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 Within the pillar of brilliant golden light, Zhao Fu stood up holding his sword, and he slowly raised his face to the sky before closing his eyes.

A majestic golden light covered Zhao Fu's body, and his blood rapidly flowed and heated up while his heart beat vigorously. Zhao Fu seemed to also start giving off a golden light as if he was resonating with the pillar of golden light.


At that moment, the pillar of golden light became even brighter. A powerful energy started to enter Zhao Fu's body, causing his long hair and clothes to flutter even though there was no wind. An incredibly massive power seemed to be in the process of being formed.

Zhao Fu's surroundings fell silent, whether it was the insects, birds, or beasts. Nothing dared to make a sound, and a terrifying silence hung over the land.

Finally, the power from the pillar of golden light completely entered Zhao Fu's body, after which it started to dim. Zhao Fu slowly tilted his face forwards, and the instant he opened his eyes and looked at Shi Jian, everyone could see that his blood-red eyes looked as terrifying and deep as the stars in the night sky.


A golden light exploded out from Zhao Fu's body, and everything from rocks to grass to trees was obliterated.

Zhao Fu currently gave off an aura that was powerful beyond description. In front of him, the heavens and earth seemed to lose their color, and everything in the world seemed extremely small. At that moment, he was the mighty and unparalleled... King!

Zhao Fu suddenly moved and came before Shi Jian in an instant, slashing his sword towards him. Shi Jian was quite shocked, and he used all of his strength to grip his saber and to block the strike in front of him.

Zhao Fu condescendingly smiled and gripped his sword, sending more power into it. The power within the Sky Demon Sword became many times stronger as it rushed towards Shi Jian.


A massive collision sounded out, and Shi Jian was blasted 100 meters back by Zhao Fu's strike, his feet creating deep grooves in the ground.

Shi Jian's expression was quite unsightly, and his hands pulsed with pain. At the same time, a trace of blood leaked out of his mouth.

He had never expected that Zhao Fu would have another Nation Armament. This Nation Armament was even more powerful than the previous one, and it wasn't any normal Nation Armament - it was a Clan Armament that could gather and suppress an entire clan's Fate.

" _A Clan Armament represents an entire Clan's rise and fall, and only a saint or hero within a Clan can wield such a thing. Just what sort of person has that unfilial son of mine offended this time?_ " It was the first time Shi Jian had felt anger towards his disgraceful son.

In the distance, three figures hovered in the air and gave off spirit pressure as they watched all of this unfold. A simple and straightforward middle-aged man finally said, "Are we just going to keep watching like this? It looks like he's in a tough spot!"

A beautiful woman slightly frowned and sighed as she replied, "What can we do? He's an Otherworlder, and even if we help Shi Jian kill him, we won't be able to truly kill him. In the future, he'll return for revenge, and even the three of us will be implicated. He has a Nation Armament as well as his Clan's Clan Armament! Once he grows, I'm sure you know what the outcome will be for us."

Finally, a white-haired elder nodded as he said, "In the end, Shi Jian deserves all of this. He spoils that trash son of his too much, which caused Heavenstone City to fall into turmoil and grievances to fill the city. He's finally offended someone who cannot be angered. This was bound to happen sooner or later - even if this didn't happen, he would have been devoured by the power given by the Sovereign!"


Back on the battlefield, Zhao Fu's body suddenly blurred and reappeared at Shi Jian's side, swinging his sword with a massive amount of force.


Shi Jian parried with all of his strength, but he was once again sent flying 100 or so meters away. He slammed into a massive rock, which shattered into pieces, and a mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth.

The situation had completely reversed, and Shi Jian was unable to even retaliate against Zhao Fu.

Shi Jian's expression became savage, and he truly started to fight as if his life depended on it. He plunged his sword into the ground, and a piercing azure light exploded out from his body. He spread out his arms and roared as an azure rune appeared. Following this, the surrounding azure light gathered towards him before forming a simple, azure stone seal.

This was Heavenstone City's lifeline... the City Lord Seal!

After the City Lord Seal appeared, it shined with a brilliant light before slowly entering Shi Jian's chest.


An azure wave of energy exploded out from his body, causing the ground around him to collapse. Azure light shot out from within Shi Jian's eyes as he started to give off a monstrous aura.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu evilly smiled and appeared above Shi Jian, striking down towards him fiercely.

"Sky Demon Slash!"

When the Sky Demon Sword released a massive black light as it descended towards Shi Jian, Shi Jian made a grabbing motion, causing the saber in the ground to fly into his hands.


The black light and azure light collided, causing a formless energy to blast outwards. The ground beneath Shi Jian's feet instantly caved in to form a crater that was 100 meters wide and 10 meters deep.


Shi Jian gritted his teeth and pushed back up at Zhao Fu while slashing out. His saber shined with a sharp saber light, forcing Zhao Fu backwards. Zhao Fu's body flipped through the air, while Shi Jian kicked off the ground, springing into the air after Zhao Fu. He swung his saber, unleashing wave after wave of saber light. Each attack was incredibly fearsome, and the attacks converged on Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious, and he also brandished his sword, releasing black arcs of light.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...

As the saber lights and sword lights collided, explosions continuously rang out. Their battle in the air caused massive gusts of wind to assault their surroundings, and even massive rocks that were as big as tables were blown into the air.

This battle caused even the weather to become unstable, and countless people watched the battle unfold in the distance. They were incredibly shocked and couldn't say anything because this no longer looked like two humans fighting but two godly spirits battling.

"Ahhh!" Shi Jian furiously roared and slashed out an azure saber light that was tens of meters long at Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu raised his sword, and a massive black sword light rushed to meet it.

As the two attacks collided, an explosion that could shake the heavens and earth sounded out.

Shi Jian's expression became grim, and he raised his long saber with a single hand, sending all of the azure energy in his body into the saber. An incredibly ferocious 30-meter tall azure lion that was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws appeared beside Shi Jian.

Shi Jian swept out with his saber, and the azure lion leaped and rushed towards Zhao Fu to attack!!