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 There were many craters here, and there were gashes all over the ground as if a battle had happened here. Moreover, it seemed that the battle had been quite terrifying, or else there would not have been such great destruction.

An elderly man appeared in front of Zhao Fu. He was dressed in red clothes and there were thin vines coming out from his head. He looked incredibly ancient and looked just like a normal person.

This elderly man was the monster of the danger zone's depths, and his body gave off terrifying ripples. His strength was at the peak of the World Realm, and if Zhao Fu fought with him, it would be an incredibly bitter battle.

The elderly man sighed and said, \"Before, I was nurturing an Innate Spirit Root here that contained incredibly great spirit power, and it was as terrifying as a Spirit Race's Emperor's bloodline.

\"It's a pity that a few years ago someone came here. That was an incredibly terrifying woman; I've never seen anyone as terrifying as her. Not only was her aura above that of Emperor Bloodlines, but it was also above Divine Bloodlines.

\"However, she wanted to take away the Innate Spirit Root, and I wanted to protect it. Despite releasing all of my power, she only used a tiny portion of her power and was able to easily take away the Innate Spirit Root.

\"Now, you can see that I don't have anything good left. If it wasn't for that terrifying existence showing mercy, I would have already died.\"

Hearing the elderly man's words, Zhao Fu's expression became quite serious. The only thing that was above a Divine Bloodline was an Origin Bloodline; that person was definitely from the Origin Race.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu could not help but think about before, how he had seen Tuoba Qing in the illusion. He could not help but ask about what the woman looked like, and after hearing the elderly man's reply, he grinned. Tuoba Qing had indeed come here, and she was the one who had taken away the Innate Spirit Root.

\"Sir, do you really know that person? That being said, you have a Divine Bloodline, so it is indeed possible,\" the elderly man said in shock.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and did not explain. Since there was nothing else of value, Zhao Fu smiled as he said, \"Since you don't have anything else, there's no need for us to fight, and I'll leave now.\"

At that moment, the elderly man said in a tone of trying to curry favor, \"Sir, I have another ten or so Thorn Fruits and am willing to gift them to you. Would you give me a bit of your blood? Just a few drops is enough.\"

Zhao Fu thought about it and seeing that the elderly man's attitude was quite good, he agreed. His blood was not that valuable to himself, and he often used it to refine things or cast abilities.

Hearing that Zhao Fu agreed, the elderly man was delighted and took out ten or so Thorn Fruits and gave them to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu cut his palm, and let out some blood for the elderly man.

After concluding their deal, Zhao Fu left while the elderly man returned below the ground.

After returning to the merchant group, the women all looked incredibly happy. After all, Zhao Fu had been in the danger zone for two days and the women all greatly missed him. What happened next did not need to be described.

Hu Shan flirtatiously hugged Zhao Fu as she said, \"Husband, why were you in there for so long? With your power, you should have been able to easily deal with it, right?\"

Niu Doudou lightly harrumphed, \"That's right, you made us wait for you for two days and worry about you. You need to compensate us or we won't forgive you.\"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he explained, \"It was very dangerous inside, and it was not as easy as you're all imagining it to be. I nearly died there, but I did obtain some precious treasures.\"

Zhao Fu first took out the Beauty Spring Pearl and then took out some cups. He sent some power into the Spring Pearl, causing springwater to flow out into the cups.

Zhao Fu explained the effects of the springwater, delighting the women as they all quickly drank from the cups.

No woman was not interested in beauty.

After the women drank the springwater, their skin became smoother and more supple, and they looked even more beautiful than before.

Gou Lan smiled as she said, \"Husband, can you give us some more springwater? I feel that the effects from that much are quite weak, and we haven't gone through great changes.\"

Xi Huo also said, \"Husband, we're all yours, and you'll be happier if we become prettier and serve you together.\"

Niu Dongni hugged Zhao Fu's arm as she also said coquettishly, \"That's right, give us a bit more, alright?\"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and directly gave them the Spring Pearl. The Spring Pearl contained a lot of springwater, so he was not worried about it running out. Following this, all of the women's attention was focused on the Spring Pearl.

Now that he had untangled himself from the women, Zhao Fu returned to the carriage by himself and planned to consume a Thorn Fruit to break through to the Harmony Realm.

Even though Zhao Fu's Heaven Realm Cultivation was quite powerful in the outer Domains, it was quite weak even in the inner Domains, let alone the Heaven Domain. Even within the inner Domains, there were Heaven Realm Cultivators everywhere, and in the eyes of Emperor Heaven Realm experts, Heaven Realm Cultivators were just like ants.

Moreover, after this experience in the danger zone, Zhao Fu felt that his cultivation was too weak and that he had to raise it as quickly as possible. That way, things would be better for him when he went to the Outlander Ten College's examination.

Zhao Fu sat cross-legged in the carriage and took out a Thorn Fruit. He ate it in a few mouthfuls, and he found that it did not taste good at all, being quite bitter.

Zhao Fu did not care too much and swallowed it, and the flesh of the fruit immediately turned into a powerful spirit energy that spread out.

The Thorn Fruits were spirit fruits nurtured by the elderly man, and the elderly man's true form was a massive thorny vine. With his World Realm Cultivation, the ten or so Thorn Fruits that he nurtured would definitely contain immense power.

Zhao Fu quickly absorbed the enormous spirit energy, which flowed into all parts of his body like a warm current, causing him to feel quite comfortable.

At the same time, Zhao Fu's cultivation quickly rose.

After all this time, Zhao Fu's cultivation had already greatly risen, and he was not too far away from the Harmony Realm. The energy that this Thorn Fruit contained was enough for him to reach the peak of the Heaven Realm.

However, after he reached the peak of the Heaven Realm, the Thorn Fruit did not have enough spirit energy to boost him to the Harmony Realm. Fortunately, Zhao Fu still had ten or so Thorn Fruits, and he immediately ate another one.

Another wave of spirit energy spread through Zhao Fu's body, and his body trembled as he felt as if something had been shattered, and a massive wave of power uncontrollably spread out.

A massive wave of power flowed from the ground towards Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu quickly absorbed this power. This was the ability of the Harmony Realm, which allowed one to use some Heaven and Earth Power.