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 Zhao Fu stood with one hand holding his sword by his side and one hand behind his back, and his entire body shined with a faint golden light. His blood-red eyes sparkled like precious gems as they coldly looked at Shi Jian.

Shi Jian also stood in the air, his body burning with an azure flame and a blood-red flame. The power of 100,000 city guards entered his body, and he truly seemed as if he had the strength to kill a god. Even he himself was shocked by how powerful he was.

At this moment, Zhao Fu slowly raised the sword in his hand as his body turned into a ray of golden light and shot towards Shi Jian. Shi Jian's expression became cold, and he gripped his long saber as his body turned into an azure and blood-red ray of light and rushed towards Zhao Fu.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the two rays of light collided. A blinding white light exploded out, after which destructive shockwaves emanated outwards. The ground was destroyed and trees were obliterated as countless living beings ran in all directions.

In the air, the two of them both fell backwards before steadying their bodies, a trace of blood coming out of their mouths.

However, their gazes focused immediately afterwards, and they once again clashed in the air.

Massive explosions continuously sounded out, and eye-piercing white light continuously burst forth. In the distance, everyone stared at this shocking battle with his or her mouth hanging open, and the results of this battle left hills, boulders, trees, and everything else completely annihilated. The surrounding 10,000-meter radius area seemed to have become flat ground.

However, there was a formless barrier protecting Heavenstone City, so it was fortunate enough to avoid any damage. If it was a small town, it would have been completely destroyed in this terrifying battle.

In the air, the two people continued to battle with their monstrous strength. However, both of them had received many injuries, and neither of them could continue battling for long. Zhao Fu expended a lot of Great Qin's Fate by using his Nation Armaments, while Shi Jian was expending the lifeforce of 100,000 city guards.

As such, this intense battle became more and more desperate.

Shi Jian furiously roared, slashing out hundreds of saber lights that covered Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu raised his hand and a massive black arc of light flashed out, slashing apart the countless saber lights.

Suddenly, Shi Jian appeared at Zhao Fu's side, his saber shining with an incredibly sharp light. It turned into a gigantic azure lion that was 100 meters tall and gave off a ferocious aura as it opened its bloody mouth.

Because of how close Shi Jian was, in the instant the azure lion formed, Zhao Fu was already right in front of its mouth. The azure lion was just about to bite down on Zhao Fu, and it seemed that its jaws could take a large bite out of a mountain.


At that moment, a massive dragon's roar sounded out. Zhao Fu stretched out his palm towards Shi Jian, and the nine golden divine dragons around him roared, giving off a large amount of golden light and growing to tens of meters in length as they charged towards Shi Jian.


The golden dragons flew through the azure lion's mouth, causing it to explode. Following this, the nine golden dragons continued towards Shi Jian with an immense amount of force, smashing into him one after another and sending him flying more than 1,000 meters away.

The first seven golden dragons sent Shi Jian flying, while the eighth dashed him against the city wall, causing it to crack. Following this, the ninth golden dragon also smashed into Shi Jian, causing a golden light to explode out.


A massive explosion sounded out as the city wall, which was tens of meters tall and incredibly tough, completely collapsed, and Shi Jian lay within the ruins covered with blood.

Seeing this, the 100,000 Stage 1 city guards roared furiously, "We are willing to give our lives to the City lord!"

Following this, rays of powerful blood-red light rose up from each of the city guards and flooded towards Shi Jian, causing him to raise his head to the heavens and roar. He once again received a massive amount of power, and as those rays of blood-red light fell on his body, his entire body started to radiate a brilliant blood-red light.

Suddenly, a massive blood-red hand that seemed to be able to cover the sky appeared within the bloody light. It traversed 1,000 meters instantly and grabbed Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was completely dumbfounded, but before he could react, the massive blood-red hand smashed him into the ground.


A gigantic explosion that seemed as if it could shake all of Earth sounded out. A massive 1,000-meter wide palm print appeared in the ground, burying Zhao Fu's bloody body 10 meters deep into the ground.

Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and slowly stood up from the ground. He raised the Sky Demon Sword in his hand as he said, "Time to end all of this... Demon Sun!!!"


A jet-black demonic pillar rushed to the sky, piercing through the clouds as a demonic aura emanated out from it. The sun in the sky gradually began to be dyed black, and it gave off a terrifying demonic light. A massive spirit pressure descended, causing all who felt it to feel immense fear.

Zhao Fu had used the Sky Demon Sword's most powerful skill... Demon Sun!

On the other side, Shi Jian stood up with blood all over his body. When he saw that Zhao Fu had used his ultimate attack, his expression became serious. He raised his right hand as a stone seal appeared above it.

Heavenstone City exploded out with a powerful azure light. A trace of azure aura floated out of every city guard and resident from Heavenstone City, which flowed into a stone stele. Following this, the stone stele glowed with a brilliant azure light.

Suddenly, a 1,000 meter tall azure stone seal appeared in the sky. It gave off a mighty, dignified, and powerful aura, and it was as if it could suppress the heavens.

Within the demonic pillar, Zhao Fu hovered above the ground, the blood-red light from his star-like eyes becoming incredibly intense. In that instant, he vigorously slashed downwards with his raised Sky Demon Sword towards Heavenstone City!


A sword light that seemed to stretch to the heavens and gave off an aura that could destroy the heavens and earth slashed towards Heavenstone City.

Facing this terrifying sword light, Shi Jian loudly roared as wounds started to appear on his raised right hand, making it incredibly bloody. He threw the stone seal with all his might, and the 1,000-meter tall stone seal flew towards Zhao Fu!


A shocking explosion sounded out as the black sword light and azure stone stele collided, and a blinding white light exploded out, making it seem as if the heavens and earth had been dyed white. Everything in the world seemed to disappear.

Everyone spectating felt as if they had gone deaf, and no one could hear a single thing. Their eyes also became incredibly hazy, and their bodies froze where they were standing. Only after a long period of time did the white light disappear, and everyone's hearing and sight returned to normal. Following this, everyone looked at the apocalyptic scene in front of them with dismay.

A 10,000-metre wide crater had appeared before them, and all of the trees in a few kilometers radius had been completely destroyed. Even the remnant energy remaining made it so that no one dared to approach.

What's more, the previously massive and majestic-looking Heavenstone City had been split in half by a massive gash left by the sword, and its southern side had completely collapsed into ruin!

"Has the battle concluded?"

Everyone looked at the scene before them in shock and gulped as they asked the people around them. Everyone shook their heads, bewildered, and they continued to look forwards. Only after a long period of time were they able to conclude that the battle had finally come to an end.