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 Of the Five Celestial Senses, Divine Sense could resist all kinds of mental attacks and illusions. The Five Celestial Senses being combined in the Celestial Mode made all of the powers even stronger, and the Celestial Eye was the most terrifying ability.

This illusion was the most powerful illusion that Zhao Fu had ever faced. Ordinarily, with Zhao Fu's Five Celestial Senses and his Divine Bloodline, ordinary illusions would have no effect on him at all.

However, he had fallen into this illusion without even realizing it. If it was not for the Celestial Eye, Zhao Fu might not have been able to escape from this illusion and may have died within it.

This was the case even for Zhao Fu, so if other people came in, it would be impossible for them to survive. This danger zone was indeed quite terrifying.

After the illusion disappeared, a monster appeared in front of Zhao Fu. This monster had a humanoid body and was quite chubby. It had two heads, and each head had a single eye. It had gray skin and two claw-like hands, and there were roots growing over its body.

This monster was the monster that had cast the illusion, and seeing that Zhao Fu had broken through its illusion, it quickly ran away, and it was no longer as arrogant and condescending.

Without the power of its illusions, its strength was only mediocre and would be defeated easily. It was only so powerful because of its illusions.

Zhao Fu stopped using the Celestial Eye, and looking at the monster escaping, he gave a cold smile and slashed out.

A black crescent-shaped sword light flew out with terrifying power, and the monster spun and swung its claws, sending out five sharp lights that collided with the sword light.


An explosion sounded out as light shot everywhere and a shockwave spread out. The monster was sent back a few steps and although it was uninjured, its expression was quite grim as Zhao Fu had now come within ten meters of it. This made it incredibly difficult for it to run away.

\"Can you spare me this once? I can give you all of my treasures in exchange.\" The monster knew how weak it was without its illusions, so it could only try to negotiate with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had been suppressing his anger this whole time, and now he had finally gained the upper hand. He coldly laughed as he said, \"You're still thinking about living? You're a bit too naïve. I still remember how arrogant you were; now, you're afraid?\"

The monster's expression became quite unsightly, and it realized that Zhao Fu would not spare it. It became determined and exploded out with a powerful aura flame and roared, \"Don't think that I'm actually afraid of you. Who knows who will win!\"


The monster gave off a powerful aura as it rushed out, slashing out with a claw and sending out five enormous gray crescents. They seemed to be able to slash apart massive boulders, and they gave off great sounds.

It was now Zhao Fu's turn to look condescending. After losing its illusions, the monster became incredibly mediocre. Zhao Fu had nothing to fear, and he charged up and vigorously slashed out with his sword.


The five ferocious crescents were slashed apart by Zhao Fu with a single strike and turned into countless motes of light and disappeared. Seeing this, the monster was greatly dismayed. It did not hesitate and immediately chose to turn and run.

However, Zhao Fu once again slashed out, sending the escaping monster flying.

The monster flew ten or so metres away and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. It looked quite afraid as it loudly called out, \"Don't kill me, I'll give you all of my treasures and obey you. Please spare my life.\"

Zhao Fu did not trust this monster, as it was incredibly crafty. Moreover, he had suffered so much at its hands; how could he just let it off like this?


A black sword light containing terrifying power slashed out, and the monster's expression became savage as it no longer ran. It roared as it swung its claws, sending out five crescents against the sword light and causing an explosion.

This time, Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and came in front of the monster in an instant. He mightily slashed out with his sword, causing sword light to explode out as he hacked at the monster.

The monster grabbed at the air and a spear appeared in its hand. The monster held the spear and sent large amounts of power into it before stabbing out, causing a terrifying piercing energy to blast out.


A loud explosion rang out as the piercing energy collided with the sword energy. However, the sword light destroyed the piercing energy, and the monster was blasted back.

The monster gave a cry of pain and a bloody gash appeared on its chest. It crashed onto the ground and looked quite wretched.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he stabbed towards the monster's head, while the monster's expression became sinister and its eyes became blue as it shot out blue beams of light towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could tell the two beams of light were incredibly dangerous and were powerful illusion attacks, so he once again cast Celestial Eye.

The rainbow-colored eye gave off rainbow light and formed a rainbow-coloured energy barrier around Zhao Fu. The two beams of light did not affect Zhao Fu at all, and the monster's expression became quite unsightly as it continued to run away.


Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out and a massive sword light containing great power blasted the monster. Zhao Fu did not give the monster an opportunity to react and rushed up, chopping off its two heads and killing it.

Seeing that the monster had truly died, only then did Zhao Fu let out a breath of relief and relax as he sat down and started to recover his power.

Because he had been within an illusion before, all of his injuries had disappeared, but his mind had taken some damage. That illusion seemed to directly attack one's soul, and if one died within the illusion, one's soul would be destroyed, causing one to die in reality.

After resting for a while, Zhao Fu regained all of his strength and his gaze fell on the monster's corpse. He thought about it and stretched out a hand, causing countless traces of black demonic qi to spread out and cover the monster's body and two heads.

The corpse started to melt, forming an orb of black liquid that floated in the air. This orb of liquid continuously condensed, and some black-colored impurities were expelled, turned into particles, and disappeared.

Zhao Fu's left eye opened and gave off a formless suction power as it absorbed the black liquid. Zhao Fu then closed his eyes and started to refine this black liquid.

The liquid continuously fused into Zhao Fu's left eye, and soon, his left eye completely absorbed the liquid and fused with it.

When Zhao Fu opened his eyes again, there was an extra blue pupil in his left eye that gave off a sparkling light, making it look like a precious stone.

Now, Zhao Fu's left eye had nine pupils and looked even more terrifying and dangerous. It also gave off a sense of intimidation that could scare even gods and demons.