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 After Shou Wu became the new King, Zhao Fu had wanted to leave, but after thinking about it, he had obtained two ancestral items but had not fused them yet. Since they could give him two Totems, he decided to stay for a while.

First was the pig skull. In order to use it, he had to offer a sacrifice of at least 1,000 people to summon the remnant ancestral spirit within the pig skull.

Now that the Orc Kingdom had just gone through an uprising, there were many people to be killed, and they easily filled the numbers Zhao Fu needed.

1,000 people were bound and brought to a stage. Zhao Fu stood at the center, raised the pig skull, and sent power into it.

The pig skull gave off a light and floated into the sky before exploding out with a formless destructive power. This destructive power shot out like countless blades and mercilessly slashed towards the sacrifices.

\"Arghhh...\" Countless cries sounded out as the people on the stage were cut to pieces by the power, and corpses and blood fell to the ground.

The pig skull then exploded out with a suction power that sucked the countless corpses and blood into the sky. Countless pieces of flesh surrounded the pig skull and condensed, forming a ten or so meter tall Pigman.

The Pigman had blood-red skin and looked ugly and savage. Its body was quite swollen and was covered with fat, and it gave off a powerful aura, looking quite terrifying.


Zhao Fu did not pay it much mind and grabbed at it. His Divine Mark appeared on his palm and a massive suction force exploded out towards the enormous Pigman in the sky.

The Pigman furiously roared and continuously struggled, but with its power, how could it resist Zhao Fu's power? In the end, it was sucked into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes and sat on the ground and started to refine the Pigman. Within his body, the Pigman continuously struggled, and Zhao Fu used his Divine Bloodline to turn into flames and burn away at this Pigman.

The Pigman howled in pain and was reduced to ashes in the end, leaving behind an orb of blood-red energy. After absorbing this energy, Zhao Fu once again felt a pain on his back, and a blood-red Pigman Totem appeared on it.

After refining this Pigman, Zhao Fu took out the Orc ancestor's body and started to refine it. Countless traces of black aura flowed out of his hand and surrounded the corpse before starting to eat away at the corpse and absorb its essence, and it flowed back into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu focused on absorbing this powerful Orc ancestor's power and spread it throughout his entire body. He once again felt a pain on his back and a gray Orc Totem appeared.

Now, Zhao Fu had a Jackal person Totem, Wolfman Totem, Lizardman Totem, Kobold Totem, Pigman Totem, and Orc Totem, eight in total.

If it wasn't for Zhao Fu's Constitution and power being quite special, he would not be able to obtain so many Totems. After all, the powers of the Totems would conflict with each other and his body would not be able to withstand the power, resulting in him dying.

This time, Zhao Fu had obtained two Totems, making him smile. Now that he had finished refining those two things, Zhao Fu had no need to continue staying here, so he left with the merchant group and headed onwards.

Soon, they reached a danger zone, which was said to be very dangerous, making Zhao Fu quite interested. After all, danger zones often contained great treasures.

Zhao Fu had the merchant group wait here while he went to explore. Everyone knew how powerful Zhao Fu was, so they did not say much.

The danger zone was a green-ish blue area of thistles and thorns, and there were thorny vines everywhere that were over 1,000 meters long. It was completely silent, and Zhao Fu could sense that it was quite dangerous here.

After stepping into this place, Zhao Fu found that there was a formless restriction that cut off his connection to his Nation Armament. Evidently, he could not use his Nation Armament in this region.

However, this was just a small danger zone in the outer boundary of the Outlander Domain, so it would not be too dangerous. Zhao Fu felt quite confident and felt that his power would be more than enough. He was not interested in looking around the outskirts and directly flew towards the depths of the danger zone.


At that moment, an enormous green arm suddenly stretched out with great power and slapped Zhao Fu to the ground. Zhao Fu heavily slammed into the ground and opened up a crater.

Zhao Fu was not injured, as he had been able to unleash his defensive barrier in time. However, he was quite confused and did not understand where that arm had come from.

Now, Zhao Fu was much warier and proceeded with caution; that arm was quite powerful.

However, just as Zhao Fu started advancing into the depths again, countless thorny vines seemed to come to life and gave off shocking power as they flooded towards Zhao Fu.

The dense thorny vines were all alive; no wonder there were not any animals here - it would be impossible for any to survive here.

Facing the incoming thorns, Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he held the Sadistic Killing Sword and unleashed his defensive barrier. He advanced while slashing out with his sword, sending out sword lights that destroyed the incoming thorny vines.

These were all ordinary thorny vines and were easy to deal with. A single slash from Zhao Fu could destroy many of them.

After being slashed, the thorny vines would quickly wither and leak out green blood.


Suddenly, the countless thorny vines spread out and a 1,000 meter spear made of countless thorny vines shot out with terrifying power. It was incredibly fast and blurred through the air.

Zhao Fu was unable to instantly react, and by the time he had blocked in front of him with his sword, the massive spear had slammed into him.

Zhao Fu's defensive barrier shattered and he was sent flying dozens of meters before he was able to stop himself. A trace of blood leaked out of his mouth, but he was only slightly injured and it was not too serious.

By now, Zhao Fu was quite angry; these ordinary thorny vines were actually able to harm him, and now he could not be careless anymore. Zhao Fu did not hesitate to put away the Sadistic Killing Sword and take out the Emperor Killing Sword.

\"Sword Master!\" Zhao Fu sent his power into the Emperor Killing Sword and lightly cried out as an extremely sharp sword qi exploded out from the Emperor Killing Sword, covering everything around him. It gave off an incredibly dangerous aura, and the thorny vines retreated in fear.