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 "Roarrrr!!" the azure lion loudly roared, and it emanated a violent and ferocious aura as it ran over. In just a few seconds, it came within 100 meters of Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and raised the Sky Demon Sword. His King's Power poured into the sword, and he pointed it at the azure lion.

A gigantic demon, this time corporeal, erupted out from the sword, bringing with it an aura of evilness and slaughter. It roared as it rushed towards the azure lion.

When the demon and lion were about to collide, Shi Jian suddenly swallowed a precious medicinal pill that could raise his strength by many times. As a City Lord, he had a lot of wealth, which was why he possessed such an item. After consuming this medicinal pill, his body doubled in size and his muscles bulged, and he exploded with an even more powerful aura than before.

His body suddenly blurred, and the instant that the demon and lion clashed, he arrived at Zhao Fu's side like a ghost. He raised his long saber, which gave off a sharp light, high into the air, and a shocking 1,000-meter tall blade shadow appeared, and it was to the point that even the clouds in the sky were dispersed by the saber qi.

Zhao Fu was shocked, and his hair stood on end when he turned to face Shi Jian, who was holding this saber.

Shi Jian's expression became savage, and he madly roared. The long saber he was holding seemed to have the strength to split the heavens apart. Following this, he slashed downwards towards Zhao Fu.


As Shi Jian's saber strike descended, it was as if the heavens and earth had been split, and countless beings were annihilated.

"ROARRRR!!!" At that moment, an even louder dragon's cry sounded out; one that could destroy rocks and pierce metals; one that could cause all creatures to submit and gods and demons to run.

An eye-piercing golden light shot out as if a star had exploded. Shi Jian stared in confusion and was blasted 1,000 meters away by this energy, smashing into Heavenstone City's city walls. Those tough city walls, which most magic skills could not even damage, now had countless 20 meter long cracks.

Shi Jian vomited up a mouthful of blood, and his entire body was stuck in the wall. His eyes widened as he stared at the gigantic golden tornado. At that moment, there were nine divine dragons that seemed to have their own lives flying around Zhao Fu.

There was an incredibly big and deep hole beneath Zhao Fu's feet, but the nine golden divine dragons, which were 1 meter long, flew around him, allowing him to stand in the air.

This scene caused the three other powerful spectators to become completely dumbfounded. They couldn't believe that Zhao Fu could release such unimaginable power. In the beginning, they thought that Shi Jian would be able to kill this man in a single blow, but the situation had been completely turned on its head, making them feel as if none of this was real.

"Let's go! It's best not to make an enemy out of him!" the beautiful woman said with a serious tone as she gulped and stared at the scene in the distance in shock.

The other two people had the same expression, and when they heard what she said, they couldn't help but nod. The power that Zhao Fu had just released was something that even they feared, and both Shi Jian and Zhao Fu had gone completely berserk - if they were dragged into this fight as well, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The three of them quickly left, and the countless players who were watching from the distance retreated even further away. The place where they had originally been standing had been covered by that gigantic golden tornado. Rocks and trees flew everywhere, and even their bodies had almost been blown into the air.

However, there were countless other people in East Green who had excitedly come here to watch. A thread had appeared in the Heaven Awaken World Forum: "Want to see a true battle between godly spirits? Hurry and come to East Green's Heavenstone City's southern city gates. The terrifying battle is simply unimaginable!"

Description: I'm just a normal person in East Green. I didn't plan on going to Heavenstone City because the Qian family relies on the government's support and acts arrogantly and domineeringly. They don't place anyone else in their eyes, and anyone who offends the Qian family will die!

However, there were matters that I had to take care of, so I had to go there today. Who would have thought that I'd see something so completely shocking - someone who looks like a player started fighting with Heavenstone City's City Lord. That scene is simply too terrifying, and it was as if it was the apocalypse; it's definitely not strength that normal people can wield.

I just wanted to post a thread here and let everyone know. Now, I'm going to get a bit closer to watch this world-shaking battle because this sort of battle may only appear once in a lifetime.

Originally, many people didn't believe this information. They thought that this person just wanted likes and attention, so they disregarded it.

However, gradually, more and more people started to verify that the information was true, and the previously peaceful Heaven Awaken World forum became lively again.

"A battle between gods?"

Perhaps no one had ever seen such a thing before, but they could imagine just how monstrous it would be. Countless people felt incredibly curious and hurried over.

At the same time, this matter attracted the attention of countless factions. A battle between a player and a City Lord? Could players at this point in time have such strength? What's more, this matter had once again happened in the northern region of the Midland Continent.

The northern region of the Midland Continent was a place that most factions already feared because that place was covered by Great Qin's shadow.

The last few incidents that had shaken the world had happened there, and now that it was that place again, many people couldn't help but wonder if this matter was related to Great Qin as well.

However, whether that super strong person who could fight with a City Lord was related to Great Qin or not, most people didn't care. Just this battle alone was enough for them to send countless people to gather information.

Back at the battlefield, Heavenstone City's 100,000 Stage 1 city guards had all arrived. When they saw how heavily injured their esteemed City Lord was, they were incredibly furious, and their eyes filled with killing intent as they looked at Zhao Fu standing in the air.

At that moment, they were still able to think clearly, and they knew that the enemy in front of them was not someone they could overwhelm with mere numbers. As such, they all knelt on the ground and yelled, "City Lord! Please use our strength!"

Shi Jian was completely helpless against Zhao Fu, who was powerful to the point that it made him feel despair. As such, he had to use his final trump card.

Shi Jian weakly stretched out his bloodied right hand and touched the City Lord Seal. A formless energy rippled out from Shi Jian's body, and traces of bloody aura rose up from the large mass of city guards, making it seem as if there was a sea of blood in the air. Following this, the aura flooded into Shi Jian's body.

How terrifying was the combined might of 100,000 Stage 1 city guards?

Enough to kill a god!


A power that seemed to be able to twist space itself exploded out from within Shi Jian, obliterating everything around him. An azure and blood-colored flame rose up from his body, seeming to reach the clouds, and it made the rest of the sky seem dim in comparison.

A truly destructive battle was about to erupt!