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 The next day, Zhao Fu finished making preparations and he headed to the Outlander Domain. He did not bring anyone and went there by himself.

It was quite boring for him at first, and there was still some time before Outlander Ten College's recruitment exam began, so Zhao Fu was not in a hurry. During this time, he would see if he could find any Outlander treasures. If he could awaken an Emperor Star while obtaining the rare divine material, that would be ideal.

After reaching the Outlander Domain, Zhao Fu felt as if he had entered an Outlander world. Everyone on the streets was an Outlander, and their buildings were all built in their style. There were mostly Outlanders living here, and there were not many other races.

Zhao Fu was walking through a barren area and there happened to be a merchant group passing through. These people were from a Fox Race and had fox ears and fox tails.

This place was close to a few large Kingdoms and ordinary spatial rings were sealed by restrictions and could not be used, so most people relied on merchant groups for goods.

This merchant group was relatively big and had over 1,000 people. They mostly had Stage 1 Cultivation and their guards had Stage 2 Cultivation. Their merchandise was pulled along by large horses that were covered with fur.

Zhao Fu did not pay them much mind and continued ahead.

At that moment, one of the guards came up and said, "Sir, are you planning on passing through this boundary by yourself? Our Madam has invited you to join our merchant group so that we can look after each other."

Zhao Fu thought about it and lightly smiled as he nodded.

Following this, the guard brought Zhao Fu to a beautiful-looking carriage and said, "Madam, we have brought the person."

"Let him come in!" a lazy voice sounded out from within.

Two beautiful female attendants opened the curtains and smiled as they said, "Come in, sir!"

Zhao Fu climbed onto the carriage and looked at a beautiful and voluptuous Fox race woman with snow-white skin. She only wore clothes made of thin muslin and her face was quite red and she smiled as she looked at him.

Seeing this woman, Zhao Fu understood what was going on; it was yet another lonely woman, and he did not hold back.

Zhao Fu went up and brought the beautiful woman into his embrace, and the woman pretended to protest as she said, "Sir, what are you doing? I'm not that kind of woman."

Zhao Fu laughed as he asked, "Is that so?"

Smelling Zhao Fu's intoxicating fragrance, the woman's face became completely red, as if she was drunk, and her eyes became hazy as she said, "Of course!"

This was evidently a lie, and Zhao Fu pressed down on her and started to go at it with her.

Seeing this scene, the two female attendants' faces became red and they went outside. Hearing their Madam's lewd voice, the other people in the merchant group felt their hearts race, and they stayed away from the carriage.

However, the Madam soon started to beg for mercy and asked the two female attendants to come and serve Zhao Fu with her. The two female attendants looked at each other with reddened faces and soon the carriage sounded out with their voices.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged this extremely flirtatious and beautiful woman, and the two female attendants lay beside them panting with red faces.

The beautiful woman was called Hu Shan, and she was the owner of this merchant group. The two female attendants were called Xiao Li and Xiao Qin.

Hu Shan lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and looked at him with infatuation as she said, "Sir, it's the first time I've felt such pleasure. How about you stay by my side in the future? I can give you the merchant group and everything it has will be yours."

How could Zhao Fu value such a thing? He lightly laughed and said, "After I'm done with my matters, I'll come back and make you feel a thousand times more pleasurable."

Hu Shan was not very surprised, and she gave a bewitching smile as she said, "I knew that sir wasn't simple at all. Not only do you have such an alluring aura, you have the aura of Heaven Foxes on you; sir must be an esteemed guest of the Fox Race."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and did not understand what she meant. Only after asking did he find out the Heaven Foxes were Nine-Tailed Foxes and held a high position within the Fox Race. They had incredibly prestigious bloodlines.

There were four Nine-Tailed Foxes in Great Qin - Da Fei, Tamamo-no-Mae, Ahri, and Xiao Qi. The first three had done it with Zhao Fu and the last one also had a close relationship with Zhao Fu.

Following this, Zhao Fu found out that the merchant group's destination was the Fox Race region. He heard that they were going to conduct a large meeting, where they would be displaying the Fox Race's supreme treasure, the Heaven Fox Stone.

The Heaven Fox Stone was condensed from a Nine-Tailed Fox with the purest bloodline after they had died. It contained the Nine-Tailed Fox's essence and had powerful abilities. Anyone who fused with the Heaven Fox Stone would not only gain a Nine-Tailed Fox bloodline, but their cultivation would also be greatly boosted as well.

This Heaven Fox Stone had a very grand origin - it was condensed from an extremely powerful Nine-Tailed Fox 1,000 years ago and was much more valuable than ordinary Heaven Fox Stones.

Zhao Fu felt somewhat interested. The Nine-Tailed Foxes had many branches, and some did not count as Outlanders but were part of the devil Race. They were foxes but had immense power and could transform into human forms and had nine tails.

On the other hand, people like Hu Shan were part of the Fox Race. They were born as humanoids and had fox ears and tails, and they could not turn into foxes. They were essentially hybrids of humans and foxes.

The Heaven Fox Stone belonged to the Outlander Race and Zhao Fu wanted to fuse it into himself to make preparations to awaken the Outlander Emperor Star.

"Mm, then I'll come with you to the Fox Race region to have a look," Zhao Fu said as he smiled.

Hu Shan looked pleasantly surprised. She was now quite worried that Zhao Fu would leave, making it so that she could not enjoy that kind of pleasure.

However, she still understood that Zhao Fu would leave sooner or later, and even though she was reluctant, she could not change his mind. She could tell that his identity was quite terrifying, so she decided that she might as well have her fill now. She said with a lewd expression, "Sir, I still want more."

In the next two days, the carriage continuously sounded out with Hu Shan and the two female attendants' voices. They had never come out of the carriage and this made the other people feel quite shocked; if this went on, their Madam would die in there.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, the sound of the air being torn could be heard as the guards immediately sensed danger and yelled, "Enemy attack!"

Arrows containing immense force descended like bolts of lightning towards those guards. The guards immediately defended, using their weapons to send the arrows flying. Some people used shields to block, while a few people were struck by the arrows and cried out.

A group of 3,000 or so jackal people appeared and ferociously surrounded the merchant group, looking like they had ill intentions.