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 "Roar! Roar! Roar..." the enormous lizard furiously roared as it continuously struggled. However, facing Zhao Fu's power, it was unable to resist and was gradually dragged over to Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand toward the Lizard Ancestor and black light shined as a mark appeared. The mark had once been Zhao Fu's King's Mark but as his bloodline rose, it had become a Divine Mark.


A massive suction force exploded out as the surrounding air was sucked over and created a wild gale. Feeling this suction force, the Lizard Ancestor started to panic and continuously struggled, but it was a pity that it was still sucked into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes and started to refine it, and he gradually absorbed this enormous lizard's power. A black light shined around his body, and he felt a pain on his back as a Lizardman totem appeared.

Zhao Fu now had a Jackal Totem, Wolfman Totem, Minotaur Totem, and Lizardman Totem. He had also obtained the four races' greatest power, which was a great gain.

Zhao Fu rested at the Lizardman Tribe for a while before continuing on with the merchant group.

As for the remaining Lizardmen, Zhao Fu did not harm them and gave the Chiefs of the two remaining Tribes some compensation as he had taken their wives. However, they had chosen to go with him and he had not forced them.

After hearing his wife moan lewdly on that carriage, the middle-aged Lizardman knew that she would definitely leave. If it was not for the fact that he normally worked extremely hard to satisfy her, she most likely would have left him for another Lizardman already.

However, the handsome young man did not expect that his wife would choose to leave with that person, and he felt quite devastated.

Xi Ye, his wife, looked quite guilty and could only say sorry. Even though she still had deep feelings for her husband, her body and soul needed Zhao Fu.

She gave the valuable treasures that Zhao Fu had given her to the handsome young man and asked him to look after himself and find a good wife. She then disregarded the handsome young man's pleas and left with Zhao Fu.

As for the 40,000 Lizardmen on the altar, the instant that the Lizard Ancestor had appeared, they had turned into dry corpses. After all, the Lizard Ancestor had manifested itself from their lifeforce.

The merchant group continued onwards and indescribable sounds continued to sound out from within the carriage. Adding on the four new Lizardmen, the 'battles' became even more intense as the Lizardmen were innately quite lewd.

Zhao Fu's travels were incredibly carefree, leisurely, and blissful, and anyone would admire him. In this world, the more powerful a man was, the more women he needed; the more powerful a woman was, the more men she needed.

People always wanted a beautiful love, one that was unwavering, eternal, and sincere. However, that kind of beautiful love only existed in books and movies, and it was not so beautiful in real life. People often changed because of various things and would not eternally burn with passion for something or someone.

For example, how many people maintained the same passion for their first love? Their feelings would always die down over time, and then move on to their second, third, fourth lovers.

People always wanted a beautiful love, but that was not realistic. Perhaps there were some beautiful romances out there, but that was not the case for the majority of people.

The harem was the Path of the King!

A day later, the merchant group finally passed through the vast boundary and came to a Kingdom. This was a Kobold Kingdom.

Just like the other races, some Kobolds had dog heads and human bodies, while others looked just like humans but had dog ears and tails.

As a Kingdom, no matter what kind of ferocious race they were, they would have strict laws and would not allow killing and stealing. Merchant groups were safer in Kingdoms.

Zhao Fu sat next to the window and the beautiful priestess Xi Huo leaned against him and looked outside with wonder.

Great Qin also had Kobolsd, but it was evident that there were many more here.

The merchant group would sell some of their goods and bring the rest back to the Fox Kingdom. In the end, Hu Shan would leave the merchant group to someone else. As for her, she would definitely leave with Zhao Fu.

After coming out of the Kobold City, they arrived at some wilderness, which was quite dangerous. It was likely that it was inhabited by bandits who did not have any laws to follow; it was much more dangerous than within the Kingdom.

Soon, the merchant group encountered two people.

One of them was a Kobold woman with black dog-like ears and tail, and she was tall and slim. She had long, black hair, a cold demeanor, and a sharp gaze, and she was wearing black clothes. The other was a young girl with golden dog ears and tail, and she looked quite cute; she was quite small.

Both of them were covered with blood, and the young girl had fainted and was being carried by the other woman, who was walking with great difficulty. That woman looked quite injured and her face was pale, making her look quite weak.

When she saw the merchant group, she immediately became wary and tried to avoid them. They were better than bandits, but the woman was still cautious.

Seeing that the two women posed no danger, the captain of the guards did not pay them too much mind and led the merchant group onwards.

Suddenly, the young girl on the woman's back coughed up a large mouthful of blood, causing the woman to feel quite panicked. She quickly put the young girl on the ground and checked her injuries. She then took out a few medicinal pills and fed them to the girl, but the girl did not seem much better.

This made the woman incredibly worried, and she thought to herself before coming over to the merchant group. This merchant group would most likely have some valuable medicines, so she called out, "Please wait, I have a request."

Hearing this, the merchant group stopped and the captain of the guards came over to the woman and asked, "What is it?"

The woman asked anxiously, "Does your merchant group have any valuable medicines? I'm willing to pay any price, but please hurry."

Zhao Fu, who was appreciating the scenery, noticed the two women. He glanced over them and smiled as he said, "Bring them in."