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 Hearing that Zhao Fu was interested, Hu Shan smiled and walked out of the carriage and said to the girl, "Dongni, do you want to see what Aunty Shan brought for you this time?"

Niu Dongni, the Minotaur girl, laughed and came to Hu Shan's carriage. Even though she was still young, she was 1.8 meters tall. Most Minotaurs were around two meters tall, so 1.8 meters was considered short.

"You'll see once you come in. It's a very interesting and rare thing!" Hu Shan said temptingly.

Hu Shan had come many times before and had a close relationship with Niu Dongni. Every time, she would bring interesting things for her, so Niu Dongni looked forward to seeing Hu Shan every time. She completely trusted Hu Shan too.

"Is that so?" Niu Dongni looked excited and expectant as she smiled and asked before getting on the carriage. As a 1.8 meter tall Minotaur, she was somewhat heavy and caused the carriage to slightly sink.

After getting onto the carriage, Niu Dongni's face became slightly red because she saw an incredibly handsome young man smiling as he looked at her. There were also three women with red faces breathing raggedly by the side, and they were all undressed.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and brought Niu Dongni into his embrace. Following this, a barrier spread out to prevent any noise from leaking out, and Zhao Fu enjoyed his time with this Minotaur girl.

At first, Niu Dongni shyly resisted a bit, but she soon sank into the pleasure and Hu Shan joined in.

Afterwards, Hu Shan lightly laughed as she said, "Dongni, are you really happy? Aunty Shan didn't lie to you, right?"

Niu Dongni's face became completely red as she leaned against Zhao Fu and said coquettishly, "Aunty Shan, you're so bad; you tricked me into this and now you're making fun of me."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he hugged Niu Dongni and Niu Dongni looked quite blissful. She then thought of something and asked worriedly, "Husband, will you throw me away after having my body? Are you going to marry me? I promise I'll be a good wife and will serve you well."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu laughed as he said gently, "Don't worry, I've taken responsibility for every woman I've been with."

Niu Dongni happily kissed Zhao Fu and said, "I'll tell my father later, and then I'll leave with you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

They cuddled for a while after which Niu Dongni left. The merchant group found a place to rest, and Hu Shan went to take care of some goods. Chai Mi and the other women were completely strengthless, and they rested in the carriage.

Zhao Fu felt quite curious and strolled around the Minotaur City with great interest. There were not any thieves or crooks, and the crime rate was quite low.

Back when Great Qin only had a few hundred people, things had been like this as well. However, as they had gained more and more people, the number of evildoers had increased as well. Great Qin was not a perfect Kingdom and there were many criminals, but they were all punished by the law.

Soon, Zhao Fu arrived at a relatively secluded grove.

"Sister-in-law, stop resisting. Big bro has been injured for many years and cannot satisfy you. Also, you haven't given birth to a boy yet; according to Minotaur traditions, I have the duty to help you."

A well-built Minotaur had pressed a beautiful woman with a dignified and virtuous aura underneath him and was tearing at her clothes. His massive thing was already exposed.

The beautiful woman continuously struggled as she said, "You can only do such a thing after your big brother has died. Your big brother hasn't died, so let me go; otherwise, you'll be executed for doing something like this."

The well-built Minotaur's eyes were bloodshot and he loudly roared as he said, "Even if I die, I want to have you now. I know you need a man; aren't you reacting down there? I'll satisfy you now."

The beautiful woman struggled while crying, pleading for the man not to do this.

However, the well-built Minotaur had already ripped apart her pants, and he prepared to ravage her.


A massive energy sent the well-built Minotaur flying as he crashed into a tree. The tree was snapped in half and the well-built Minotaur coughed up a large mouthful of blood before fainting and falling to the ground.

Zhao Fu walked out from the side. He had just been marveling at how the Minotaurs were simple and honest, and he had never thought that he would see such a thing. It seemed that all creatures had evil within them by nature and needed laws to restrict this.

Seeing Zhao Fu walk out, the beautiful woman hurriedly tried to use her torn-up clothing to cover her important parts. However, the torn-up clothing was unable to fully cover her figure, revealing large amounts of snow-white skin.

Seeing that the well-built Minotaur was not dead, Zhao Fu planned to attack again.

The beautiful woman hurriedly cried out, "Sir, please don't kill him. He just made a mistake, and he is my husband's little brother."

Zhao Fu stopped and looked at the beautiful woman.

Sensing Zhao Fu's gaze, the beautiful woman's face became red and she lowered her head as she said gratefully, "Thank you for saving me sir and protecting my purity."

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and came to her side as he said, "You're welcome. If you'd like to thank me, you can use your body!"

This made the beautiful woman feel quite shocked; she had thought that Zhao Fu was a righteous gentleman but it seemed that he was also a licentious fellow. She had now jumped out of the frying pan into the flames and the beautiful woman did not hesitate to turn to run. However, Zhao Fu caught her and started to go about it with her.


Apart from the initial resistance, the beautiful woman soon became even lewder than Hu Shan, as if she had not been with a man in a long time. She madly begged Zhao Fu for more until she fainted.

Looking at the unconscious woman on the ground, Zhao Fu got up and started to put on his clothes. Even though he was not sure who this woman was, since he had been with her, he decided to bring her back to the merchant group with him. He had quite enjoyed her taste.

"You bastard, I'm going to kill you!" A two meter tall beautiful girl with a pair of cow horns and fiery-red hair appeared. She had a sexy and voluptuous figure and a shrewish aura. Looking at her mother on the ground and her unconscious uncle, she naturally understood what had happened.

It must have been that this bastard had wanted to violate her mother and her uncle had tried to protect her but had been knocked out. Her mother had been violated by this bastard, and seeing her mother like this, the girl felt incredibly furious.

Even though she knew that her strength was not as great as her uncle's, her anger caused her to disregard everything. She only wanted to kill this person in front of her and take revenge for her poor mother.


The Minotaur girl exploded out with a powerful aura and ferociously charged at Zhao Fu. She was not weak, and as she kicked off the ground, she left a small crater in the ground.