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 This made her feel quite flustered. Even though she was willing to give herself to Zhao Fu, she still deeply loved her husband. If there was any other option available to her, she would not have done this.

She had thought that her body and soul would remain loyal to her husband. Even if she was violated by Zhao Fu, she would not accept him; she would only accept her husband's love and would not like a man like this.

Moreover, even if her body was sullied, only her husband would be in her heart and she would remain loyal to her husband. She hoped that Zhao Fu would get bored of her soon so that she could return to her husband's side and continue to live a blissful life with him.

However, she found that things were not as she had expected. As Zhao Fu held her and she sniffed his scent, she felt that her body was going to betray her husband. Soon, she could not help but want to do it with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman in his embrace and smiled. He smiled and kissed her lips, and the woman could not help but intensely respond. She was unwilling to let go even if she could not breathe, but in the end it was Zhao Fu who stopped first and smiled as he said, "I'll properly taste you later."

The woman's face became red, and she shyly nodded as she felt both expectant and uncomfortable.

Zhao Fu gave off a massive aura as he descended at the largest Lizardman Tribe. He once again waved his hand, sending out countless Darkness Soldiers.

Zhao Fu had dozens of Darkness Command Medallions, so he could summon 50,000 or so Stage 6 Darkness Soldiers; he was not worried about running out.

This Lizardman Tribe had close to 400,000 Lizardmen and around 50,000 soldiers.

Despite having such a force, looking at the Darkness Soldiers in the air, their faces were covered with despair. They directly knelt and decided to submit, not daring to resist.

The Tribe Chief quickly came out. It was a middle-aged man with a lizard's head, and his wife also came with him. Even though she had a nice figure, she had a lizard's head and her body was covered with gray scales, and Zhao Fu naturally was not interested.

"What matters does sir have here?" the Chief politely bowed as he spoke to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased with this attitude; he was much more tactful than the people of the other Tribes. Zhao Fu said, "I want your priest and 10,000 people. Prepare this for me."

The middle-aged Lizardman smiled and quickly agreed. He called out the priest and chose 10,000 people; there were some Lizardmen and also people from other races. Zhao Fu did not care what race they were; as long as they were alive, that was good enough.

Zhao Fu took notice of the priest. She wore a black cloak and had a mature figure, as well as long, white hair. She had a white lizard's tail and looked quite pretty, but she seemed like the serious type that most people would fear.

"Sir, can we do it now?" the woman from before was quite red and her eyes became watery as she could not help but talk.

After being in Zhao Fu's embrace and sniffing his scent, she had thrown everything out of her mind. All thoughts of loyalty to her husband had disappeared; right now, she only wanted to do it with Zhao Fu - and desperately at that. If it was not for the fact that her personality was quite steady, she would have already madly begged Zhao Fu to do it with her.

Zhao Fu thought about it; he was not in a rush so he smiled and nodded. He also hugged the priestess, walked into a room, and started to do it with them.

Now that the woman had received what she wanted, she madly did it with Zhao Fu. Now, Zhao Fu was her beloved husband, and the serious-looking priestess also shyly did it with Zhao Fu and made lewd moans.

The Tribe Chief was quite shocked to hear the sounds from within the room. The priestess had a very high standing within the Tribe and was very powerful. Normally, even he had to give her face and could not afford to offend her. That woman was incredibly serious and no one dared to take her lightly.

No one had expected her to be so lewd, and everyone felt a lot of admiration towards Zhao Fu; only the truly powerful were qualified to enjoy women like this.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the two of them. The Tribe Chief's wife was called Xi Ye, and the priestess was called Xi Huo.

Xi Ye's face was red, and she panted within Zhao Fu's embrace. By now, she had calmed down, and thinking about how wild she had been just then, she could not help but feel guilty. Now, her body and soul belonged to Zhao Fu, and even if Zhao Fu told her to go back, she would not want to.

Xi Huo's face was also quite red, and she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and said softly, "Sir, now that my body belongs to you, can you take me away? I want to go to places far away and look at the outside world."

With her power, she could understand that Zhao Fu was incredibly terrifying, which was why she made this request.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and nodded, and Xi Huo smiled as she took the initiative to kiss Zhao Fu.

Following this, the three of them came outside and took the 10,000 people to the Tribe from before.

Now, they had gathered four priests and 40,000 people. There was already a massive altar built, and the people who were to be used as sacrifices all looked terrified. They were all bound with ropes and could not escape.

The four priests stood spaced apart at the center and because Xi Huo was the most powerful one, the three others supported her as they started the sacrifice.

Ye Huo took out a strip of lizard amber and raised it up as she started to chant. The amber gave off a faint light and floated up, and the three other priests also raised their hands towards the amber as they chanted.


The four priests suddenly exploded out with a shocking aura as four different-colored aura flames burst forth around them. Four waves of energy entered the amber, causing it to explode out with light, and a massive lizard appeared in the sky, giving off an immense aura.

This lizard was 1,000 meters long and had iron-like black scales, as well as four sharp claws. It had a pair of black, vertical pupils and there was a short, gray horn at the center of its head.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu directly acted and countless chains shot out, binding up the image before dragging it over to him.

This image was the Lizardmen's ancestor and Zhao Fu wanted to devour its power to obtain the Lizardmen's ancestor's bloodline and power. Otherwise, if it gave the blessing, it would disappear after; the blessing was just a slight increase in power, and Zhao Fu did not care about this blessing.

The Lizardmen were all quite shocked as they watched what Zhao Fu was doing. However, they did not dare to say anything; it would only take a single thought from Zhao Fu to kill them all.