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 Zhao Fu transferred ownership of all of the Cities in the region to Huang Quanling; this way, all of this region's Fate would be gathered to Huang Quanling's body. The region was as big as a world, so there was a large amount of Fate.

Zhao Fu gave Huang Quanling orders to stand on a tall altar, and the Legacy Stone in her hand continuously rose up and floated into the air.

"The Yellow Springs Kingdom's Legatee Huang Quanling has received the blessing of the Mandate of Heaven, the protection of ancestors, and support of all subjects to establish the Yellow Springs Kingdom!"


Just as Huang Quanling finished speaking, countless traces of Fate madly gathered like a flood into the Silver grade Legacy Stone floating in the air.

The Legacy Stone exploded out with intense light and gave off a shocking aura. Under the influence of the massive amounts of Fate, the Legacy Stone's fallen grade started to recover and the power that it had lost gradually recovered.

However, restoring it to its original power would require a lot of Fate.

Currently, the Yellow Springs Kingdom's Legacy Stone had only half-recovered.

However, something shocking happened next. Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and grabbed at the air, and countless chains shot out and dragged out the 10,000 meter long Yellow Springs Dragon.

Zhao Fu controlled this suppressed Yellow Springs Dragon and started to send it into the Legacy Stone.


A massive explosion once again sounded out as the Yellow Springs Dragon gradually fused into the Legacy Stone under Zhao Fu's control. The Yellow Springs Dragon vigorously resisted, and fortunately the Legacy Stone had Yellow Springs attributes, or else it would be very difficult to absorb the Yellow Springs Dragon.

The weather changed and clouds swirled as the sun and moon went dark. Large amounts of fate quickly gathered and entered the Legacy Stone.

The Legacy Stone gave off an intense light that covered the entire heavens and earth. Its aura became stronger and stronger as its grade also changed.

In the end, the Yellow Springs Dragon was fully fused into the Legacy Stone and the abnormal signs settled down. The light coming from the Legacy Stone also weakened and it turned into a yellow, jade-like cube with a dragon engraved on it.

It gave off a faint yellow light as well as immense might and a powerful Yellow Springs Power as it slowly descended from the sky.

Huang Quanling smiled as she stretched out her hand and caught the cube.

Following this, Huang Quanling and Zhao Fu came to the center of a City and Huang Quanling placed the cube onto the ground. A massive aura exploded out and waves of yellow light continuously swept out as the cube once again gave off intense light, which turned into a pillar of light and shot into the sky.

The Yellow Springs Kingdom had officially been established!

Countless traces of Fate and Heaven and Earth Power gathered in the sky. As the two of them fused, a massive Yellow Springs Dragon was formed, and it gave off an enormous aura as it flew about in the sky.

Zhao Fu had also called over the other 11 Yellow Springs Daughters. They followed Zhao Fu's instructions, and they cut their palms, controlled their blood, and sent it towards the Yellow Springs Dragon in the sky.

After absorbing their blood, the Yellow Springs Dragon's aura became quite complicated and it flew about in the sky with an expression of pain. The surrounding Fate once again flowed into its body.

"Roar!!" The Yellow Springs Dragon roared in pain as it started to split apart into pieces.

The 12 pieces of the Yellow Springs Dragon's body turned into orbs of yellow light and absorbed Heaven and Earth Power before turning into 12 Dragon Seals.

These 12 Dragon Marks were yellow and seemed to be made from jade. They were about half the size of a palm and there were Yellow Springs Dragons engraved on them. The words 'Yellow Springs Kingdom' were also engraved on them, and they gave off powerful mights.

Zhao Fu had told Huang Quanling to split the Royal Seal into the 12 Dragon Seals so that each of the 12 Yellow Springs Daughters could manage the Yellow Springs Kingdom. As the Legatee, Huang Quanling held the most power.

After fusing with the Yellow Springs Dragon, the Legacy Stone not only regained its original power and legacy but was also strengthened by the Yellow Springs and became even more powerful than before.

Zhao Fu looked at the Legacy Stone's information and found that it could turn countless soldiers into Yellow Springs Soldiers, which was a high-grade Profession. They would receive all kinds of buffs and would control Yellow Springs Power.

Zhao Fu also had the yellow springs and the tributary river. The yellow springs could provide large amounts of spring water for the soldiers to help them gain even greater Yellow Springs Power. These soldiers would have great potential in the future.

There was another attribute that made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised, which was that the Yellow Springs Kingdom's existence had received the acknowledgement of the Yellow Springs and received its Fate. During times of crises, it could even summon the Yellow Springs' consciousness.

Now, the Yellow Springs Kingdom's attributes seemed to be even stronger than even the Great Qin's by a bit. It would definitely become a powerful empire in future.

Of course, no matter how powerful it was, it would still be a subsidiary Kingdom of Great Qin or be fused into Great Qin.

After looking through the Legacy Stone's information, Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and the 12 women also looked quite happy. Now that the Yellow Springs Kingdom had been established, everyone sank into cheering and delight.

The 12 women came to Zhao Fu's side and Liu Yeye said enticingly, "Husband, now that the Yellow Springs Kingdom has been established, you need to properly give us love tonight. It'll be best if you make it so that we can't get off the bed for three days."

Zhao Fu smiled and brought them into the palace, and they started to intensely go about it. He enjoyed their bodies and gave them much pleasure.

Afterwards, Mei Zhangshu, the proud-looking Concubine from the Gui Ye Kingdom - the mother of the Fourth Prince - feebly climbed on top of Zhao Fu's body and said with a reddened face, "Husband, you haven't let out my son yet."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; he had almost forgot about this matter, and he smiled as he agreed to release him.

Within a large hall, the Fourth Prince was brought in by some people. He looked quite wan and sallow, and he seemed to have lost a lot of weight. He knew that the Gui Ye Kingdom had perished and knew that he most likely would not be able to stay alive.

However, when he came to the hall, he was shocked to see that his mother was sitting red-faced on a man's lap and was holding onto that man affectionately. That man was the one who had captured him back then.

What was going on? The Fourth Prince could not understand what had happened. However, seeing how red his mother looked, the Fourth Prince understood that his mother had definitely done it intensely with that man and that she had enjoyed it a lot, or else she would not be like this.