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 Seeing this crystal, Zhao Fu smiled and put it away. After exploring the Wolfman God Palace he would fuse with the Berserker Wolfman Bloodline Crystal.

The power that this Berserker Wolfman Bloodline Crystal gave off was massive, and anyone who fused with it would be dozens of times more powerful than the Berserker Wolfmen from before. That was why Zhao Fu wanted to obtain this - only by fusing with things like this would he be able to awaken an Outlander Emperor Star.

Following this, Zhao Fu led Lang Qili forwards. Finally, the two of them came to the main palace hall. This place had a 20 meter tall demon wolf with three heads guarding it. The demon wolf gave off a powerful aura and was even more powerful than a Saint Realm Cultivator.

However, that was all, and it could not pose any danger to Zhao Fu. After all, just Zhao Fu's cultivation alone was at the Heaven Realm.

"Awoo!" The three-headed demon wolf gave off a terrifying aura as it ferociously charged at Zhao Fu and Lang Qili, bringing with it an air of suppression.

Lang Qili felt quite afraid facing this terrifying demon wolf, but she felt safe within Zhao Fu's embrace. She lightly hugged Zhao Fu and gave a beautiful smile.

Facing the incoming demon wolf, Zhao Fu did not even move and looked quite relaxed as he stretched out a hand and pointed it towards the demon wolf as the golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains rang out as chains containing enormous power shot towards the demon wolf and bound it up. The demon wolf furiously struggled but was unable to break free at all, and its three heads glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not kill this demon wolf as he felt that it would be quite good to tame it and have it pull the carriage for them. As he had gathered more and more women, the carriage had become quite cramped, and he considered switching to a bigger carriage.

Zhao Fu pushed open the final door and saw that within a large hall, there was only a three meter tall statue at the center.

This statue was of an extremely beautiful woman with a seductive figure. She had a pair of wolf ears and a wolf tail and looked quite wild. The statue was made of stone and had a powerful godly spirit aura.

"Those who disturb Our slumber... deserve death!" Just as Zhao Fu was about to approach, a cry sounded out as the statue gave off an intense silver light. A woman who looked the same as the statue with silver hair appeared, and she fiercely glared at Zhao Fu as she turned into a black blur and rushed at Zhao Fu.

The woman arrived before Zhao Fu in the blink of an eye and her hands turned into sharp claws and gave off enormous power as they clawed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked quite derisive, and before the claws could reach him, he punched out at the woman's chest and a muffled explosion sounded out. The woman was sent flying back ten or so meters and crashed to the ground, a trace of blood leaking out of her lips.

"You only have such measly strength and yet dare to be so arrogant in front of this Emperor? So what if you're a godly spirit?" Zhao Fu looked at the woman as he gave off a domineering aura, speaking quite arrogantly.

The woman furiously roared and her body exploded out with silver light as she instantly appeared in front of Zhao Fu, many times faster than before.


Just as she appeared in front of Zhao Fu, before she could even attack, Zhao Fu's Divine Domain spread out with enormous power, blasting the woman back.

The woman crashed to the ground and her face paled as she cried out, "You're a Holy Son!"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "You only just realized?" He then grabbed at the air and chains shot out and bound up the woman.

Lang Qili was quite shocked; it was the first time that she had seen someone treat a godly spirit like this and act so disdainfully. This was a godly spirit countless people worshipped!

Just then when the woman had exploded out with godly spirit power, Lang Qili felt her almost lose control and instinctively kneel. However, such a powerful godly spirit seemed so weak in front of Zhao Fu.

Moreover, why was this godly spirit calling Zhao Fu a Holy Son with a pale face? What kind of terrifying identity did Zhao Fu have that even a godly spirit felt fear?

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he came in front of the bound-up godly spirit and took off her clothes as he started to do it with her.

Lang Qili felt even more shocked. It was the first time she had seen someone dare to do something like this. Moreover, he was doing it with a godly spirit right in front of her; just who was Zhao Fu?

Now, Lang Qili was incredibly curious about what kind of existence Zhao Fu was. He definitely had a terrifying identity and was not someone people like her could interact with.

Soon, the godly spirit no longer resisted and started to cooperate with Zhao Fu, looking incredibly pleasured, and she became lewder and lewder.

The godly spirit's reaction was exactly the same as hers from before, and adding on the intense scene, Lang Qili's face became red and her gaze became hazy as she could not help but join in.

Afterwards, the two women lay on Zhao Fu's chest as they panted with reddened faces. Looking at the godly spirit in his embrace seeming like a tamed wolf, Zhao Fu felt that he quite liked wild women as he liked the feeling of conquering them.

"Holy Son, now that my body is yours, you have to take me away and help me recover my power!" the godly spirit looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and said slightly shyly.

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "Of course! My Kingdom lacks godly spirits and I'll make you the strongest godly spirits among the Wolfmen."

The godly spirit gave a happy smile and said, "I believe you, Holy Son!"

Lying on Zhao Fu's other side, Lang Qili asked curiously, "Husband, just who are you?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "You'll know in future!"

The three of them cuddled for a while before putting on their clothes. Zhao Fu put the statue away - this was the godly spirit's main body. After coming out, the ferocious demon wolf saw its owner come out and looked incredibly wronged as it felt that it had been bullied by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu freed the demon wolf and the demon wolf ran over and affectionately rubbed against the godly spirit. It seemed that he did not have to subdue it; the godly spirit could have it obey him.

After leaving the Wolfman God Palace, Zhao Fu brought the merchant group to Black Wolf City, which was Lang Qili's City. He had people build a large carriage and use the best materials. He took out all kinds of beautiful treasures to use as decorations, making this carriage incredibly luxurious and elegant.

The women were not very surprised that Lang Qili had submitted to Zhao Fu as well, but they were quite shocked that even a godly spirit had submitted to Zhao Fu. After all, people of their level could not even interact with godly spirits. After taking care of this, Zhao Fu went to a room and started to fuse with the Berserker Wolfman Bloodline Crystal.