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 Hiding near the Tribe, Zhao Fu saw some unbelievably cruel scenes. Some women had ropes tied around their necks, and they were bound like livestock. They did not have any clothes on and were covered with wounds and bruises.

Their eyes were hollow and their expressions were dull, and they seemed to have suffered a lot of abuse. They were also covered with various liquids and gave off nasty smells. Any Jackal person who wanted to do it with them could come over and ravage them.

There were also some large cauldrons that were boiling soup, but they were all filled with people's flesh. There was a table nearby where a chef used a large cleaver to chop a man's body into pieces before tossing the pieces into a cauldron to boil.

There was even a Jackal person who held a little boy's head and ate it in large mouthfuls, and it seemed to be incredibly tasty to him. One of the boy's eyeballs fell out, and the Jackal person picked it up and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Ahhh, no!" At that moment, a muscular Jackal person violently pressed down a woman with a large belly. His ugly thing was about to violate that woman and the woman wept, looking extremely pitiful.

As a Jackal person, Chai Mi had seen many things like this, so her expression did not change much. In Outlander races, the strong were the sovereigns and the strong preyed on the weak. This was the outcome of being weak.

Zhao Fu did not want to see others doing women in front of him. His left eye turned into a rose-like pupil and traces of black aura shot out and entered that Jackal person's body.

Immediately, that Jackal person's body froze and his eyes became black before he returned to normal. He was now under Zhao Fu's control, and Zhao Fu used the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power to have that Jackal person find a place with no one around to commit suicide.

That Jackal person was unable to resist Zhao Fu's control at all. He went to a solitary place, took out a saber, and chopped at his own neck without any hesitation. Blood spurted everywhere and the Jackal person's corpse fell to the ground.

Chai Mi felt quite shocked and was somewhat afraid of Zhao Fu's ability to take control of others. If Zhao Fu used this power on her, she would not be able to resist at all; if Zhao Fu wanted her to die, she would die.

Zhao Fu did not look at that woman, who had been ravaged, and instead looked at Chai MI's fiery figure and said, "Come over and serve me."

Chai Mi did not hesitate. As someone part of the Outlander Race, she understood the law of the jungle. To be able to serve such a powerful and prestigious person was her glory.

As such, Chai Mi squatted down and started to serve Zhao Fu, after which Zhao Fu started to do it with her. He also released a barrier to prevent any noise from leaking out.

A few hours later, Chai Mi seemed to have melted, and she powerlessly lay on Zhao Fu's body. She felt that her body and soul had been conquered by Zhao Fu, and she felt an infatuation towards him.

At that moment, another group of people dragged back ten or so carts of Jackal people's corpses. They were elderly and young people and they all wore similar clothes. They were most likely the corpses from destroying a small Tribe nearby.

Adding on these corpses, the leader would most likely start the ancestral sacrifice.

Just as expected, after obtaining those corpses, the entire Tribe went under lockdown as they prepared for the ancestral sacrifice to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Zhao Fu hugged Chai Mi and waited by the side. He sent some power into her body to help her quickly recover.

A muscular and ferocious-looking Jackal person walked over with a group of people before flying onto an altar by himself.

The altar was built at the center of the corpse moat and was ten or so meters tall. There were many Jackal people's corpses lying around it, and they all had savage or fearful expressions on their faces. In order to fulfill his goals, the Jackal people's leader did not even spare his own people.

He then took out a pale bone, which was most likely the Ancestral Stone, and he chanted a strange chant as he sent power into that pale bone.

The pale bone exploded out with a powerful aura and a formless energy spread out, covering the countless corpses. The corpses started to melt, turning into bloody water.

The bloody water turned into a few pillars of water and flowed into the pale bone. As the pale bone absorbed the bloody water, it gave off an even more powerful aura before turning into a ray of light and shooting into the sky.


An explosion sounded out as a 1,000 meter tall image descended from the sky with a terrifying aura, causing the surrounding air to become icy cold and causing countless people to feel terror.

This image was of a Jackal person, and it had a Jackal's head, blood-red eyes, and a human body. It had violet and metallic fur, and it gave off a ferocious aura.

This figure in front of everyone was the Jackal Ancestor.

The Jackal Ancestor's eyes fell on the kneeling leader. After confirming the leader's status and power, the image's body continuously condensed until it became a violet orb of blood and gradually descended.

The leader looked wildly delighted; after obtaining the ancestor's blood, his power and bloodline would receive massive boosts, and he would become a peerless expert. He could rely on the ancestor's bloodline to unify countless Jackal people.

However, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky, who grabbed the descending violet orb of blood. This caused the Jackal leader to feel shocked, and he was immediately enraged. Someone dared to try to steal the ancestor's blood that he had put so much effort into obtaining.

"Arghh!" the Jackal leader fell into fury and he roared as he glared at Zhao Fu with eyes filled with killing intent. He exploded out with a terrifying aura and kicked off the ground, causing the ground to crack as he turned into a black blur and shot into the sky.

Looking at the incoming Jackal leader, Zhao Fu looked quite disdainful. He took out the Sadistic Killing Sword and vigorously slashed out, sending out an enormous blood-red sword light that mercilessly covered the Jackal leader's body.

After the blood-red sword light passed through, a cut-up corpse fell from the sky. The Tribe's strongest person had died so easily.

Countless Jackal people looked terrified as they looked at Zhao Fu standing in the air. Sensing his power, they did not dare to try to take revenge and instead rationally chose to madly run away.