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 Zhao Fu dodged to the side and easily avoided the attack. However, the long snake could unexpectedly bend in the air, and it quickly rushed at Zhao Fu's back.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt quite startled and his hairs stood on end - it was already too late to dodge. The six gray dots in his right eye spun as a massive wave of ghostly qi rushed out from behind Zhao Fu, and a powerful ghost appeared behind him.

The ghost loudly roared and punched out with great power, bringing with it an intense wind.


However, the long snake was incredibly fast and flashed past, piercing through the ghost's body. The summoned ghost instantly collapsed, but it bought enough time for Zhao Fu to dodge this attack.

At that moment, the monster stretched out both hands, each one of them giving off a powerful aura, and it pressed both hands onto the ground.


An enormous explosion sounded out as the grass in the surrounding 10,000 meters became straight and shot out with cold glints. They looked like countless green darts as they flew in the air and shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was greatly startled, and he squatted down and sent large amounts of power into his sword before stabbing it into the ground.

Clang, clang, clang...

Six clanging sounds rang out as large amounts of ghostly qi rose up, and ten meter tall versions of the Six Paths Demon Images appeared around Zhao Fu. They each stretched out a hand, from which gray light shot out, forming the Six paths Defensive Barrier.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The blades of grass slammed against the defensive barrier, causing loud sounds to ring out before shattering into pieces.

After blocking the countless blades of grass, Zhao Fu withdrew his sword from the ground and slashed it at the monster.

\"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!\"

Six massive roars sounded out from the Six Paths Demon Images and six pairs of eyes savagely looked at the monster as they exploded out with a powerful aura and rushed over incredibly quickly, reaching the monster in an instant.

The Six Paths Demon Images stretched out their hands and massive amounts of ghostly power gathered in their fists as they punched out.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as six fists containing great force punched towards the monster with destructive power, seeming as if they were completely unstoppable.

The monster looked quite shocked and crossed its arms as it blocked. A wave of energy expanded out from its body, forming a gray energy barrier that blocked in front of it.


A loud sound rang out as the gray energy barrier was instantly shattered, and the monster was sent flying and fell 100 meters away. It half-knelt on the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood, and its aura became incredibly weak.

At that moment, a figure appeared beside the monster and raised its black and blood-red sword with both hands as it cried out, \"Sword Master!\"


A loud sword hum tore through the heavens and earth as the sword gave off a boundless black sword light. An incredibly sharp sword intent spread out, covering this world and causing all creatures to fall into terror.

Zhao Fu gripped the Emperor Killing Sword with both hands and vigorously slashed down at the half-kneeling monster.


An enormous explosion sounded out as a massive black sword light was slashed out. It contained an incredibly sharp power and seemed to be able to slash through anything, and even the ground seemed to be cut in half. A great sword gash was left on the ground, which was as wide as a hand and over 1,000 meters long.

The monster's body posed no resistance and was cut in half as it fell to the ground. Blood flowed all over the ground, and it no longer made any noise.

Now that he had finally killed this monster, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief as he looked at the Six Paths Demon Images. He planned to recall them, as they could not stay in the outside world for too long.

However, Zhao Fu suddenly felt an immense sense of danger, and his heart felt as if it was being gripped by a large hand. He quickly spun and blocked with his sword.


A sharp claw slammed into Zhao Fu's body, and he was sent flying like a ball. As he crashed to the ground, he smashed open a massive crater and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. He stared at the monster in front of him with confusion, which had seemed to come back to life and seemed completely fine

\"Hehehe...\" the monster eerily laughed as it looked at Zhao Fu and said, \"It's impossible for you to kill me.\"

Following this, the monster once again charged at Zhao Fu. Its hands had turned into sharp claws, and it quickly reached Zhao Fu. It slashed at Zhao Fu, sending out sharp, cold lights that seemed to be able to tear Zhao Fu apart.

Zhao Fu raised his sword and slashed out, sending out a sharp black arc that destroyed the monster's sharp claws.

However, this did not affect the monster at all; since Zhao Fu had discovered this secret, there was no need for it to continue hiding it. After its hands were cut off by Zhao Fu, it did not show any pain on its face, as if the hands did not belong to it.

The hands automatically reattached themselves to the monster's arms, as if they had never been cut off, and the monster once again gave off ferocious power as it clawed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had not expected this at all and was once again sent flying. Five long, thin gashes appeared on his chest, from which blood flowed out and dyed his clothes red.

\"Hahaha...\" the monster wildly laughed and exploded out with a terrifying aura as it once again rushed at Zhao Fu. Its claw gave off cold lights and a dangerous aura as it prepared to finish off Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt great pain from his chest, and he looked quite angry as he sent large amounts of Divine power into his sword. The Emperor Killing Sword gave off boundless black light and an enormous amount of sword qi spread out.


Zhao Fu slashed out and an enormous black crescent containing immense destructive power slashed out.

The monster directly ignored this sword light and continued charging towards Zhao Fu. Its body was slashed in half, but it only took it a second to come back together as if it was completely fine.

The monster wildly laughed and swung its claws, causing wind to gather and form two massive wind blades that flew towards Zhao Fu with terrifying auras.

Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out two sword lights, and the two black sword lights collided with the wind blades, causing wild gales to spread out and for the ground to crack, and countless blades of grass lifted up.

The monster suddenly appeared behind Zhao Fu and clawed at Zhao Fu's back.

Zhao Fu immediately sensed this and spun as he slashed, cutting through the monster's arm and cutting it in half.

However, the monster's lower half seemed to be fine, and it suddenly twisted and kicked with immense force, causing the air to explode. Zhao Fu was not prepared at all and was struck by the leg.


Zhao Fu heavily crashed to the ground, and the immense power opened up a large crater in the ground, causing rocks to fly everywhere and for dust to billow up.