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 The Fourth Prince felt furious, but he did not dare to do anything because he was afraid of dying. He knew that it was this person who had destroyed the Gui Ye Kingdom and unified this region, and he had established the Yellow Springs Kingdom.

Seeing that her son was fine, Mei Zhangshu gave a moving smile and said, "Zu'Er, hurry and greet your stepdad. He's a very powerful and very charming man. If you listen to him, there'll be great benefits!"

Those words almost made the Mei Zhangshu explode with anger; this person had not only injured him, destroyed the Gui Ye Kingdom, and killed his father, but his mother was also now telling him to call this person stepdad.

However, even though the Fourth Prince was very angry, thinking about the situation he was in, as well as his future, he could only endure his anger and give a trace of a flattering smile as he called out, "Stepdad!"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "You don't have to call me that. Given my relationship with your mother, I will spare you this once. If you break Great Qin's laws in the future, no one will be able to save you."

Hearing that Zhao Fu was going to let him off, the Fourth Prince said in delight, "Of course, of course!"

By now, even if Zhao Fu wanted him to call him stepdad 100 times or 1,000 times, he would be very willing. He was overjoyed that he had kept his life.

Zhao Fu looked at the beautiful woman in his arms and said, "I'm giving him a chance but what he does from now on is on him; if anything happens, don't blame me."

Zhao Fu then turned his attention back to internal affairs. Now that the Yellow Springs Kingdom had just been established, the main thing to do was to stabilize its faction and fully unify it into a proper Kingdom as opposed to a group of many factions.

This would take quite a lot of time as the Yellow Springs Kingdom had not developed yet nor did it have a foundation. This would all take time.

The most important thing was to establish a Yellow Springs army. Soon, Zhao Fu would bring Great Qin's soldiers back to the Heaven Awaken World so the Yellow Springs Kingdom needed its own army to protect itself.

Zhao Fu left three billion Yin Soldiers here and gave them to Li Wen to manage. As for the Yellow Springs army, he left that to Gui Xun. As a capable General, he would have the capabilities for this.

As for the other internal affairs and military matters, they had taken in many Ministers and Generals, so Zhao Fu did not have to worry too much.

Zhao Fu stayed in the Underworld for a few days and watched the Yellow Springs Kingdom quickly develop. Seeing this, he felt at ease and brought Great Qin's soldiers and some Generals back to Great Qin and concluded this operation.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu wondered if he should go to the Godly Spirit World to have a look. The Godly Spirit World was a very large world and was not any smaller than the Underworld. It had a lot of potential and if he developed a faction there, it would be very helpful in the future.

Moreover, Great Qin wanted to create a godly spirit army and Zhao Fu wanted to awaken a God race Emperor Star. This would require countless godly spirits, and the Godly Spirit World could fulfill Zhao Fu's requirements.

As for the way to head to the Godly Spirit World, Zhao Fu did not have one yet. However, he could ask the golden dragon.

As expected, the golden dragon was able to provide Zhao Fu with some solutions. She gave him the Twenty Four Godly Spirit Formation, which could be fused with the Spirit Light World's golden doors to create a Godly Spirit World Door.

This Godly Spirit World Door would be able to send a large number of soldiers to the Godly Spirit World, which was quite good.

However, that Godly Spirit Formation required 24 godly spirits to cast, and Great Qin did not have that many godly spirits yet.

They had the Water God, God of Life, Light God, Desolate God, Agricultural Goddess, Darkness God, Demon God, Fallen Angel God, Ocean Goddess, and Ghost God, which was ten godly spirits in total. As such, Zhao Fu could only delay his plans to head to the Godly Spirit World.

A few days later, Zhao Fu started to make preparations. He had obtained a piece of important information from the Heaven Spirit Stele about a rare divine material.

Ling Ji required rare divine materials to make a World Armament, so finding rare divine materials was very important to Great Qin.

Ling Ji was still fusing with the Human World's consciousness, and soon she would fully fuse with it. After giving her those materials, she could make a World Armament and would be able to devour other worlds' consciousnesses.

The rare divine material that Zhao Fu had received information about was one of the most important materials for the World Armament. It was called Origin God Iron, and it was a type of iron that contained large amounts of Origin Power. It was one of the earliest irons in the world and could be used to create terrifying weapons.

It was rumored that the world only had ten pieces of Origin God Iron and seven of them had already been made into weapons, and only three pieces remained.

Zhao Fu heard that this piece of Origin God Iron was the reward for ranking first at Outlander Ten College.

Outlander Ten College was one of the Heaven Awaken World's Seven Great Colleges, and it was for Outlanders. It was in the Outlander Domain, where many different Outlanders lived, such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Giants, Goblins, Werewolves, Cat people...

The position of Outlander Ten College in the Outlander Domain was quite high and was a holy land for Outlander geniuses. It had immense power and even ordinary Empires did not dare to offend it.

They were currently recruiting but it was quite late because Emperor Path College had already started the examination for new students.

The person who ranked first would be able to obtain the piece of Origin God Iron, and it would be incredibly difficult but Zhao Fu still wanted to try. After all, this Origin God Iron was much too important to Great Qin and could influence Great Qin's life or death.

However, Zhao Fu felt quite worried about attending Outlander Ten College's recruitment exam, as he was afraid of his identity being exposed. Even Emperor Path College was unable to protect him, so Outlander Ten College would be the same. Once his identity was exposed, the consequences would be incredibly severe.

Nevertheless, Great Qin had to have that Origin God Iron, and so Zhao Fu could only ask the higher-being he knew about this.

Zhao Fu did not say that he was participating in Outlander Ten College's recruitment exam, and he only asked if his identity would be exposed in front of a higher-being.

The higher-being replied, "Now that you have five Emperor Stars, all divinations are useless against you and those who try will receive backlash. As long as you don't summon the five Emperor Stars, higher-beings won't be able to tell your identity. They will just think that you're someone with powerful Heaven's Secrets protecting him, but that will just cause them to notice you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief as he did not have to worry about his identity being exposed, and he could head to Outlander Ten College. As long as he did not stupidly summon the five Emperor Stars, his identity would not be exposed.

Zhao Fu thanked the higher-being and started to make preparations. Outlander Ten College's exam would be incredibly difficult, and he had to be fully prepared.