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 Zhao Fu had not finished putting on his clothes yet, but seeing the Minotaur girl rush over, he did not feel any fear and instead coldly laughed. He held out a hand and a massive wave of energy turned into a formless hand that directly grabbed the Minotaur girl.

Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying power, the furious Minotaur girl felt as if she had cold water poured over her, and she instantly calmed down. She realized that even ten of her would not be a match for Zhao Fu.

The Minotaur girl could not help but feel somewhat afraid. She vigorously struggled, but it was a pity that she could not break free at all.


Zhao Fu waved his hand and sent the Minotaur girl flying. She crashed against a tree, causing the tree's leaves to fall like rain. A few cracks appeared on the tree's trunk and the Minotaur girl crashed to the ground with a trace of blood leaking out of her lips.

The Minotaur girl immediately got up and decided to run away. Only by running away could she call others here to get justice on this evildoer who had violated her mother.

However, right as she got up, Zhao Fu arrived in front of her. He stretched out a hand, grabbed her throat, and pressed her against the tree.

The Minotaur girl was two meters tall while Zhao Fu was not even 1.8 meters tall. She was a head taller than him, and yet Zhao Fu could easily lift her off the ground.

Zhao Fu looked at her voluptuous figure, and he looked at this beautiful Minotaur girl in front of him with great interest. He started to take off her clothes and prepared to do it with her.

The Minotaur girl vigorously resisted while crying out angrily, "Don't! I haven't gotten married yet!"

She did not know that this made Zhao Fu even more interested, and in the end, Zhao Fu started doing it with her.

"Husband, I want more," the Minotaur girl lewdly cried out half an hour later, having completely lost all sense of reason. She went almost as crazy as her mother.

Hearing her daughter crying out in pleasure, the beautiful woman opened her eyes with great difficulty, and she saw her daughter being ravaged by Zhao Fu, taking her first time.

The beautiful woman naturally understood what had happened; she was right about Zhao Fu being incredibly licentious.

Afterwards, the Minotaur girl angrily hit Zhao Fu as she lay in his embrace and said, "You bastard, I already said I'm not married yet; how am I meant to get married now? I hate you to death."

The Minotaur girl did not hit Zhao Fu very hard and she looked quite cute with her red face.

Zhao Fu hugged her and gave an overbearing smile as he said, "You're already mine; there's no need for you to marry anyone else."

Hearing that Zhao Fu was going to take responsibility, the Minotaur girl lightly harrumphed and smiled as she obediently lay in Zhao Fu's embrace.

Minotaurs were indeed quite simple and pure. Now that her body had been taken by Zhao Fu, she no longer resisted Zhao Fu and instead acknowledged him. Most Minotaur women were like Niu Dongni, afraid that Zhao Fu would throw them away after playing with their bodies.

Zhao Fu looked at the beautiful woman also in his embrace and said domineeringly, "Now, you're also mine. We'll leave later."

The beautiful woman looked quite troubled, but facing Zhao Fu's overbearing gaze, she could only lightly nod. After all, she felt that her body could not leave Zhao Fu. She could only say softly, "Sir, you have to treat us mother and daughter well in the future."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Seeing that it had been a while, Zhao Fu felt that Hu Shan had most likely tidied up things, so the three of them got dressed.

"What do you want to do with this person?" Zhao Fu asked as he pointed at the well-built Minotaur.

The Minotaur girl angrily harrumphed, "Kill him, of course. He actually tried to violate my mother."

The beautiful woman pleaded, "Let him off this time! He's your father's little brother, and we're going to be leaving. This won't happen again."

Zhao Fu did not want to trouble the beautiful woman, so he did not kill the man.

However, Zhao Fu sensed something and brought the two women towards the City. By now, the Minotaur soldiers had surrounded the merchant group.

Niu Dongni had happily told the Minotaur City's City Lord about her finding a husband, and this made the Minotaur City Lord feel quite confused. He had never thought that his daughter would suddenly find a husband, and after asking about the details, he had become incredibly furious.

Someone had actually tricked his pure and kind daughter, and not only had he taken her body, but he also wanted to take her away. The Minotaur City Lord was infuriated and led his soldiers to surround the Fox Race merchant group.

Facing the soldiers, Hu Shan quickly realized the reason behind this. She was not too afraid because Zhao Fu had given her a Darkness Command Medallion. She waved her hand and 1,000 Stage 6 soldiers giving off powerful auras appeared.

This caused the Minotaur City Lord's expression to fall; he had never expected Hu Shan to have such luck to obtain something like this. These 1,000 Stage 6 soldiers would not fear even an army of 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers, and the two sides fell into a stalemate.

The Minotaur City Lord was a slightly chubby middle-aged man and he furiously called out, "Hu Shan, I want you to give me an explanation. Who is that man? He has to give me an explanation or else I won't let you off even if I die."

Hu Shan gave a beautiful smile as she said, "City Lord, our husband's identity is something that you can't imagine; to be able to serve our husband is your daughter's blessing and the Minotaur City's blessing. You should be thanking me."

The Minotaur City Lord felt quite shocked and understood that for Hu Shan to have that command medallion and such confidence, it was definitely because of that man. Just who was he?

By now, Zhao Fu brought the two women and arrived beside Hu Shan with a cold expression.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, Hu Shan smiled and hugged Zhao Fu's arm as she said, "Husband, why did you only just come? I felt a bit nervous just then."

Zhao Fu hugged her as he smiled and replied, "I had some matters to take care of!"

"Wife!""Dou'Er!" the Minotaur City Lord and a valiant-looking man with him recognized the two women and felt quite confused as they called out.

They did not understand why these two women were with Zhao Fu, and they had reddened faces and gave off mature auras. It was as if they had been doing it with someone, and they had a bad premonition.

Hu Shan noticed the two women and smiled as she said, "Husband, you're quite capable; you got the Minotaur City's Madam and the big miss as well."

The beautiful woman was the Minotaur City Lord's wife and was called Niu Liuyun. The Minotaur girl was the Minotaur City's big miss and was called Niu Doudou. Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised.

The beautiful woman could not meet her husband's gaze and lowered her head, looking quite guilty. She also felt quite uncomfortable, but she did not regret this. The pleasure she had felt with Zhao Fu was something that her husband could not give her, and Zhao Fu had made up for her years of loneliness."