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 What came next was a disaster for the Orcs. The Darkness Soldiers heeded Zhao Fu orders, turned into rays of black light, and shot out. As they flashed past, Orcs' bodies would be split in two, causing cries to continuously sound out and blood to fly everywhere. The Orcs continuously fell, and the remaining Orcs looked terrified as they ran away.

However, the 50,000 rays of light continuously shot forwards, not giving the Orcs a chance to survive. In the end, all of them were killed, creating a bloody and gory scene.

The merchant group's people looked incredibly excited. With Zhao Fu's power, even 300,000 soldiers were nothing and had been slaughtered.

Within the carriage, Gou Xiaoxiao and Gou Shuiqing felt quite shocked. An army of 300,000 Orcs had been killed so easily; their owner's power was simply too terrifying.

After easily 300,000 Orcs, the ground was dyed red and a haze seemed to cover the sky. Even from a distance, people could feel a chill and understood that something terrible had happened.

The merchant group headed onwards and reached a Pigman Kingdom. Some people had pig heads and human bodies, while others had human faces and bodies but a pair of pig ears and tail, and they were quite chubby.

When hearing that the Orcs were attacking their Kingdom, the Pigmen had become terrified because it was possible that their Kingdom was going to be destroyed. The Kingdom fell into chaos, and many people gathered their things and wanted to run.

However, a shocking piece of news quickly spread - the army invading the Pigman Kingdom had been completely destroyed. What was going on? This news was simply too surprising, and the Pigman Kingdom fell into celebrations.

However, the Orcs still had another army of 200,000 approaching from another route. Now, the Pigman Kingdom resisted with their full force as they still had a chance of winning.

After hearing about what had happened, the King of the Pigman Kingdom, a chubby and fair-looking young man, brought his various Ministers and Generals to head to the merchant group.

The first reason was to thank them for saving the Pigman Kingdom, and the second was to keep such a powerful expert with them. With them here, would the Pigman Kingdom need to fear the Orcs? They could even use his power to destroy the Orc Kingdom easily.

Soon, the Pigman King brought his Ministers and Generals to the merchant group and bowed as he said respectfully, \"Sir, I am the Pigman Kingdom's King, Zhu Shang. Is sir willing to meet with me?\"

The reason the Pigman King was so courteous was naturally because Zhao Fu's strength and identity was far above his.

Zhao Fu came outside and looked at the Pigman King as he said coldly, \"What is it?\"

The Pigman King gave a flattering smile as he said, \"Thank you for saving us, sir. This is a small gift for sir.\"

Pigmen came up carrying dozens of boxes and opened them, causing light to shine out. The boxes were filled with treasures, and ordinary people would not be able to resist leaping on the boxes upon seeing such a scene.

However, Zhao Fu said calmly, \"Do you think I would be interested in such things?\"

This caused the Pigman King's smile to freeze. He thought for a moment before pointing to a beautiful Pigman woman next to him, saying, \"This is my Queen, if sir likes her, please take her and enjoy her.\"

Zhao Fu looked at the woman, and even though she was quite pretty, she had a pair of large pig's ears and a chubby body.

Zhao Fu was not very interested, and he thought about it before saying, \"If you're grateful to me, give me any powerful ancestral items or things related to godly spirits. If I'm satisfied, I can fulfill some of your requests.\"

Seeing that Zhao Fu had guessed why they had come and was not opposed, the Pigman King felt quite delighted and took out a pig skull as he smiled and said, \"This is my ancestor's pig skull and can summon a powerful remnant spirit of my ancestor. I give this to sir.\"

Zhao Fu looked over this pig skull and felt that it contained decent power. He gave a satisfied smile and nodded, signaling that it was not bad.

The Pigman King felt quite happy and smiled as he said, \"My Kingdom also has a Pigman God; if sir wants, I can order people to have it delivered here.\"

Hearing that there was also a godly spirit, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he asked, \"Is it a male godly spirit or a female godly spirit?\"

The Pigman King felt quite confused and could not understand why Zhao Fu was asking if it was male or female, so he replied, \"It is a powerful male godly spirit and is quite licentious. Every year I choose a few beautiful Pigmen women for him to use.\"

Hearing that it was a male godly spirit, and a licentious one at that, Zhao Fu was no longer interested, \"I'll accept this pig skull as thanks for helping you kill the 300,000 Orcs. If there's nothing else, you can leave.\"

The Pigman King's expression became quite unsightly because the Pigman Kingdom's hope was resting on Zhao Fu. How could he just let Zhao Fu leave? Thinking about how Zhao Fu wanted ancestral items and godly spirits, the Pigman King gave a sinister smile.

\"Sir, I heard that the Orc Kingdom has a powerful female Orc Goddess, as well as an ancestor's body. If sir is interested, you can go to the Orc Kingdom to take them.\"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled, as he currently needed these things. Even though he would be helping the Pigman Kingdom, he did not care about these small things.

\"Reporting to His Majesty, our army has defeated the Orc army, captured the enemy's General, and brought her here,\" a Pigman soldier came up to report as a few other soldiers brought up a female Orc.

This female Orc was dressed in leather armor and had an enticing figure. She had slightly gray-colored skin and had pointed ears. She had two upwards-pointing teeth and was quite beautiful, and she gave off a ferocious aura and did not seem afraid of the surrounding Pigmen.

Thinking of how Zhao Fu now had his eyes on the Orc Kingdom, the Orc Kingdom would be doomed, and he coldly harrumphed as he said, \"Skin her and nail her corpse to a stake in order to boost the morale of our army.\"

The female Orc struggled as she said, \"You trash Pigmen, if it wasn't for someone helping you, you Pigmen would have long since been destroyed by our Orc Kingdom. The Orc Kingdom will come sooner or later, and that will be when your Pigman Kingdom is destroyed. I await the day that my King steps on your head.\"

Hearing this, the Pigman King was enraged and immediately ordered, \"Find 1,000 Pigmen to screw her before skinning her and nailing her to a stake. Let's see if she can remain so arrogant.\"