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 The captain of the guards looked quite furious and turned to look at the carriage behind him. Zhao Fu gave a slight nod, and the captain of the guards laughed and looked at the guards with him; everyone understood what to do.

The guards all suddenly acted as cold lights slashed towards the Leopard people. The Leopard people had never thought that these people would actually fight them. Facing the attack of the 100 or so guards, the Leopard people were quickly killed.

The bound Goat people looked terrified and did not know what was happening. Now that they were all bound up, even if they tried to run, they would not be able to escape.

The captain of the guards then came to the carriage to ask Zhao Fu what to do with the Goat people.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the two Goat women's bodies, and he lightly laughed as he said, \"Bring them up and let everyone else go!\"

The captain of the guards nodded and released all of the Goat people, who thanked them before quickly leaving.

As for the two women, they were brought to the carriage.

The two women did not know what was happening, and they had only heard from the captain of the guards that the sir in the carriage wanted to see them. They could not refuse this request so they hurriedly went as they were worried about their husband and father's injuries and wanted to quickly get back. They planned to ask this sir to take them back.

However, their lewd cries soon sounded out from within the carriage as Zhao Fu started to do it with them and had a good taste of these two Goat people women.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged Yang He and Yang Lili, who lay in his embrace and breathed raggedly. They all looked incredibly embarrassed and could not look at each other.

Yang Lili had never thought her gentle sister-in-law would have such a lewd side, and Yang He looked at Yang Lili embarrassedly. She was also shocked at how Yang Lili had performed, as she seemed quite pure.

However, they could not remain embarrassed, as they still had things to take care of.

Yang He looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes as she said, \"Sir, my father-in-law and husband are heavily injured and we want to go back to check on them; can you bring us back? Later, we'll serve you well.\"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and agreed, and he had the merchant group head towards the Village.

The Village had already heard of the Leopard people being killed as the men had all returned. As for the elderly Goat person and the young Goat person, they had been brought into a room and been treated with some simple medicines.

They had regained consciousness, and after hearing about this, they could not help but feel worried. However, the merchant group arrived and the two women returned to their side with high-quality medicinal pills, helping them quickly recover.

Some of the Goat people were quite afraid of the merchant group as the merchant group was simply too powerful. Moreover, they were afraid of the Leopard people coming for revenge, as the merchant group had killed those Leopard people, and they were worried about getting caught up.

\"Dear wife, I'm glad that you're fine.\" The young Goat person was still quite weak as he happily hugged Yang He.

Yang He looked at Zhao Fu and shyly pushed the young Goat person away as she said softly, \"Alright, you're still injured and still need to rest.\"

The young Goat person smiled and lay down and did not sense that anything was off. He did not know how lewd his wife had been with Zhao Fu and that his wife was no longer his wife from before.

Zhao Fu sat down and talked with the elderly Goat person. The elderly Goat person had not been too injured, so he had recovered quickly.

Zhao Fu primarily asked about two things: The first was the situation in this area, and the other was whether their Goat person race had any ancestral powers or similar things.

Zhao Fu found that this Kingdom's situation was quite unique. It had 60% Leopard people and 40% Goat people.

The Goat people were essentially enslaved, and because they were quite gentle and weak, they did not dare to resist. As such, the Leopard people often bullied the Goat people, resulting in such situations.

Zhao Fu also found that the Goat people had a Goat People Blessing that required at least one million Goat people to cast. The more Goat people there were, the greater blessing they could give.

This blessing could give the Goat people Ancestor's power, and it had some benefits to Fate and could improve one's constitution.

Zhao Fu was very interested in the Goat People Blessing and suggested that he could help the Goat people change the current status quo. The elderly Goat person understood that Zhao Fu was no ordinary person, and he gave him some information.

This information was to find a Goat person called Yang Long. Yang Long was extremely famous among the Goat people, and only he could rally people to stage an uprising.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu and the merchant group set off to find Yang Long.

Zhao Fu naturally brought Yang He and Yang Lili away with him. The elderly Goat person had long since understood that there was some kind of relationship between them and Zhao Fu. When they had returned, their faces had been red, and it was obvious that they had done it with a man. Moreover, they would often look at Zhao Fu tenderly.

A while later, the merchant group arrived at a Goat people City. This place was filled with Goat people and Yang Long was the City Lord.

Zhao Fu did not waste any time and came to the City Hall, and he had people report that someone who could change the fate of the Goat people had arrived. Yang Long quickly welcomed Zhao Fu in.

Yang Long was a middle-aged man who gave off a powerful aura and a trace of coldness. He sat within a large hall and looked at Zhao Fu as he asked, \"How can you change the fate of the Goat people?\"

Zhao Fu faced his sharp gaze and lightly laughed as a terrifying aura burst out from his body. Yang Long had Heaven Realm Cultivation, so Zhao Fu used his Nation Armament's power to shock and strike fear into Yang Long's heart.

Sensing Zhao Fu's terrifying aura, Yang Long's face became pale, and he felt terrified. His body slightly trembled and he no longer seemed as cold and aloof, and he immediately said courteously, \"Sir, please sit here.\"

Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and sat down next to Yang Long. Yang Long did not dare to sit together with Zhao Fu, and he got up and stood next to him as he smiled and asked, \"Sir, what matters do you have?\"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded as he said, \"I came to make you this Kingdom's King. I just need you to gather all of the Goat people and cast the Goat People Blessing for me.\"

Yang Long felt like he was going to go mad with joy, and he almost could not believe it. However, thinking of Zhao Fu's terrifying power, he understood that Zhao Fu had no reason to lie to him, and he felt incredibly excited.