Zhao Fu brought the women to the meeting place with the merchant group. Seeing the women behind Zhao Fu, Gou Lan and Gou Lingling looked delighted, and they understood that Zhao Fu had taken revenge for them.

Gon Xiaoxiao and the others did not know what Zhao Fu was going to do to them, but seeing Gou Lan and Gou Lingling, their faces became pale. They had never thought that they were connected to Zhao Fu; perhaps it was them who had asked Zhao Fu to go to the Kobold Kingdom, resulting in all of those things.

\"Thank you, husband!\" The two women leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and hugged him tightly as they smiled happily.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he said, \"Let's get on the carriage, I've missed you all.\"

The women's faces became red, and their eyes became watery as they gave off an enticing aura. After Zhao Fu had left, they had all missed him greatly.

Gou Xiaoxiao stood at the side and asked her mother in a soft voice, \"Mother, what should we do to stay alive?\"

Gou Qingshui had regained her cold and aloof aura, and she looked at Gou Xiaoxiao as she said, \"If you behave as good slaves, he won't kill you. If you properly serve him, you'll be able to obtain great benefits. His identity is far more terrifying than you can imagine.\"

Gou Xiaoxiao was somewhat reluctant, as she had been the Queen of a Kingdom; how could she accept being a slave? However, thinking about the fact that even Gou Qingshui had become his slave and was so lewd, it was not so big of a deal.

\"Mm, I understand, Queen Dowager,\" Gou Xiaoxiao smiled as she replied to Gou Qingshui.

A trace of a smile appeared on Gou Qingshui's cold face as she said, \"We didn't misjudge you. Later, we'll serve him with everything we have. It's best that we all act as lewdly as possible; he will like that.\"

Gou Baihe, Gou Xiaoxiao's mother, lightly nodded. Even if she did not care about herself, she had to think of her daughter.

Gou Xiaoxiao's sister-in-law, Gou Baixue, had thought that she was going to be executed. In order to live, and live well, she lightly nodded. She did not feel bad for her husband because it was her husband's family who had caused this to happen to her.

However, Gou Yan said coldly, \"I'd rather die than submit to him and be his slave.\"

Gou Xiaoxiao knew that her daughter was quite stubborn, and she wanted to try to persuade her otherwise but she did not have the chance before they were all brought into that massive, luxurious carriage.

After spending some time with the women he had not seen for a while, Zhao Fu started training these Kobold women.

A few hours later, the Kobold women had red faces and were undressed as they squatted on the carpet with both hands on the ground. Their tongues were out like female dogs, and adding on their ears and dogs, they were even more like dogs.

Gou Xiaoxiao's daughter, Gou Yan, was like a lewd prostitute, and she took the initiative to desperately serve Zhao Fu.

Gou Lan looked at how well the Kobold women had been trained and felt incredibly happy. Now that Zhao Fu had taken revenge for them, a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

However, seeing Zhao Fu ravage the women, he seemed to greatly like them, making Gou Lan feel quite worried. If Zhao Fu liked them too much, she might turn the tables on them, so she immediately started to serve Zhao Fu as well.

Gou Lingling also joined in; she could not allow Gou Lan, the person she cared about the most, to take this on herself.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu looked at the women collapsed on the ground and smiled before starting to fuse the Kobold King Stone.

The Kobold King Stone gave off an intense golden light and gradually fused into Zhao Fu's chest, and a massive bloodline power spread out.

This was a powerful Kobold King Bloodline, and an ordinary person would not be able to withstand such a powerful bloodline. However, Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline could easily suppress this bloodline and gradually absorb it.

The Kobold King Bloodline gave off a whimper-like noise and did not dare to resist, and it was gradually fully absorbed by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's body gave off a faint golden glow, and he felt a stabbing pain on his back as a golden Kobold totem appeared on his back.

Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile; he was another step closer to awakening an Outlander Emperor Star.

After recovering some of her strength, Gou Xiaoxiao lightly leaned against Zhao Fu and asked, \"Owner, just who are you? I nearly died of pleasure just then and I can also tell that your bloodline is incredibly pure and powerful.\"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, \"I can't tell you yet. Also, get back into position.\"

Gou Xiaoxiao gave a bewitching smile as she said, \"Mm! I'll keep serving owner then.\"

Zhao Fu lay with the women and enjoyed Gou Xiaoxiao's service. However, at that moment, countless terrified voices sounded out, and the sounds of running could also be heard.

The merchant group had just left the Kobold Kingdom and entered another Kingdom, and it did not know what was going on.

Zhao Fu came outside and saw there were many people running away, and the captain of the guards came to report, \"Sir, there is an Orc Kingdom attacking this Kingdom. They have already broken through this Kingdom's defensive lines; let's hurry and leave this place!\"

Zhao Fu thought about it and nodded. He just wanted to leisurely journey about in the carriage and did not want to get dragged into any pointless battles.

The merchant group hurried on, but it ended up running into the invading army. The Orc Kingdom had sent 300,000 soldiers to attack, and the result of a merchant group of 1,000 people facing an army of 30,000 was obvious.

The Orcs were a ferocious race, and they would not hesitate to kill everyone and take all of the goods.

They naturally did not place this merchant group in their eyes, and countless Orcs gave off a ferocious aura and flooded over.

The merchant group's people could not help but feel anxious. After all, this was not just a few thousand soldiers, but 300,000. If it was just them, they would not be able to resist at all and would definitely die.

However, they had the mysterious Zhao Fu, and their only hope was him. Only he could save everyone.

Zhao Fu did not disappoint them. He waved his hand and countless powerful rays of black light shot out and turned into black armored soldiers, numbering 50,000 in total.

The aura that the 50,000 Stage 6 soldiers gave off was far more ferocious than the army of 300,000 Orcs. This caused the Orcs' expressions to fall, and their bodies froze.

A cold voice sounded from within the carriage, \"Kill them all, and don't spare a single one!\"