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 These Jackal people had the heads of Jackals and bodies of humans. They lived in the barren lands and were more ferocious than wolf people, and they often killed and pillaged.

Their appearance caused the people in the carriage to stop doing it.

Before the guards came to report, Zhao Fu sensed this group of Jackal people and understood that this merchant group was not a match for them. The other side had many people and were not weak at all, and the merchant group had things to protect.

"Sir, is it dangerous outside?" Hu Shan's face was red and she asked as she panted and lay in Zhao Fu's embrace.

Zhao Fu nodded and put on some clothes before going outside.

Currently, the battle was about to unfold. The merchant group had formed a defensive formation and the Jackal people held their weapons as they ferociously charged over.

The merchant group's people looked quite serious. Facing the 3,000 or so Jackal people, they knew that the situation was quite dangerous, and it was likely that many of them would die.


A sword hum suddenly sounded out as an incredibly sharp sword light flashed out. All of the incoming Jackal people were cut in half and fell to the ground, dyeing the ground red and creating a bloody scene.

This caused the merchant group's guards to feel incredibly shocked. They looked back and saw the man who had been doing it with their Madam standing in the air - it seemed that all it took was a casual swing of the sword from him.

"So powerful!" They had thought that he was just a pretty boy, and they had never expected him to be so powerful. They could not help but fall into shock, and they could sense that Zhao Fu's cultivation was at least at the Heaven Realm.

Hu Shan had also put on some clothes and came out from within the carriage. The guards saw that their Madam seemed completely different - she was even more beautiful and alluring, making flames burn in their hearts.

Looking at the corpses in the surroundings, Hu Shan smiled; her taste had always been quite good, or else she would not have given her body to Zhao Fu so easily. She said flirtatiously, "Sir, now that you've killed these evil Jackal people, let's continue! I still haven't had enough."

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "It's not over yet!"

By now, Zhao Fu could sense another group of Jackal people charging over, and there were over 10,000 of them.

Soon, dust rose up from over the horizon and rumbling could be heard as the 10,000 Jackal people appeared.

The merchant group's people's hearts tightened; facing so many Jackal people, they would definitely die. However, with an expert like Zhao Fu present, they were not too frightened.

The one in the lead was a ferocious-looking woman with a fiery figure and tanned skin. She had short, grey hair and two fangs as well as a pair of Jackal ears. She gave off the aura of the Jackal people and most likely had the Jackal people bloodline.

These Jackal people would often attack merchant groups and bring back their women to use to give birth to their children. Falling into these Jackal people's hands was worse than death.

Sensing Zhao Fu's aura, the woman's expression changed, and she raised her hand, signaling for the Jackal people to stop. She said, "We don't want to attack you, we just want their corpses; they're most likely useless to you."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, but he understood that if it wasn't for the fact that he was powerful, they would have attacked long ago. He felt quite confused, so he asked, "What do you want the corpses for?"

Of course, the woman did not reply. She could sense a trace of ill intent from Zhao Fu's eyes and facing such an expert, it was her side that was in danger.

However, it was best not to leak information about them collecting corpses. She had been careless and thought that this was just a merchant group of 1,000 people, so she had thought that they would be able to easily destroy this merchant group.

However, they had never expected the merchant group to have such a terrifying expert, and the group of Jackal people were instantly killed without being able to resist.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold; facing these savage Jackal people, there was no need to be courteous. He said coldly, "If you don't say, I'll kill all of you."

This made the woman feel quite startled, and she hesitated before saying, "This is a command from the leader of the Jackal people. He wants to collect 990,000 Jackal people's corpses as a sacrifice to the ancestors to obtain the purest, noblest, most powerful Jackal bloodline.

Zhao Fu was now quite interested in all kinds of powerful Outlander bloodlines, so he thought about it and decided to have a look. He said, "I can spare you all, but you have to bring me to your leader. As for everyone else, leave them here."

The woman felt quite troubled, but facing Zhao Fu's immense strength, she could only helplessly agree.

Zhao Fu took out a few command medallions and waved his hand, and a few thousand soldiers dressed in black armor and giving off terrifying auras appeared, making everyone feel quite shocked. They were Stage 6 soldiers, and only the Heaven Domain would have such forces.

This was the command medallion that Zhao Fu had obtained from the historical remnant in the Demon Domain. Zhao Fu had always kept it with him, and it was the first time he had used it.

Now, countless people started to feel curious about Zhao Fu's identity, and they guessed that he came from some powerful faction in the Heaven Domain. Hu Shan was now certain that Zhao Fu could give her a much better life, and she gave a bewitching smile.

So many Stage 6 soldiers caused the ferocious Jackal people to become docile, and they did not dare to resist. They all looked quite fearful and no longer seemed so fierce.

Zhao Fu gave control over the Stage 6 Darkness Soldiers to Hu Shan, and she softly said, "Be careful, husband, I'll be waiting here for you."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he did not mind the way Hu Shan had addressed him. He then brought that woman and headed towards the Jackal Tribe.

On the way, Zhao Fu found out that woman's name, which was Chai Mi.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu and Chai Mi arrived at the Tribe. There were about one million Jackal people in the Tribe, and they had an army of 100,000 people. There were not any buildings, only tents, as this made it easier to move around.

Chai Mi pointed at the Tribe and said, "This is the Tribe. Look at that corpse moat; that's for the ancestral sacrifice."

Zhao Fu looked at the enormous corpse moat below, which was already heaped with countless corpses. It most likely had around one million Jackal people's corpses, and Zhao Fu wanted to charge in, kill all of the Jackal people, and use the ancestral sacrifice for himself.

However, after asking Chai Mi about it, Zhao Fu found that only the Jackal people's leader could do the ancestral sacrifice. The Jackal people's leader had obtained an Ancestral Stone, which was the most important thing; only with it could he do the ancestral sacrifice.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to hide nearby and wait for the right moment before snatching it for himself.