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 "That bitch, she dares to cause an uprising?" the Kobold King angrily cursed, and he decided to make her die a horrible death. Not only did he want to vent out the anger stored within him this whole time, but he also wanted to take revenge for the woman he loved.

Zhao Fu sat on the throne enjoying the service of the Queen Dowager Gou Qingshui while speaking to the Kobold King outside, "Don't worry, you now control 70% of the Kingdom's forces. Even if she tries to stage an uprising, she will definitely lose. This is the time for you to show your might; lead the army to destroy the traitors and become someone everyone in the Kingdom worships."

The Kobold King smiled and called out excitedly, "Understood, sir!"

After the Kobold King left, Zhao Fu started to ravage the Queen Dowager on the throne again, before bringing her to the battlefield.

By now, the two armies were giving off powerful auras as they faced off against each other.

The Kobold King stood at the front of a massive army and gave off a confident and powerful aura as he shouted, "You traitors will definitely fail. If you surrender now, This King will spare your lives. Also, daughter, don't seek death like your mother."

On the other side was a heroic-looking woman with a seductive figure. She had beige-colored dog ears and tail, and she was dressed in armor. Her name was Gou Yan, and she was the King and Queen's daughter.

Gou Yan had immense talent and was quite exceptional when leading troops in battle, and she had an important role in the army. Now, one-third of the rebel soldiers were under her command.

Next to her was a beautiful woman dressed in a silver-white dress. She had white ears and tail, and she had a graceful and dignified figure. She was the Queen, Gou Xiaoxiao.

She greatly trusted this daughter who she had raised by hand and understood that she would not betray her. She said loudly, "Soldiers, you all know how useless he is; do you think he can lead the Kingdom to prosperity? It's better to submit to This Queen; after all of this is over, you will be rewarded handsomely."

The Kobold King loudly laughed and said, "Gou Xiaoxiao, do you think that This King is the same as before? If I was the same as before, how could I seize power from my mother? Today is the day of your death; kill!"


A massive King's aura exploded out from the Kobold King, causing the soldiers behind him to tremble. They understood that their King was no longer useless, and they excitedly yelled as they charged at the enemy.

Gou Yan directed the rebel army and also attacked, and the two armies soon clashed, causing massive sounds to ring out.

The battle was incredibly intense and both sides vigorously fought as their weapons clashed against each other and blood flew everywhere. Cries continuously sounded out and countless people died.

Seeing that the battle was going too slowly, Zhao Fu hugged the Queen Dowager Gou Qingshui and appeared in the sky before sending out a few massive sword lights.

Countless rebel soldiers were hit by the sword lights and screamed as they were cut into countless pieces. Blood splashed everywhere, and waves of people died in an instant, covering the ground with broken corpses and blood.

Seeing Zhao Fu's power, Gou Qingshui said coquettishly, "Owner, I knew that you were definitely not simple. Please don't neglect your little slave in the future; not only does this little slave want to receive owner's love every day, but I also want to become someone with authority."

Zhao Fu understood her intentions. As a domineering Queen Dowager, even if she turned into his slave, her ambition would not disappear. As such, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "That will depend on how you behave!"

Gou Qingshui said flirtatiously, "Owner, the battle is already over; let's find a place so I can serve you."

Zhao Fu looked around and felt that nothing unexpected would happen so he returned to the palace with Gou Qingshui.

Below, the King's side held a massive advantage now. They were originally going to win, and with Zhao Fu acting and killing many people, they definitely would not lose.

The rebel side already felt that they could not win, and seeing a peerless expert on the King's side, they understood that if they continued, they would definitely die. As such, they did not try to run and directly surrendered, and the battle concluded quickly.

Zhao Fu had once again enjoyed Gou Qingshui's body, and she now lay powerless on a bed as she breathed raggedly with a red face. At that moment, the Kobold King's voice sounded out from outside, "Sir, I have a few presents for you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and allowed him to come in.

The Kobold King walked in, followed by four women who were brought up by guards. Apart from Queen Gou Xiaoxiao and Crown Princess Gou Yan, there was also Gou Xiaoxiao's mother, named Gou Baihe. She was quite voluptuous and had white ears and a tail, and she gave off a motherly aura. The other woman was Gou Xiaoxiao's sister-in-law. She had long, flaxen-colored hair and a slim figure. She was quite pretty and was called Gou Baixue.

The Kobold King said happily, "Now, the Kingdom has been unified and countless residents have submitted to me; this was all given to me by sir, so please enjoy these people and turn them all into your female dogs. This is especially so for Gou Xiaoxiao and her daughter; you don't have to hold back on my account - the more pain they go through, the happier I will be.

"Also, sir, this is the Kobold King Stone; I've brought it here for you."

The Kobold King took out a golden jade and said, "Sir has helped me so much and yet only asked this of me; I feel quite guilty. I'll order people to collect beauties and treasures from all over the Kingdom to give to sir."

Zhao Fu took the Kobold King Stone and lightly laughed as he said, "No need, I still have matters at hand and will be leaving soon; keep those treasures to develop your Kingdom. If we meet again, I want to see how you conquered the surrounding Kingdoms and grew to be a powerful King."

The Kobold King looked quite reluctant and said, "Sir, are you leaving so soon? Why not stay for a few days? I haven't even held a banquet for sir yet."

Zhao Fu felt that he had been at the Kobold Kingdom for quite a long time so he refused.

The Kobold King looked quite disappointed, but thinking about Zhao Fu's words from before, he said resolutely, "Sir, I will definitely become the strongest King here and will not disappoint you."

Zhao Fu laughed and nodded before taking the women, turning into a ray of light, and disappearing over the horizon.

After Zhao Fu left, only when the Kobold King started cultivating did he realize that Zhao Fu had given him an incredibly valuable drop of essence blood. He looked in the direction that Zhao Fu had disappeared in with respect and immediately called people to build an ancestral hall in memory of Zhao Fu.