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 Those words made the Kobold King feel incredibly shocked. He looked around him and found that an incredibly handsome young man had appeared without him noticing. He was looking at him and gave off an incredibly sovereign Emperor's aura.

Facing this aura, the Kobold King's face paled and he instinctively kneeled. No matter if it was his King's Bloodline or Fate Dragon, they all had to submit in front of this person.

The Kobold King felt incredibly shocked and wondered what kind of terrifying existence this young man was. Just his domineering Emperor's aura made it so that he did not dare to resist.

"Who are you?" The Kobold King trembled as he looked at the young man in front of him with a trace of fear.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "Who I am isn't important. Do you want to become a King who can truly reign above others and will not be bullied?"

Hearing this, the Kobold King thought about his experiences and felt furious, and he replied with a resolute gaze, "I do!"

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face and he cut his finger and sent out a drop of precious essence blood and flicked it into the Kobold King's forehead.

The Kobold King's body trembled and he felt an immense wave of Emperor's Power flow into his body, quickly changing his Constitution and increasing his power. An incredibly powerful and dignified King's aura spread out from him.

This caused the Kobold King to say to Zhao Fu gratefully, "Thank you, sir!"

Zhao Fu looked quite calm as he said, "This is only a physical change. Do you want to grasp that supreme authority? If so, you need to do as I tell you."

The Kobold King wanted to obtain supreme power and not be bullied by others, and he said excitedly, "Of course, please tell me what you want me to do."

Within the palace hall, there was a woman with a pair of golden dog ears and a golden tail. She had golden hair and a cold-looking face, as well as a mature figure and a formless Queen's might, which made it so that people did not dare to breathe too loudly.

She was the Queen Dowager of the Kobold Kingdom, the true holder of power. She was currently reading through imperial documents in place of the King.

At that moment, the Kobold King gave off a powerful and dignified King's aura, strode into the hall, and said loudly, "All of you withdraw!"

All of the attendants within the palace hall looked to the Queen Dowager.

The Queen Dowager's cold gaze fell on her son and felt quite surprised, as she could tell that his King's aura had become much stronger. He now seemed like a supreme King, and he was not as weak as before.

The Queen Dowager thought about it before saying coolly, "All of you withdraw! "

Only then did all of the attendants leave the hall and close the doors.

"What have you come to find Us for? Also, why do you have such a powerful King's aura? That doesn't seem like something you should have," the Queen Dowager said coldly as she looked at the King.

Seeing how cold she was, despite her being his mother, the King said uncourteously, "Mother, I'm taking back what belongs to me. I'm this Kingdom's King; you can leave now.'

A condescending smile appeared on the Queen Dowager's cold face as she said, "Taking back what belongs to you? With your abilities, you think you can manage this Kingdom? You'd better go back and keep your head down, or don't blame mother for being heartless."

The King loudly laughed as he said, "Mother, I don't fear you at all now."

The Queen Dowager was quite surprised but still gave a confident smile as she said, "Is that so? We want to see where your courage comes from, for you to speak to Us like this."


Just as the Queen Dowager said this, the sound of bones cracking could be heard from beside her, causing her to feel shocked and quickly look over.

A handsome young man had grabbed onto an elder's neck and broken it. That elder was the Kobold Kingdom's strongest expert and was responsible for protecting her, and yet he had been killed so easily.

The Queen Dowager felt quite panicked and she called out, "Who are you?"

Zhao Fu looked over this beautiful and mature woman and tossed away the corpse as he smiled and replied, "Your future man!"

The Kobold King lightly laughed as he said, "Sir, please enjoy her and do her as hard as you wish; don't treat her as my mother. I want to see her being toyed with by you like a prostitute."

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "Don't worry, you can all listen from outside later."

"I'll be going first then, sir." The Kobold King laughed as he walked out of the palace hall and closed the doors. He stood at the entrance and planned to listen to how Zhao Fu would toy with his cold mother.

The Queen Dowager's expression became quite unsightly. She did not try to run as she knew that this was impossible; she thought about it and decided that the only way to stay alive was to properly serve this person.

Thinking about that, the Queen Dowager sat on the throne, took off her clothes, and looked at Zhao Fu coldly as she said, "Come!"

Zhao Fu smiled and pressed the Queen Dowager against the throne before starting to ravage her without any mercy.

Outside, the Kobold Kingdom listened to his mother lewdly cry out and beg for more like a dog. She even called him owner and barked like a dog as she was continuously ravaged by Zhao Fu.

This made the King feel incredibly happy and he felt that much of his anger had been vented. This cold-blooded mother of his needed someone like this person to train her.

Now, he not only did not hate Zhao Fu and was instead incredibly grateful to him.

A while later, the doors opened and Zhao Fu was holding the reddened Queen Dowager as he came out. He gave her some face and did not make her crawl like a real dog, but he had already trained her well.

Seeing this, the Kobold King smiled as he said, "Sir is indeed incredible, to be able to train such a cold woman like my mother. What should we do now?"

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "Now, I want you to take power. All of the power your mother controlled now belongs to you, so you should arrange for some people you trust to wield this power so that you can grasp that power tightly."

Following this, the Kobold King did as Zhao Fu instructed, and the entire Kobold Kingdom went through great changes. Everyone sensed that a storm was brewing and that there was going to be a shift in royal power.

The Queen immediately sensed that something was off and immediately started a military revolt, wanting to seize the throne.