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 Even if they wanted to run, they did not have the opportunity anymore. The Darkness Soldiers held their weapons and sent out sharp lights, killing the Lizardmen; the battle was completely one-sided.

The Lizardmen ran in terror, but they were mercilessly cut down by the cold lights, causing blood to fly everywhere and for cries to continuously sound out.

In just a short while, all of the Lizardmen had died and turned into corpses with terrified expressions on their faces.

The ferocious-looking Lizardman from before had been bound with a rope and was brought to the exquisite carriage. He looked terrified and had never thought that a merchant group like this would have such terrifying power.

With such terrifying power, why were they operating in such a poor area? With a force like this, they could earn much more elsewhere.

"Kneel!" the captain of the guards coldly said as he kicked the Lizardman's legs. The Lizardman cried out in pain and knelt down without daring to resist. The 10,000 Lizardmen he had brought had all turned into corpses.

A young man's voice sounded out from within the carriage, "I want to know anything interesting about this place, such as some large matters. If you give me satisfactory information, I can spare you. Otherwise, I'll have you skinned and turned into a carpet."

The Lizardman was terrified and immediately obeyed.

Within the carriage, Zhao Fu was enjoying the service from the Wolfman Goddess and Niu Doudou while he hugged the other women, and he listened to the Lizardman's information.

In order to live, the Lizardman told Zhao Fu everything he knew, including things about his own Tribe.

He came from a nearby Lizardman Tribe, which had around 200,000 people, and it was the third-ranked faction in the region. There were four large Lizardmen Tribes in the area, and they were usually antagonistic towards each other.

What caught Zhao Fu's attention was that it was nearly time to make sacrifices to ancestors. As such, the Lizardmen were currently capturing all kinds of creatures to make sacrifices.

Zhao Fu felt quite interested and thought of an idea as he said, "Bring me to your Tribe."

The Lizardman felt quite troubled because if he brought such a terrifying person like Zhao Fu to his Tribe, it would be a disaster for his Tribe. However, he had already told Zhao Fu where his Tribe was, and even if he did not take Zhao Fu, he would be able to find it himself.

In the end, in order to keep his life, the Lizardman agreed and led the merchant group towards his Tribe.

A few hours later, the merchant group arrived at the Tribe. They had walls made of stones and there were tents within. There were groups of Lizardmen patrolling outside, warily looking around to see if there was any danger.

After arriving at the entrance of the Tribe, there was a pretty-looking woman with a graceful figure and large breasts waiting there. She had light gray short hair and a lizard tail, and she looked somewhat unruly.

She angrily called out, "Xi Ya, what happened? You only just came back and brought these people to our Tribe without tying them up. Also, what happened to the people you took with you? Why can't I see any of them?"

Xi Ya was the savage-looking Lizardman Zhao Fu had captured.

The woman could not understand why Xi Ya had brought a merchant group here. They were meant to be attacking this merchant group and stealing their things, as well as using their people for the sacrifice.

Even if it was to trick the merchant group and lure them here, he should have at least first notified the Tribe so that they would be prepared.

More importantly, the 10,000 people that Xi Ya had taken with him were all the Tribe's best warriors, so where were they? This made the woman feel quite confused.

"Who is she?" Hearing the voice from within the carriage, the Lizardmen replied, "She's my life, the daughter of our Chief. She normally acts in a very domineering manner because of her father, please don't mind her, sir!"

"Hmm, call her over." Hearing this, Xi Ya felt a trace of a bad feeling. However, thinking about those countless Darkness Soldiers and the mysterious person within the carriage, he made up his mind.

Xi Ya smiled as he said loudly, "My good wife, I'll tell you about that later. I've prepared something good for you within the carriage; come over and have a look."

Hearing her husband's words, the woman's face became slightly red. Looking at the extravagant carriage, there would definitely be valuable things inside. She felt quite happy; it seemed that her husband treated her quite well.

She came to the carriage and lightly harrumphed, "If there's nothing good, I'll make sure you pay for it."

Xi Ya smiled and hurriedly nodded, though his smile seemed somewhat forced.

The woman did not mind this and felt quite excited to see what her husband had prepared for her as she got onto the carriage.

After going in, she saw a group of undressed women and an incredibly handsome young man who was smiling at her.

Immediately, the woman felt that something was off and immediately turned to run. However, it was too late and she was grabbed by Zhao Fu.

"Help!" After being grabbed over, the woman was pressed under Zhao Fu. Sensing Zhao Fu's terrifying power and his intentions, the woman cried out.

This voice traveled quite far and the Tribe's people felt quite shocked and understood that their big miss had encountered danger. They quickly grabbed their weapons and charged out, wanting to save their big miss.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as black rays of light shot out with immense power and attacked the incoming Lizardmen.

There were over 10,000 figures and the terrifying auras they gave off caused the entire Tribe to feel a chill. Their expressions fell and the rest of the Tribe realized that something big was happening, and many people hurried over to see what was happening.

The Darkness Soldiers started a slaughter, causing blood to fly everywhere and cries to sound out. No one could resist and were completely slaughtered. The Tribe was sent into chaos and countless people looked terrified.

Within the carriage, the Lizardman woman's lewd voice sounded out, begging Zhao Fu for more.

This caused Xi Ya to feel quite furious and he inwardly cursed. When he had been doing her, she had never been so lewd before, yet she was like a prostitute under another man.

The battle in the Tribe ended quite quickly and countless Lizardmen looked terrified as they knelt on the ground. The ground was covered with corpses, and blood dyed the ground red.