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 Looking at the fleeing Jackal people, Zhao Fu gave a cold smile and raised his sword and sent out a few massive sword lights.

The enormous sword lights contained ferocious power as they slashed towards the Jackal people, and they easily cut countless people's bodies apart. As the sword lights flew past, they left behind fragmented corpses, creating a bloody scene.

Seeing so many people die, the survivors became even more afraid and ran in all directions, not daring to stay for even another second.

Zhao Fu did not attack again; he was not interested in wasting his time to chase after these escaping Jackal people. Seeing that all of the Jackal people had run away, he looked at the violet orb of blood and sensed its power as he smiled.

He waved his hand and the ropes binding the women who they saw earlier broke, and Zhao Fu brought Chai Mi back to where the merchant group was.

As for those women, Zhao Fu had destroyed the ropes binding them and the Tribe had everything they could want. They could take whatever they wanted and run; Zhao Fu was not concerned about how they would do in future.

After returning to the merchant group, everyone sensed the bloody aura around Zhao Fu and understood that the Jackal Tribe was most likely doomed.

Zhao Fu recalled the Darkness Soldiers and let the group of Jackal people leave. He kept Chai Mi to serve him, and Chai Mi did not mind at all. Serving an expert like Zhao Fu was much better than staying in a barren land like this.

The merchant group tidied things up before heading out again. Zhao Fu returned to the carriage and started to fuse with this Jackal ancestor's blood.

Zhao Fu opened his mouth and sucked the orb of blood into his stomach. As the violet blood entered his stomach, it gave off an intense violet light and started to condense the Jackal ancestor's likeness.

Sensing that an outsider was trying to refine it, the ancestor's blood resisted with all of its might. Zhao Fu sensed this and coldly harrumphed, and his Divine Bloodline's power slammed against the violet blood, causing it to wail in terror and turn into violet mist.

The Jackal ancestor's bloodline was powerful, but how could it rival Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline? It was completely suppressed and could not resist at all.

Zhao Fu started to absorb the violet mist into his body, causing his body to give off faint violet light. A fist-sized picture of a Jackal person gradually appeared on his back.

In the end, Zhao Fu successfully refined the Jackal ancestor's blood. His power and appearance did not change much, but his aura now contained a trace of the Jackal people's aura.

"Husband, have you finished refining?" Hu Shan flirtatiously smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu hazily, and the pair of female attendants also looked quite shy. Chai Mi looked at Zhao Fu longingly; she very much liked the feeling of being conquered by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he brought the women into his embrace. Soon, intense sounds started to come out of the carriage, as well as the women's lewd voices.

The guards once again stayed away and did not dare to look over; they were filled with respect for the person in the carriage.

A day later, the merchant group finally exited the barren lands and arrived at a massive forest where it stopped. The people within the carriage had just stopped doing it and were cuddling when a guard's voice sounded out from outside, "Madam, we've arrived at Minotaur Forest."

"I understand, start unloading the goods; I'll come out soon," Hu Shan's flirtatious and strengthless voice sounded out from within.

Lying within Zhao Fu's embrace, Hu Shan said flirtatiously, "Husband, our merchant group has some goods for the Minotaur people. I need to go and deliver those goods. Do you want to come with me, husband?

"Also, there are mostly Minotaurs living in this forest. They are all well-built and powerful, but they are all simple and honest, peaceful people. Merchant groups don't have to worry when coming here."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded; he was quite interested in Outlander culture, so he decided to go with Hu Shan.

The group put on clothes and got off the carriage, and by now there was a group of Minotaurs walking towards them. What surprised Zhao Fu was that while some of the Minotaurs had the heads of cows and oxen and the bodies of a human, some had human heads and cow horns but the legs and hooves of cows from the calves and below. All of them stood around two meters tall.

A middle-aged Minotaur walked over and smiled as he said, "Madam, you've become even more beautiful since the last time we've met."

Hu Shan leaned against Zhao Fu and smiled as she said, "It's all thanks to my husband. Also, please have a look over the goods; we'll be stopping here for a while."

The Minotaur felt quite surprised as he looked at Zhao Fu. He had never thought that a human could make the flirtatious and mature Hu Shan so infatuated. This was very rare because humans were not very powerful in that regard.

The Minotaurs and Hu Shan had been doing business for a while and had known each other for a long time. The Minotaurs could not help but feel moved when looking at Hu Shan; her every action and every smile could cause their bodies to heat up.

Within the Minotaur Tribe, many Minotaurs wanted to have Hu Shan, but it was a pity that this alluring woman had already been taken by someone.

However, even if she had not been taken by someone, they would not have a chance anyways. After all, Hu Shan was the owner of a merchant group, and she would not casually let any Minotaurs touch her.

The middle-aged Minotaur brought some other Minotaurs to look over the goods, and then took the merchant group deeper into the forest.

They came before a massive, crude-looking City. The City Walls were made out of massive boulders and tree trunks, and it was the same for the buildings within. Most of the Minotaurs lived inside tents.

The Minotaurs passing by on the street did not look surprised when seeing Hu Shan's merchant group because many merchant groups came here to trade with them.

Zhao Fu and the others returned to the carriage, and he looked at the Minotaur City's scenery through the windows. He felt as if he was holidaying through another world.

At that moment, a Minotaur girl saw the merchant group and happily ran over. This girl had long, wavy, green hair and delicate looks. She had a slender figure and looked quite pure.

"Aunty Shan!" The Minotaur girl happily called out.

Seeing that girl, Hu Shan smiled and introduced her to Zhao Fu, saying, "This is the City Lord's daughter. Husband, are you interested in her? I can help you. However, make sure you don't get infatuated with the new and get bored of the old."

Looking at the pure and lively Minotaur girl, Zhao Fu smiled as he nodded. The Minotaurs he had met in the past all had the heads of cows and bodies of humans, so Zhao Fu naturally was not interested. However, this girl had a human head and human bodies, and she only had the calves and hooves of a cow. Zhao Fu wondered what kind of bloodline this kind of Minotaur had.