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 The Orc woman's expression was quite unsightly as she cursed, \"You pigmen are all a bunch of stupid pigs. Kill me if you dare, or else you'll regret it!\"

\"I want her!\" The Pigman King was infuriated and was just about to say something when Zhao Fu's voice sounded out. He immediately smiled and said, \"Since sir likes her, I will give her to sir.\"

The Orc woman looked at Zhao Fu; she did not know that the Orc Kingdom's other army had already perished at Zhao Fu's hands.

The soldiers brought the bound Orc woman to Zhao Fu's side, and Zhao Fu looked at the Orc General before turning to the Pigman King and said ,\"Don't worry, I'll head to the Orc Kingdom soon.\"

The Pigman King smiled and felt at ease, and he took his people and left.

\"Who are you?\" the Orc woman asked as she looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled and did not reply. He waved his hand and a cold light shot out, cutting apart the ropes binding the Orc woman. The instant that the ropes were destroyed, the Orc woman punched towards Zhao Fu.

From how she saw it, Zhao Fu was together with the Pigmen. Moreover, with so many people in the merchant group, if she did not seize Zhao Fu first, she would not be able to escape this place. As such, she decided to immediately attack Zhao Fu.

However, her first was easily caught by Zhao Fu, and he vigorously pulled on her hand, causing the Orc woman to fall into his embrace. He then brought her into the carriage.

The Orc woman started to struggle as she cursed, \"You bastard, let me go.\"

Zhao Fu ignored her and after bringing her into the carriage, he started to have a taste of her, and the carriage was soon filled with the Orc woman's moans.

The merchant group continued onwards, heading towards the Orc Kingdom.

The Orc Kingdom was right ahead and since they were going to pass it anyways, they might as well take care of matters there.

Within the carriage, the Orc woman now lay strengthlessly within Zhao Fu's embrace, and she panted as she pleaded, saying, \"Please don't slaughter the Orc Kingdom; I'll do anything you want.\"

The Orc woman had found out that it was Zhao Fu who had easily slaughtered her Kingdom's 300,000 soldiers, and he was heading towards the Orc Kingdom with ill intent.

Zhao Fu hugged the Orc woman and lightly laughed as he said, \"If I can take care of matters easily, I naturally won't kill too many people. However, if they resist, it won't be my fault. I'll at least spare your family though.\"

The Orc woman let out a sigh of relief and felt that Zhao Fu was not someone who enjoyed slaughter. There was still hope, and she would see what happened after going back.

By now, the Orc Kingdom had received news of the army failing to conquer the Pigman Kingdom. They were incredibly confused and felt that the Pigman Kingdom should not have such strength; only after making investigations did they understand.

What caused their expressions to become even more unsightly was that the merchant group was heading towards the Orc Kingdom. What should they do? That was currently what all of the Ministers were thinking about.

Some Ministers were of the opinion to destroy this merchant group. 300,000 Orc soldiers had died at their hands, and they could not not take revenge for those soldiers.

Other Ministers felt that this merchant group's power was too terrifying - if they could easily wipe out 300,000 soldiers, how many soldiers would it take to defeat them? It was possible that the Kingdom would perish, so many Ministers wanted to satisfy any requests the merchant group made.

As the two sides discussed, the merchant group had reached the Orc Kingdom's defensive walls; they had to make a decision.

Zhao Fu came outside and saw that the gates were tightly closed, and there were Orcs seriously holding weapons. There were also bows aimed at the merchant group, and this made Zhao Fu feel quite displeased. He wanted to directly slaughter his way in.

The Orc woman Shou Duo hurriedly stopped him, saying, \"Sir, these people defending the walls are my family's people. Can you please allow me to try?\"

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased as he did not like wasting time like this. Shou Duo's face became red as she said shyly, \"Sir, I'll serve you well after this; don't be displeased, alright?\"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought of this female General serving him and he gave a trace of a smile, so he allowed her to do as she wished.

Shou Duo came to the defensive walls and called out, \"Big brother, open the gates.\"

A valiant-looking Orc looked at Shou Duo in confusion before saying in delight, \"Little sister Duo, you're still alive? I thought you were dead.\"

Shou Duo smiled as she said, \"Big brother, it was this sir who saved me. Hurry and let us in, or else sir will get angry.\"

The young man was called Shou Wu, and he looked quite troubled as he said, \"Little sister, we already know that this merchant group killed 300,000 of our soldiers, so I can't let them in or else the Orc Kingdom will be in danger.\"

Shou Duo looked at Zhao Fu and was worried that he would get angry, and she said hurriedly, \"Big brother, if you don't open the gates, that will cause the Orc Kingdom to fall into danger.\"

However, Shou Wu still resolutely shook his head and refused, saying, \"Little sister, don't try to persuade me. I won't open the gates.\"

At that moment, a beautiful woman with a mature figure and dressed in armor walked out and smiled as she said to Zhao Fu, \"Sir, don't be angry; I'll have my son open the gates.\"

Seeing this beautiful woman, Shou Duo happily called out, \"Mother!\"

The woman flew down from the gates, and sensing the mature aura about her daughter, she understood something and gave an understanding smile as she said, \"Daughter, come over here; I have something to ask you.\"

Shou Duo understood that her mother knew that her body had been taken by someone. Her face became slightly red but she was not too embarrassed and openly admitted this. She walked over to her mother and asked, \"What is it, mother?\"

The beautiful woman's name was Shou Nan, and she looked serious as she asked, \"Is that sir's power really that powerful?\"

Shou Duo nodded seriously, \"He's unimaginably powerful, and he has 50,000 Stage 6 soldiers.\"

A trace of a smile appeared on Shou Nan's face as she looked at Zhao Fu and said respectfully, \"Sir, are you willing to talk with me? I have some important matters to discuss with you.\"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and did not know what this beautiful woman wanted with him, but he still agreed.

Following this, the two of them walked into a small forest near the defensive walls. Shou Duo, Shou Wu, and the others did not know what the beautiful woman wanted with Zhao Fu for her to be so secretive, to the point that she could not say it in front of her family.

Everyone waited for two hours, and yet the two of them still had not come out.

Within the small forest, Zhao Fu and the beautiful woman were going at it, and Shou Nan's face was red as she pleaded, \"Sir, it's been two hours already; I can't go on anymore. Also, we need to quickly act and not give the royal clan an opportunity to react. I'll serve you together with my daughter later, alright?\"