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 Zhao Fu did not attack the people who were sent back to report. Zhao Fu looked at the captain next to him, and he understood and brought his men to give chase and kill the remaining Wolfmen.

The two beautiful women and their guards watched this scene in shock. They felt that Zhao Fu was simply too terrifying; he had killed 500 soldiers instantly with a single strike. Even someone in the Saint Realm would not be able to do something like this.

Immediately, they felt quite delighted. If Zhao Fu was so powerful, they would not have to worry about any danger and they would be able to stay alive.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the two beautiful women as he lightly smiled and said, "Come with me!"

The two beautiful women shyly nodded. The gentle-looking woman gave the little boy to their guards to look after; the guards naturally knew what Zhao Fu was going to do, which was have his way with the two women.

However, the little boy did not understand and seeing his mother leave, he called out, "Mother, where are you going?"

The gentle-looking woman's face went red; she naturally could not say that she was going to do it with someone other than his father. As such, she could only say, "Ling'Er, wait here; mother will be back soon. This sir just wants to play a game with mother."

Hearing that they were going to play a game, the little boy excitedly called out, "Mother, I want to play as well!"

The gentle-looking woman shyly replied, "You can only play after you've grown up. You're still too young, so listen to mother and stay here, okay?"

The little boy looked quite disappointed but he still nodded.

Following this, he saw his mother and second madam enter an exquisite-looking carriage. His mother and second madam soon started to cry out happily and excitedly.

The little boy felt that the game they were playing was very fun, or else his mother and the second madam would not be so happy. He longed to grow up to play this game as well.

Zhao Fu looked down at the two lewd women beneath him and smiled as he had a good taste of them. He also played with their wolf ears and tail, making them even more excited.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the two women and learned of their names. The alluring woman was called Lang Mi while the gentle-looking woman was called Lang Xiaorou.

Lang Mi lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and panted as she said, "Sir, you're so powerful, many times more so than our deceased husband. Now, we feel like we've taken advantage of you."

Lang Xiaorou's face was completely red and she nodded. She had only served Zhao Fu out of gratitude, and she had never thought that she would feel such pleasure. She also had never thought that she had such a lewd side; she could not face the little boy or his father.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "Then make sure you serve me well in the future. Also, what treasures do you have?"

In order to awaken the Outlander Emperor Star, Zhao Fu was interested in everything because anything could provide him with a great opportunity.

Lang Xiaorou took out a piece of white, wolf-shaped jade and said, "Sir, this is a Wolf City Jade and is the command medallion for a historical remnant. The two other Cities also have command medallions like this, and if you gather all three command medallions, you can open a lost Wolfman God Palace once every year.

"This command medallion was why those people from Azure Wolf City were chasing after us. Now that sir has saved us, we will give this Wolf City Jade to you."

Zhao Fu took the jade and looked at it, and he felt that he now had something to do.

Zhao Fu gave Hu Shan and Niu Liuyun a few Darkness Command Medallions, and he asked where the two other Cities were before turning into a ray of light and shooting off.

Lang Xiaorou and Lang Mi guessed that Zhao Fu had gone to steal the two other command medallions and said worriedly, "Sir will be facing countless people from two Cities; will he be in danger?"

The other women laughed as they said, "You don't know how powerful our husband is; with his power, destroying two Cities will be no problem at all."

This made Lang Xiaorou and Lang Mi feel quite delighted; they would finally be able to get their revenge.


Within Azure Wolf City, a massive explosion sounded out as a terrifying aura spread out, sweeping through the entire City. Countless people looked terrified, not understanding what had happened.

A ferocious-looking big Wolfman led an army over with an unsightly expression and called out, "Who are you, sir? Why have you descended so domineeringly above our City?"

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, "Dead people don't need to know!"

The ferocious-looking big Wolfman felt quite startled and loudly gave the order to attack. Arrows quickly shot towards Zhao Fu and sword lights and saber lights also flew towards him.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and looked quite disdainful as he slashed out with his sword. An enormous blood-red sword light shot out with terrifying power, hacking apart the incoming arrows, sword lights, and saber lights, and it blasted into the army. Countless people were chopped into pieces and cries sounded out.

The ferocious-looking big Wolfman's face paled and understood that even the whole City added together would not be a match for Zhao Fu. He immediately gave the order for the soldiers to charge up while he quickly ran away.

Countless soldiers roared and rushed at Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu slashed out another sword light that easily cut their bodies apart without any resistance, dyeing the ground red.

Just like that, 70,000 or 80,000 soldiers were killed by Zhao Fu, creating a bloody and gory scene.

Zhao Fu caught up with the escaping ferocious-looking Wolfman and said condescendingly, "Did you really think you could escape?"

The ferocious-looking Wolfman furiously roared and exploded out with all of his power as he rushed at Zhao Fu. It was a pity that Zhao Fu casually thrusted out and pierced through his chest, killing him instantly.

The remaining people looked terrified and either madly tried to escape or knelt down and kowtowed, showing that they were willing to submit. The City was in utter chaos and all sorts of crying and howling continuously sounded out.

The most powerful Wolfmen City had fallen just like that in front of absolute power, without any ability to resist.

Zhao Fu searched the ferocious-looking Wolfman's body and found a Wolf City Jade. He disregarded the other Wolfmen and came to the City Hall to have a good taste of the City Lord's wife before he left, but he found that the City Lord was not interested in women.

As such, Zhao Fu felt slightly disappointed and left for the last Wolfmen City.

News of Azure Wolf City being destroyed quickly spread to here, and countless Wolfmen gathered together and held weapons, looking serious as they prepared to defend against that terrifying expert.

By now, the Wolfmen all felt incredibly unsettled; they did not know if they could resist that expert. It was said that the Azure Wolf City's 70,000 or 80,000 soldiers had been instantly slaughtered by that expert, so they could only hope that that expert would not come.