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 Seeing countless sword lights tear through the sky towards it, the treant's expression became quite unsightly. It exploded out with its full power, and its body gave off an intense green light as it stretched out its hand and a massive energy barrier appeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The sword lights ferociously slammed onto the energy barrier with destructive power, causing the energy barrier to violently tremble. It could defend against dozens of sword lights, but under the flurry of thousands of sword lights, it was far from enough.


A massive sound rang out as the green energy was slashed apart by the countless sword lights, and it turned into countless pieces. Following this, the rest of the sword lights slammed into the treant's body, easily tearing apart its body.

\"Roar! Roar! Roar...\" the treant roared from pain and it quickly gathered its power again to form a screen of light in front of it. However, that screen of light was also easily destroyed by the sword lights.

By the time the Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation stopped, the treant was covered with injuries and was incredibly bloody. Its aura was quite weak and looked quite wretched.

However, as a World Realm expert, it still had great power. Because Zhao Fu's cultivation was too low, his Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation had only been able to severely injure it and not directly kill it.

Zhao Fu held the Emperor Killing Sword and gave off terrifying power as he once again rushed at the treant.

The treat looked completely furious and raised its fist as it once again punched at Zhao Fu, sending out large gales and causing the air to explode.

Facing the punch, Zhao Fu slashed out with the Emperor Killing Sword, sending out a ferocious sword light that clashed with the enormous fist.


The sword light was shattered by the punch, and it turned into a gust of sword wind as it dissipated. However, it left behind a deep gash on the fist and blood flowed out, causing the treant to howl.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity to send large amounts of power into the Emperor Killing Sword, causing it to give off a boundless sword light, and an icy aura spread out.


Zhao Fu once again slashed out, sending out an enormous sword light that gave off a sharp aura that hacked against the treant's injured chest and forced it back a few steps. Another gash appeared on its chest, from which a lot of blood flowed out.

The treat roared in pain and madly punched towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu calmed down and dodged to the side, avoiding this powerful punch, before coming to the treant's abdomen and slashing an incredibly sharp sword light against its abdomen.

This strike almost cut open the treant's stomach, and the treat once again howled. By now, the treant could barely retaliate.

Zhao Fu landed a few more attacks on the treant's body before stabbing the Emperor Killing Sword into the treant's heart, ending its life. However, this caused green blood to spray all over Zhao Fu's body.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's bloodline felt quite excited. After fusing with the Water Race Spirit Blood, his bloodline had gained a trace of spirituality.

Now, Zhao Fu's bloodline could sense that the treant's body contained a powerful spirituality and it wanted Zhao Fu to devour this treant's body. Zhao Fu did not hesitate, as this would bring him great benefits.

Zhao Fu opened up the gash, entered the treant's heart, and started eating.

A black mist containing Divine power flowed out from the treant's chest and covered the treant's entire body. The black mist continuously ate at the treant's body and melted it, starting from the flesh, then the bones, and finally turning the treant into a green liquid.

The treant's hands and feet disappeared first, then its head and its chest. In the end, it was turned into a massive orb of liquid that was absorbed into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu was very careful and serious as he absorbed the treant and did not leave anything out.

As Zhao Fu fused with the green liquid, his body gave off a green light and he felt quite comfortable. He felt as if he had obtained a massive wave of lifeforce that flowed into every part of his body, causing his body to go through changes.

This process took one hour or so, and the green liquid fused into every part of Zhao Fu's body, causing Zhao Fu to obtain something quite good.

That was the Spirit Tree Constitution, which gave Zhao Fu immense lifeforce like the treant, as well as similar abilities.

Zhao Fu could also now turn into a treant or a large tree, and he could send roots into the ground and absorb nutrients from the ground. He could also grow branches and leaves to absorb sunlight.

Zhao Fu felt that this kind of ability was quite interesting but could not imagine when he would use it. Perhaps it would be useful someday.

Zhao Fu got up from the ground and put on new clothes; his clothes from before were covered with blood and he could not wear them anymore.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued onwards, as this was still the outer regions of the danger zone. He had encountered such a dangerous situation before even reaching the depths, so he had to become even more careful. Without his Nation Armament, he was just a weak Heaven Realm Cultivator.

Of course, Zhao Fu first planned to go over to where the treant had first appeared to see if he could find any treasures there.

Soon, Zhao Fu reached that place and found that even though there were many thorny vines there, there were pink-white flowers growing on them, looking like peach blossoms, and they were quite pretty.

There was a spring at the center of the flowers, which flowed with springwater that gave off a faint fragrance.

Zhao Fu went up to take a look and found that this was quite a valuable spring. It was called the Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring, and it could turn even ugly women into beautiful women.

In actuality, the Fountain of Life could also increase one's beauty and lifeforce, but the Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring's ability to beautify was dozens of times more powerful than that of the Fountain of Life's, and it was useful for even higher-beings.

Just this alone made it a priceless treasure; countless female higher-beings would fight to obtain something like this.

Moreover, if this Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring was placed in a place with countless flowers, the spring would absorb the flowers' energy, and its effects would be even greater.

Zhao Fu grinned and felt quite interested, so he started to look around the spring.


Zhao Fu grabbed at the water, and a formless energy entered the water and a transparent pearl was lifted out. This was a Spring Pearl, and with this pearl, Zhao Fu could create a Ten Thousand Flower Beauty Spring anywhere, and its effects would not be any weaker than this one's.