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Just as Zhao Fu prepared to refine the Berserker Wolfman Bloodline Crystal, the crystal burst out with a blood-red flame and exploded out with a powerful aura. It turned into an enormous Wolfman that roared towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu's expression did not change. The golden pupil in his left eye continuously spun as chains shot out, bound up the blood-red flame Wolfman, and dragged it towards him.

The blood-red flame Wolfman vigorously struggled and roared but was unable to break free, and it was gradually dragged over to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand towards the blood-red flame Wolfman, and a mark appeared on his palm that gave off a shocking attractive force.

The blood-red flame Wolfman was covered by this attractive force and started to panic, causing it to struggle even more madly. However, it was still gradually sucked into Zhao Fu's palm, and in the end the blood-red flame Wolfman disappeared and was completely fused into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes and started to refine this power. The blood-red flame gradually fused into Zhao Fu's whole body, causing his body to heat up.

However, after a short while, the heat disappeared and Zhao Fu once again felt a pain on his back. A blood-red Wolfman totem appeared on his back, and Zhao Fu's body now gave off a trace of the Wolfmen's aura. Apart from that there was no other change.

Sensing that he had refined the Berserker Wolfman Bloodline Crystal, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and left the room.

By now, the new carriage had been completed. It was 15 meters long, ten meters wide, and had ornate carvings on it. There were all sorts of treasures decorating it, and it gave off a dazzling light. The ground on the inside was covered with carpet and there were also tables and chairs. It was like a large room.

Moreover, the carriage was made of the most valuable materials, making the carriage incredibly sturdy with powerful defense. It could also automatically release a defensive barrier.

A carriage of this size was not a problem to the three-headed demon wolf at all. After all, its body was 20 or so meters long and it had strength above the Saint Realm. Pulling a carriage that was ten times bigger would be no problem.

Zhao Fu quite liked this carriage; it was incredibly luxurious and domineering.

They rested for a while before continuing onwards. Lang Qili left everything in Black Wolf City to others and went with Zhao Fu.

As for Lang Xiaorou, she somewhat wanted to leave her child here and have him become the City Lord, but she was also worried that a lot might happen. Moreover, staying by Zhao Fu's side was much better than being a City Lord, so she gave up on that.

The merchant group headed onwards, and the massive carriage traveled in the center of the group. Zhao Fu and the women inside felt that it was incredibly spacious and comfortable.

Hu Shan flirtatiously leaned against Zhao Fu and said, "Husband, should we try out how durable this carriage is?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he smacked her bottom and said, "You naughty woman!"

Hu Shan hugged Zhao Fu's waist and said coquettishly, "I'm just lewd like this; it's all your fault, husband. Who told you to be so powerful and make me like this? Look, everyone else can't wait either."

Zhao Fu looked over and saw that all of the women's faces were quite red, their eyes misty, and they were giving off alluring auras.

Soon, intense sounds rang out within the carriage, as well as the women's lewd cries.

The merchant group soon arrived at a wetlands. There were water plants growing on the ground, and some places were covered with water.

They had to be careful in such an environment because this place was covered with water and grass and below there were many holes. If they took a wrong step, they could fall in and it would be very difficult to climb out.

Because they had come here many times, the merchant group had their own route and walked on the more solid ground.

Suddenly, countless footsteps could be heard as people approached. The captain of the guards understood that another group had come to attack the merchant group, but now, all of the people in the merchant group felt immense confidence. With a terrifying expert like Zhao Fu, they did not fear even severe floods and fierce beasts.

The ones attacking this time were a group of Lizardmen. They had lizard-like heads and humanoid bodies, but their skin was covered with scales. Their hands and feet were claw-like, and they had lizard tails and looked incredibly fierce.

There were also some Lizardmen who looked quite similar to humans, and they just had a lizard tail.

There were many Lizardmen attacking, around 10,000 of them. If they did not have so many people, just the size of the three-headed demon wolf would have deterred them from attacking.

After surrounding the merchant group, a savage-looking male Lizardman said arrogantly, "If you want to live, all of you kneel and your elder might let off a few of you."

In actuality, with how ferocious the Lizardmen were, they would not spare anyone. They not only wanted to take the goods but the people as well.

Normally, ordinary people would immediately kneel and beg for mercy upon seeing so many Lizardmen.

However, the captain of the guards coldly laughed, "You're seeking your own deaths; do you know what merchant group we are? A group of trash like you should scram and keep your lives. If our sir gets angry, he'll slaughter all of you."

The savage-looking Lizardman felt quite surprised before becoming angry. No one had ever acted so arrogantly towards him. Had he gone crazy from being too scared?

However, the Lizardman did not bother continuing to waste time like this and said loudly, "Kill! If any of them resist, show no mercy and slaughter them. Keep some people alive so that we can make sacrifices to our great ancestor. Our ancestor will only be happy with blood from living creatures, and he will give us more power."

"Kill!" the Lizardmen excitedly roared as they charged towards the merchant group and prepared to attack.

However, they were quite confused as to why the merchant group's people only got into formation but did not show any fear at all.

Suddenly, black rays of light shot out of the carriage with powerful auras and landed on the ground. They were soldiers dressed in black armor with cold expressions.

Sensing these soldiers' auras, the Lizardmen's faces became pale with fear, and their bodies felt weak. These were all Stage 6 soldiers, and they did not hesitate to turn and run. Only stupid people would attack.

For those thousands of Stage 6 soldiers, even 100,000 people would be too easy to kill. The Lizardmen only had 10,000 or so soldiers, and if the Stage 6 soldiers charged over, they would definitely die.