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 Niu Doudou was relatively daring and direct. She stepped forwards and hugged Zhao Fu's arm as she said to the valiant-looking Minotaur, "Wu In, this is my man now, so our engagement is cancelled. Also, my body is his."

The Minotaur City Lord looked at his wife's guilty but resolute gaze and he sighed. He was no longer as angry, and he seemed to age a few years as he said, "You can all leave! I hope he treats you well."

Niu Liuyun's eyes danced with tears as she looked at her husband. She looked quite disturbed and wanted to go over and comfort him. They had been together for many years, and they had deep feelings for each other.

However, an arm brought her into a warm embrace, and smelling that man's scent, Niu Liuyun's face became slightly red. She thought of the scenes of her and Zhao Fu doing it, and her wavering heart became resolute again.

The valiant-looking Minotaur looked furious as he said, "Dou'Er, what's so good about him? Look at how skinny and short he is; how can he compare to me?"

To the two meter tall Minotaurs, Zhao Fu's stature was indeed quite short. Moreover, he was quite slender and did not have enormous muscles like the Minotaurs, making him look quite skinny.

Niu Doudou lightly harrumphed and said, "He's not a Minotaur so don't use Minotaur standards to judge him. He's hundreds of times stronger than you, and you're not a match for him at all."

The valiant-looking Minotaur was unconvinced and said, "Alright, I request a competition with him then. Whoever wins will take you."

Niu Doudou replied good-naturedly, "You're really not a match for him; don't make things difficult for yourself."

However, this made the valiant-looking Minotaur even angrier and he exploded out with a powerful aura as he roared at Zhao Fu, "I want to challenge you!"

Zhao Fu looked quite disdainful and stepped out as a powerful aura exploded out like a flood. Countless people felt as if they had fallen into icy water, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

"What terrifying power!"

Everyone's faces became pale as they retreated and looked at Zhao Fu with shock. With his power, he could completely suppress them.

The valiant-looking young man lost all of his confidence. Now, he knew that what Niu Doudou had said was true - he did not stand a chance.

Niu Doudou pulled Zhao Fu's arm and said softly, "Please don't harm him!"

Zhao Fu nodded; in actuality, he did not intend to attack. He knew that Niu Doudou still had feelings for that man.

The Minotaur City Lord looked at Zhao Fu and the women and asked, "When will you be leaving? Niu Dongni is still locked up and you can take her as well. Also, if you're not in a rush, you can stay for a bit longer and I'll hold a banquet to send you off."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; the Minotaur City Lord's attitude was too courteous. After all, he had taken his wife and two daughters.

The valiant-looking Minotaur suddenly called out, "Even though you're powerful, if you don't treat Dou'Er well, I definitely won't let you off."

Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh, and he did not reject the Minotaur City Lord's offer to hold a banquet.

At the banquet, everyone forgot about the matters from before and celebrated happily. Niu Dongni was also let out, and she happily hugged Zhao Fu.

The Minotaur City Lord and the valiant-looking Minotaur came up to Zhao Fu to toast him and asked him to look after the women. They could only sigh and admit their inferiority to Zhao Fu; they could not give the women what they wanted.

Seeing that their attitude was quite good, Zhao Fu gave them some good things, such as recovery items, powerful Arts, and rare equipment. This made the two Minotaurs feel incredibly grateful to Zhao Fu and felt like he was a brother.

From all of this, Zhao Fu gained a better understanding of the Minotaurs' nature. If they were human, they most likely would have fought him with their lives on the line.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu chatted with the City Lord and found out that the Minotaur City had an Ancestral Altar that could give Ancestral Power. That was the reason why the Minotaurs here were quite strong.

Zhao Fu felt quite interested and asked the City Lord to take him there.

Following this, they came to a very large stage. There was a 100 meter tall wooden pole at the center, on which countless Minotaurs were carved. They all looked incredibly lifelike, and they were fighting, roaring, or talking. The wooden pole gave off a simple but powerful aura.

Zhao Fu asked the Minotaur City Lord if outsiders could receive the Minotaur's Ancestral Power, and the Minotaur City Lord's reply made Zhao Fu feel pleasantly surprised.

"It's possible! Brother, I'll help you collect blood from all of the Minotaurs to activate the Totem Pole's power and give you the strongest Ancestral Power."

Zhao Fu thanked the Minotaur City Lord and gave him even more good things, and the Minotaur City Lord became even happier to help him.

A while later, the Minotaur City Lord had collected countless Minotaurs' blood and brought a Minotaur shaman to give Zhao Fu the Ancestral power.

Massive barrels of blood were placed around the stage and an elderly Minotaur wearing all sorts of decorations and holding a wooden staff came to the center and started to chant. The wooden barrels gave off faint lights and a formless energy spread out.

The blood within the barrels seemed to be attracted by the energy, turned into pillars of blood, and flowed into the massive wooden pole.


An explosion sounded out as the enormous wooden pole burst forth with a terrifying aura and gave off a bronze light that covered the surroundings. The Minotaurs on the pole seemed to come to life and left the wooden pole, turning into images in the air.

Countless traces of Heaven and Earth Power quickly gathered and entered those Minotaurs' bodies. As they absorbed the Heaven and Earth Power, the Minotaur images gave off powerful auras.

The Minotaur shaman cried out, "This person in front of me is an esteemed guest of our Minotaur Race. Great Ancestor, please grant him your power."

As he spoke, the Minotaur images in the air flooded into Zhao Fu, causing him to explode out with a powerful aura and for intense bronze light to shine out of him.

Zhao Fu absorbed the Minotaur Ancestral Power and quickly refined it, fusing it with his own power.

At that moment, Zhao Fu felt some pain on his back as a Minotaur totem gradually appeared on his back. The abnormal signs disappeared and Zhao Fu's aura now contained a trace of the Minotaurs' aura.

After successfully obtaining the Ancestral Power, Zhao Fu grinned.

Following this, Zhao Fu thanked the Minotaur City Lord and stayed overnight with the merchant group and left the next day.

When leaving, the Minotaur City Lord and the valiant-looking Minotaur were quite reluctant to part with Zhao Fu. They had established a deep friendship and they once again reminded him to take care of their women.