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 Afterwards, news of this shocking battle spread throughout the Heaven Awaken World forum. The conclusion of this battle had almost destroyed the entirety of the southern side of Heavenstone City while the city itself had been split in two by a massive sword strike. Nearly 10,000 city guards had died, and luckily, most of the residents had evacuated quickly. However, there were still many casualties.

The surviving city guards' cultivations all fell below Stage 1, and City Lord Shi Jian fell into a coma due to his incredibly heavy injuries. This was a massive blow to Heavenstone City, and the losses were inestimable.

At the same time, countless people were curious as to just what sort of existence that player was. After hearing the recounts from the people who were lucky enough to watch and survive, everyone was completely dumbfounded. Could a player really wield such a massive amount of power at this point in time?

Many people suspected that that person was not a player but another City Lord. However, as more and more information was released, it was confirmed that he was a player. However, how could a player have such immense strength? No one could fathom this.

When most of the extremely powerful factions heard about this, especially the powerful families with Legacies, they first felt shocked before inwardly letting out a sigh of relief. They knew that a player could only be so powerful if he or she had used his or her Nation Armament, and an extraordinary Nation Armament at that.

Only the apex factions had Nation Armaments, and this person was definitely one of those figures. Wherever such people went, normal factions had to continuously retreat.

As such, people would always know when those people were in an area, but they had never heard of a Dynasty's Legatee in East Green. Because of this, they were able to conclude that he was the previously hidden Great Qin's Legatee!

Upon realizing this, many factions were quite excited. Before, when Great Qin hadn't revealed itself, it had been shrouded in mystery. An unknown person was the most terrifying person, and a person like that could cause people to lose sleep over the mystery!

This was especially so for the factions in the northern region of the Midland Continent. They worried every day that Great Qin was right next to them, but now, the previously mysterious Great Qin had finally been revealed.

Even though the strength that Great Qin's Legatee possessed made most factions feel extremely terrified, they at least knew where he was, so they no longer feared him as much!

The news about Great Qin's Legatee caused the four most powerful factions, Xia, Shang, Zhou, and Han to become incredibly excited. They immediately started to plan out how they would defend against and act against Great Qin in the future.

At the same time, this news was paid attention to by the factions overseas as well. By now, China had already become the number one ancient country in the Heaven Awaken World, and it had countless Legacies. Its existence had already become a threat to the other countries.

Even though it was not said explicitly, there were many countries that had already started to view China as their greatest enemy. There was nothing that could be done about this - it was China's own fault for being so terrifying and making them feel threatened.

As such, many of the factions overseas had kept an eye on China, and now that the most powerful faction, Great Qin, had revealed itself, they were incredibly happy. Great Qin had gathered all of China's Fate, and the factions overseas had long since started viewing Great Qin as China's number one faction.

However, Great Qin had been covered by a mysterious veil this entire time, making them feel extremely unsettled. Now that Great Qin had finally revealed itself, they felt slightly less uncomfortable.

Following this, it was revealed that Great Qin's Legatee was called Li Wu.

Most factions had heard about this because when Heavenstone City had made Zhao Fu an S level fugitive, they had used the name that he had given them when he purchased his properties. This was not a great secret, and many people knew it already.

However, most people were quite unsure as to whether this was true or not. Anyone in East Green called Li Wu instantly became famous now.

Whenever people heard that a certain person was called Li Wu, they would excitedly crowd around that person to see if he was Great Qin's mysterious Legatee.

Now, Zhao Fu's fame was on the same level as international superstars.

Within a concealed room in East Green, a few people sat around a table. They were all from the School of Legalism.

At that moment, one man said, "What do you all think? Great Qin's Legatee might be in East Green!"

The others fell silent before one replied, "I believe we should seek shelter with Great Qin. Now, most of the Schools of Thought have found lords, and many of the people from the School of Legalism have found factions to serve in order to achieve something great after the real world is devoured. I believe that Great Qin suits the development of the School of Legalism!"

Someone else nodded in agreement and said, "Now, we just need to find out the specific location of Great Qin and how to contact Great Qin's Legatee!"

Following this, the people continued to discuss.


Elsewhere, there was a young man called Li Wu who was 22 years old and was in his third year of university. His family background was quite mediocre, but he had had some luck in the Heaven Awaken World, resulting in him obtaining a Normal grade City Creation Stone, which he used to create a village.

The village name was Great Qin Village, and it was situated in a remote area of East Green. This was because Li Wu liked the Great Qin Empire the most out of the various empires, as he thought that it was the dynasty with the most majesty and dignity. Rather than valuing peace, acting like 'good' people, and enduring abuse from others, it had grown so powerful that all of its enemies were terrified of it, and Great Qin had subjugated others.

Since Great Qin had done all of this and Li Wu had a little bit of ambition, he wanted his village to become a faction like that. However, he didn't dare to think of establishing a nation or an empire.

Suddenly, one day, some people from the Ying family came to find him, and they told him that they brought terrific news. The Ying family was willing to give him a lot of their resources and money, to protect him, and to help him develop his village.

However, in exchange for all of these benefits, he had to agree to something, which was that he would be Great Qin's Legatee from this moment onwards!

When Li Wu initially heard this, he was quite confused. At first, he did not understand why the Ying family wanted him to be Great Qin's Legatee, but he soon remembered that Great Qin's Legatee was also called Li Wu!

But why did the Ying family's people want him to pretend to be Great Qin's Legatee? A small figure like him could not anger a super faction like the Ying family.

Li Wu knew that if he agreed, he would be dragged into a massive mess. However, just as he was about to refuse, the Ying family's people started to threaten him. Although Li Wu was quite angry, he realized that this was an opportunity,

It would be quite difficult to develop his own faction, so why not use the Ying family to help him develop for now?

In the end, Li Wu decided to agree, and following this, a shocking piece of news was revealed. Great Qin's Legatee had returned to the Ying family!