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 After successfully breaking through to the Harmony Realm, Zhao Fu smiled. Reaching the Harmony Realm in just nine years was already extremely fast, and this was especially so given that Zhao Fu was not originally someone from the Heaven Awaken World, did not have great aptitude from the beginning, and didn't start with large amounts of resources. As such, he could not compare to those genius-level figures.

After breaking through to the Harmony Realm, Zhao Fu felt that his body had become stronger, and it was as if he was connected to the earth. He could use Heaven and Earth Power at any time now.

Zhao Fu came outside and exercised his stiffened body. The women had all consumed large amounts of springwater from the Beauty Spring Pearl. Their skin was snow-white and supple, and their figures were incredibly enticing. Their looks had also changed, becoming many times more beautiful than before.

They had all been top-tier beauties before, and now that they had consumed the springwater, they had become peerless beauties.

Gou Qingshui lay within Zhao Fu's embrace and returned the Beauty Spring Pearl to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu looked inside it and found that there was still a lot, and the women had not used too much.

The true usage of the Beauty Spring was to immerse one's body in the springwater; drinking the springwater gave much weaker effects.

\"Owner, it's time to train your little female slave,\" Gou Qingshui said flirtatiously as she looked at Zhao Fu with hazy eyes, seeming incredibly lewd.

After consuming the springwater, the other women also looked at Zhao Fu, and their gazes all became watery as they surrounded Zhao Fu, looking incredibly desperate.

Shou Nan laughed as she said, \"Let's not waste time and return to the carriage with husband!\"

The other women all smiled and nodded, and they brought Zhao Fu back to the carriage.

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless, and the merchant group continued onwards. Intense sounds rang out from the carriage; after the women had consumed the springwater, not only did they become even more beautiful, but they had also become even lewder as well.

Now, the merchant group entered a new Kingdom. After passing through this Kingdom, they would reach their destination, the Fox Race.

After doing it with the women, Zhao Fu hugged the red-faced Orc Goddess and leaned against the window as he continued to appreciate the scenery outside.

At that moment, a group of people with leopard heads and human bodies, as well as leopard tails and leopard skin, swaggered into a Goat person Village with weapons.

These Goat people had the heads of goats and human bodies, and they were quite gentle. Some of them had human faces but goat horns and goat tails.

The Leopard person at the lead called out, \"It's time for you all to hand over food again. Also, we Leopard people are building a palace so all of your men are to work for us.\"

An elderly Goat person with a snow-white goatee came up and said, looking quite troubled, \"Sir, we have already handed over food last month. Also, if you take all of our men away, how will we plant crops, and how will we defend against any danger?\"

The Leopard person coldly harrumphed and slapped the elderly Goat person to the ground. \"Why would I care about what happens to your village? If you don't obey I'll slaughter your whole Village.\"

The other Goat people's faces became pale, and they timidly stood aside, not daring to even breathe loudly.

The elderly Goat person got up from the ground, and a trace of blood leaked out of his mouth as he gave an apologetic smile and said, \"Sir, we can hand over the food, but can we keep some men? Please, sir!\"

The Leopard person once again furiously slapped the elderly Goat person down to the ground and stepped on him as he said angrily, \"A damn old man like you wants to negotiate with me? You're seeking death.\"

\"Arghh!\" a young Goat person could not endure watching his father being beaten like this, and he roared as he ferociously charged at the Leopard person.

The Leopard person looked quite condescending as he kicked the young Goat person flying, who crashed to the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood. His face became quite pale, and it seemed like he was greatly injured.

The Leopard person had Stage 2 Cultivation, while the young Goat person did not even have Stage 1 strength; he was not a match for him at all.

It was evident that this Leopard person would not let off the young Goat person easily. He walked over and stepped on the young Goat person's head, and he condescendingly laughed as he said, \"You want to fight me with that kind of strength? You can die now!\"

The Leopard person raised his foot and wanted to stomp down and crush the young Goat person's head.

Two women rushed out from a house and knelt as they cried and pleaded, \"Sir, please spare him!\"

One of them was quite a beautiful young woman and had a mature figure, and she had a pair of goat's horns and a gentle aura. The other was also beautiful. She had a slim figure and a pair of goat's horns, and she looked quite pure.

The beautiful young woman was the young Goat person's wife. She was called Yang He, while the other woman was his little sister, Yang Lili.

The Leopard person had never thought that this small mountain Village would have two beauties like this. He stopped and laughed as he went up to hug the two women, who desperately resisted.

However, the Leopard person's hands were like iron clamps and they could not break free, and the other Leopard people looked at their leader with admiration.

The Leopard person loudly laughed as he said, \"Brothers, bring the men; we'll play with these two later!\"

The Leopard people all looked quite delighted and excitedly dragged out the male Goat people. The Goat people were all terrified and did not dare to resist at all. The men were all gathered together and had their necks and hands bound with rope.

Following this, 20 or so Leopard people marched 100 or so male Goat people away.

They did not take the elderly Village Chief as elderly people could not do much work and would just be a waste of food. As for the young Goat person, he was half dead, so they did not bring him either.

Soon, the group of Leopard people encountered the merchant group.

The leader and the other Leopard people looked delighted; they would most likely be able to obtain great benefits from this merchant group. As such, they went up to stop the merchant group and loudly called out, \"This is the Leopard Person Kingdom. Hurry up and pay your protection fee.\"

The captain of the guards looked quite disdainful; he now understood Zhao Fu's temperament well and said coldly, \"Scram, or don't blame us for being discourteous.\"

The Leopard person loudly laughed as he said, \"Do you know whose territory this is? And yet you dare to say such things. Now, if you don't pay ten times the protection fee, you'll all die today.\"