items,similar items, powers, or godly spirits.\"

Bao Hongye angrily hit Zhao Fu a few times and said, \"Our bodies are already yours and yet you still have more demands; you're so bad.\"

Bao Zi thought about it and said, \"We have an ancestral item, which is a Leopard Soul Pearl; it is something condensed from our ancestor's soul and has powerful soul energy. We'll give it to you, so please let off our families!\"

She took out a crystal pearl that was as big as a lychee, and there was a violet leopard's image within it. It gave off a faint violet light and a powerful aura.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased as he took the crystal pearl and smiled as he replied, \"Mm, you don't have to worry; I promise that I won't harm your families.\"

The three Leopard Queens let out sighs of relief. Now that the Leopard Kingdom had been destroyed, they were just worried about the safety of their relatives. Now that this had been resolved, they gave beautiful smiles.

Bao Hongye happily smiled as she said, \"You bastard, let's continue after I rest for a while. When that time comes, I definitely won't beg for mercy again.\"

Zhao Fu smiled and lifted her chin as he said, \"Maybe some other time. I want to immediately refine this Leopard Soul Pearl, so I'll need to ask you to leave. You can go and find your families, and I'll take you all away later.\"

Hearing this, the three Leopard Queens smiled and agreed because this was what they were concerned about the most. They put on their clothes and left the room.

Zhao Fu sat cross-legged on the bed and consumed the Leopard Soul Pearl. The Leopard Soul Pearl exploded out with a violet light and spread through his body before shooting out, and a violet leopard's image appeared within Zhao Fu's body.

Seeing this violet leopard, Zhao Fu did not feel too surprised and used his Divine power to cover the illusory image. He then started to gradually absorb its energy.

The leopard's image became weaker and weaker before turning into motes of light and disappearing, and the crystal pearl also gradually melted.

Zhao Fu not only felt a large amount of energy flow into his body, but he also felt a large amount of energy flow into his mind and soul as well, causing his mental power to also grow.

Zhao Fu once again felt a pain on his back, and a Leopard totem appeared on his back.

Sensing the violet totem on his back, Zhao Fu gave a smile and came outside. Now it was time to obtain the Goat People Blessing.

All of the Goat People had been gathered, and there were around 20 million of them. There was an altar at the center, and Zhao Fu stood on the altar while the Goat people looked at Zhao Fu with reverence and worship. It was Zhao Fu who had saved them, and without Zhao Fu they would still be suffering humiliation and bullying.

The blessing began, and countless Goat people chanted as traces of white aura rose up from their bodies. The traces of aura were similar to Fate and faith energy, and it continuously gathered in the sky.

The massive amount of auras condensed a Goat person that was hundreds of meters tall, and it gave off an enormous aura.

The Goat person's gaze was somewhat blank, and there was no joy or sadness within it. A massive aura came out of the Goat person's body and formed a wild gale that rushed at Zhao Fu, and it flooded into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu felt a massive wave of power enter his body, and his body exploded out with a powerful aura as countless rays of white light spread out from Zhao Fu that felt quite gentle.

This made Zhao Fu standing on the altar look like a godly spirit receiving the worship of countless people. He once again felt a pain on his back, and a white Goat person totem appeared on his back.

After receiving the Goat People Blessing, Zhao Fu did not stay here and continued onwards with the merchant group.

Yang Long greatly wished that Zhao Fu would stay for a bit longer. After all, the Goat Kingdom had just been established and was not very stable yet, and the people were not very united. If Zhao Fu was willing to stay, no one would be able to resist.

However, if Zhao Fu left, people might start making trouble. As such, Yang Long would have to carefully govern the Kingdom and gradually solidify his political power.

After leaving the Goat Kingdom, the merchant group travelled for another day before finally reaching the Fox Race.

The people of the Fox Race had fox ears and tails, and the men were handsome and the women were quite flirtatious.

Now that the merchant group had reached its headquarters, and their journey had concluded.

Zhao Fu came with Hu Shan to a large and luxurious mansion and met her relatives. Hu Shan began to hand over various matters of the merchant group to them, and she told them that she was going to leave with Zhao Fu.

Some people were happy while some were sad to hear this. Those who were happy were Hu Shan's ex-husband's older brother. Now that Hu Shan was going to leave, the merchant group would be his. However, there were many people who liked Hu Shan who felt quite sad that she was leaving.

Hu Shan was not too reluctant to leave. Ever since she had met Zhao Fu, her life and fate had greatly changed. She was not the same Hu Shan as before, and she would enter a better world and would not remain part of a small faction that feared everything.

After taking care of all matters, Hu Shan left with Zhao Fu and headed to the centre of the Fox Race's territory, which was where they were holding the Fox Race Meeting.

This was where the Heaven Fox Stone was being offered as a prize, and the most powerful person would obtain it. Many geniuses of the Fox Race would come.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in this, and he planned to obtain it using his own strength and not through using his Nation Armament. He wanted to gain some experience and not always rely on his Nation Armament. This would be good training for his participation in Outlander Ten College's examination.