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 Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the captain of the guards immediately understood his intentions. He smiled as he said, "Miss, our sir has extremely valuable medicines and can save that girl."

The sudden change in the captain's attitude made the woman feel that something was off. She felt like leaving, but looking at the young girl growing weaker and weaker, she hesitated.

The captain said, "Miss, it looks like if that girl is not given treatment, she might die. Time is of the essence."

Hearing this, the woman decided to save the girl no matter what and said, "Then please bring me to your sir."

The captain of the guards smiled and brought the two women to the carriage and said respectfully, "Sir, I've brought the people here."

Zhao Fu's voice sounded out from within, "Let them come in!"

The captain nodded and motioned for the woman to bring the young girl into the carriage. The woman did not hesitate and quickly brought the young girl in.

Within the carriage, there were many beautiful women, most of whom were undressed and were panting with reddened faces. There was also a handsome man smiling at her.

The woman was not too surprised because she had sensed that something was off and suspected that something was happening within the carriage. She said calmly, "I can give you my body, but you must save my Young Miss."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and replied, "no problem!"

Zhao Fu came to the young girl's side and checked her injuries, and he found that she was indeed injured severely; ordinary medicinal pills would not be of any use. As such, he took out a very valuable medicinal pill and had the girl eat it, and he used his Divine Bloodline's power to help refine the medicinal pill.

The young girl lay on the carpet and Zhao Fu sat by the side with his hand on her abdomen. The treatment would take some time, and Zhao Fu looked at the woman and gestured with his eyes.

Seeing color return to the young girl's cheeks, the woman inwardly let out a sigh of relief before going over to serve Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu healed the young girl while enjoying the woman's service, and after stabilizing the young girl's injuries, he started to do it with the woman.

The woman had never expected that doing it with this man would be so pleasurable. She had wanted to endure it, but soon she could not stop herself from moaning in pleasure.

As this happened, the young girl gradually woke up. Seeing the person she trusted most doing it with a man so happily, her face became red and she closed her eyes and continued to pretend to be asleep.

However, after the woman lay strengthlessly on the ground, the man came onto her, causing her face to become red. She pretended to resist before starting to do it with him; after listening for so long, her body had been reacting.

A while later, the beautiful woman came back to her senses, and seeing Zhao Fu doing it with her Young Miss, she tried to bite Zhao Fu. However, her body was restricted, causing her to lie powerless in Zhao Fu's embrace.

Zhao Fu squeezed her mouth and lightly laughed as he asked, "Why does your race like biting people so much?"

The woman glared at Zhao Fu and cursed at him, saying, "You bastard, not only did you want my body, but you also didn't even let off my Young Miss."

The young girl said shyly, "Big sis Lan, I don't blame this sir. I gave myself to him willingly so don't be like this."

The woman was still quite angry and she looked at Zhao Fu as she said, "You'd better treat my Young Miss well or I won't let you off."

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "I understand!"

Only then was the woman satisfied, and she lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and listened to his heartbeat. She was still panting and recovering from before.

Zhao Fu started to ask the women about themselves. It turned out that the young girl was a Princess called Gou Lingling, and the woman was her bodyguard called Gou Lan.

However, the young girl's identity was quite special, as she was an illegitimate child and was not acknowledged by the royal family. The royal family had sent people to kill them, which was why they were injured so heavily.

Gou Lingling said worriedly, "Sir, will we bring you trouble? If so, we'll leave soon."

Seeing how considerate Gou Lingling was, Zhao Fu lightly smiled and said lovingly, "Don't worry, I've destroyed hundreds of Kingdoms like this before; they're nothing to me."

Gou Lan was quite surprised. Even though she knew that Zhao Fu's identity was not simple, from the tone that he spoke with, it seemed that the truth was far more terrifying than what she expected. She said in delight, "Can you take revenge for us then? 300 people from the Gou family died at their hands; we must take revenge.

"If you agree, I'll completely devote myself to serving you, and you can do whatever you want to me. Also, I should tell you that the Kingdom's Queen is famed among all Kobold Kingdoms. You can conquer her and have her act like a female dog under you."

Gou Lingling did not say anything; thinking about her dead family members, her eyes became damp.

Zhao Fu did not immediately agree and instead first asked what else there was to be gained, as well as how they wanted him to help them.

Following this, Zhao Fu found out about something interesting - this Kobold Kingdom had a Kobold King Blood Crystal that had been left behind by the Kobolds' first Emperor, and it had immense power.

As for how to take revenge, Gou Lan wanted Zhao Fu to make the Queen into a pet dog and kill everyone who had attacked the Gou family.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu agreed to help them and had the merchant group start to head towards the Kobold Kingdom.

Gou Lan and Gou Lingling felt incredibly grateful, and the two of them started to excitedly serve Zhao Fu.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu easily snuck into the Kobold Kingdom's palace. The King of this Kobold Kingdom was a relatively weak middle-aged man. He had been controlled by the Queen and Queen Dowager the entire time and did not have much actual power.

It was because of this that the Queen dared to openly destroy the Gou family. After finding out about this, the King was infuriated and wanted to cut the Queen into a thousand pieces.

After all, he did not actually like the Queen; Gou Lingling's mother was his true love. It was a pity that Gou Lingling's mother had been killed by the Queen many years ago, and now the entire Gou family including his daughter, who he had only seen a few times, was dead.

The middle-aged King was incredibly furious and wanted to kill the Queen, but it was a pity that he did not have any power. All of his power was controlled by the Queen and Queen Dowager, and he was just a puppet.

Suddenly, the King, who was furiously smashing things in a room, heard a condescending and dignified voice, "Despite being a sovereign King, the ruler of a Kingdom and countless subjects, you're so incompetent."