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 The monster quickly reattached its body together again and seemed uninjured. It said arrogantly, \"Hahaha, now you know how terrifying I am! Like I said, you're seeking your own death.\"


Just as the monster spoke, it exploded out with a powerful aura and kicked off the air as it turned into a ray of light and shot out, ferociously attacking Zhao Fu.

Right after Zhao Fu climbed up from the crater, the monster reached him. He stretched out an arm and six chains shot out, and the Six Paths Demon Images appeared beside the monster and surrounded it.

The Six Paths Demon Images each raised a hand and gathered immense power as they slammed down.


The Six Paths Demon Images' arms were like six massive hammers that contained terrifying power and vigorously slammed into the monster's body, blasting it into the ground and smashing open a crater.

\"Hahaha, I already said that you can't kill me and that all of your attacks can't harm me at all. I'll enjoy your blood and flesh; you're definitely the most delicious food I've ever seen.\"

Within the crater, the monster seemed completely fine as it stood and loudly laughed.

Zhao Fu looked quite furious and once again exploded with all of his powers.

Different-colored aura flames erupted around his body, burning three meters tall and giving off terrifying ripples. The ground was unable to withstand the power and continuously cracked as clouds gathered in the sky.

Zhao Fu's body gave off extremely terrifying power as he rose into the air, and the world seemed to be in fear as it continuously trembled.

The monster condescendingly laughed as it charged forwards, not placing Zhao Fu in its eyes at all.

Zhao Fu slowly raised his sword before slashing down, and massive sword lights containing great sword qi ferociously slashed towards the monster.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Thousands of sword lights continuously slashed against the monsters body, resulting in loud explosions that sounded in all directions.

The first sword light cut the monster into bits of flesh; the second sword light turned it into specks; the third sword light turned it into nothingness, and even more sword lights followed.

The ground continuously caved in as the crater grew bigger and bigger, from dozens of meters, to hundreds of meters, to thousands of meters, to over 10,000 meters wide.

In the end, Zhao Fu stopped attacking and there was nothing left of the monster, not even a trace.

\"Hahaha, you're still unable to kill me,\" an infuriating voice sounded out as the monster reappeared completely unharmed as it looked at Zhao Fu provokingly.

Zhao Fu furiously stretched out a hand and grabbed at the air, causing chains containing great power to shoot out, piercing through the monster's body and making it look like a hornet's nest.

Zhao Fu also contained the chains to bind up the monster's body. Since he could not kill it, he would eternally seal it here.

A black hole appeared beneath the monster's body, and Zhao Fu pulled with his hand, causing the chains wrapped around the monster to drag it down into the sealed space.

After successfully sealing the monster, Zhao Fu was not pleased at all because the monster had not struggled at all.


Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end as a figure appeared behind him, and a spear containing terrifying power shot out and sent him flying.

The monster once again reappeared in the air and unrestrainedly laughed loudly.

After being sent flying, Zhao Fu's back was blood-red, and he coughed up a large mouthful of blood, his aura becoming incredibly weak.


The monster turned into a ray of light and once again charged at Zhao Fu with a powerful aura.

Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword and sent the monster flying as he sent his consciousness into the sealed space. He had definitely just sealed the monster, so how had it reappeared behind him?

This monster seemed to have some kind of undying and unkillable ability, and it was unsealable as well. It was quite terrifying.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

Massive winds blew as the monster stood in the air and swung its arms as there enormous tornadoes containing immense destructive power appeared, sweeping toward Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu roared and his sword exploded out with boundless sword light, causing an enormous sword intent to spread out. Zhao Fu's body started to spin as sword arcs flashed out, forming a massive black sword qi tornado.

This sword qi tornado brought with it an incredibly sharp aura, seeming as if it could destroy all things.


A shocking explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu's black sword qi tornado clashed with the monster's three tornadoes. Massive winds blew out, destroying everything in the surroundings and creating terrifying sounds.

Even though the monster's three tornadoes were bigger, they were destroyed by Zhao Fu's sword qi tornado and turned into gusts of wild wind. The monster at the center was dragged into Zhao Fu's sword qi tornado, and its body was cut apart into tiny bits before it was once again reduced to nothingness.

Finally, Zhao Fu stopped and breathed raggedly. His aura was quite weak; that attack had used up a large amount of his strength.

The monster once again re-formed, and it loudly laughed as it said mockingly, \"I already said that you can't kill me, no matter what you do!\"

Zhao Fu looked at the monster and could only angrily curse at it and did not bother anymore. He had already used up a lot of his strength, and if this went on, he would use up all of his strength and die at the monster's hands.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and turned into a ray of light as he shot over the horizon. He did not plan on continuing to explore this danger zone; with this monster here, how could he pass through?

Seeing that Zhao Fu was running away, the monster did not give chase and instead looked at Zhao Fu condescendingly.

However, Zhao Fu soon reappeared at this place, making his expression quite unsightly. It seemed that he could not escape this place; he had thought that he could leave, but he had returned here.