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 This was a river spirit, which was made from the river's consciousness. It contained large amounts of Fate and power from the river, and only rivers that had existed for extremely long periods of time could create river spirits.

The river spirit in front of Zhao Fu was only made from a small portion of the region's Yellow Spring, but the aura it gave off was still quite powerful.

As for the reason it had appeared, it was naturally because Zhao Fu had dug a tributary river. This went against the Yellow Springs' wishes, which was why the river spirit appeared and started to attack him.


The Yellow Springs Dragon was extremely fast and flashed through the air as it charged towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu hurriedly released a defensive barrier but was still sent flying far away.

Chi, chi, chi...

As Yellow Springs water fell on the defensive barrier, it gave off yellow smoke as the Yellow Springs water had immense corrosive power. It could quickly burn through Zhao Fu's Saint Realm Domain, showing how terrifying it was.

Zhao Fu had wanted to directly act and deal with this river spirit, but he thought against it and decided to hold back.

After all, even though this river spirit was created from just a small portion of the Yellow Springs, if he truly enraged it and the entire Yellow Springs' consciousness gathered, even a higher-being would die a horrible death.

However, Zhao Fu still had a way to deal with it.

The Yellow Springs Dragon looked at Zhao Fu with a murderous aura and gave off enormous power as it once again attacked, turning into a black blur as it launched towards Zhao Fu.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he watched the Yellow Springs Dragon charge over. He stretched out a hand and pushed out, and 12 bronze rays of lights shot out and surrounded the Yellow Springs Dragon. Those 12 bronze lights were Great Qin's Nation Armament.

Sensing Great Qin's Nation Armament's power, the Yellow Springs Dragon's expression fell and wanted to explode out with power to break through the Nation Armament's encirclement.

The Nation Armament contained Kingdom Fate which could suppress mountains and seals, as well as gods and demons. It countered their existences, which was why the Yellow Springs Dragon felt a trace of fear towards the Nation Armament.

The Yellow Springs Dragon wanted to break free from the encirclement but how could Zhao Fu allow it to do as it wished? Zhao Fu grabbed vigorously with his hand, and the Twelve Metal Colossi became thousands of meters tall and exploded out with a powerful aura of killing and conquering. The bronze light dyed the sky bronze and a cold and powerful aura swept out.

A massive power weighed down on the Yellow Springs Dragon's body, causing it to seem to be bound up in the air.

The Yellow Springs Dragon was extremely powerful and continuously struggled as it exploded out with powerful energy. It started to break free form the Nation Armament's suppression; as expected from the Yellow Springs' river spirit, it was shockingly powerful.

Clang, clang, clang...

The golden pupil in Zhao Fu's left eye quickly spun as countless chains shot out of the air and bound up the Yellow Springs Dragon, increasing the suppression power.

However, the Yellow Springs Dragon's body was made from the Yellow Spring's water, and it had immense corrosive power, weakening the chains. The Yellow Springs Dragon then struggled even more, causing the chains to start to break.

Zhao Fu's expression slightly fell, and he pointed a hand at the sky. Countless rays of violet light spread out, dyeing the sky violet as an enormous violet star giving off enormous power gradually descended.

The violet star gave off large amounts of violet light, and dragon inscriptions danced in the air as a massive Star Power heavily weighed down on that Yellow Springs Dragon's body, causing its body to sink and making it endure even more pressure.

The Violet Sky Dragon Star not only suppressed the Devil Race but all dragon-form creatures as well, including Fate Dragons.

"Roar!!" The Yellow Springs Dragon madly struggled and exploded out with terrifying power. Its yellow, crystal-like eyes shot out large amounts of light as an extremely dangerous power spread out.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and his hairs stood on end. He did not hesitate and cut his palm as he said loudly, "We, the ruler of Great Qin, possessor of a Divine Bloodline, seal you here by the Mandate of Heaven."


An enormous explosion sounded out as the blood from Zhao Fu's palm shot towards the sky and dissipated. Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered and turned into an enormous power that weighed down on the Yellow Springs Dragon.

The Yellow Springs Dragon's body once again sank and the yellow light from its eyes dimmed. The Yellow Springs Dragon vigorously struggled but it could not break free at all, and Zhao Fu was able to successfully seal it.

Zhao Fu let out a breath and waved his hand, and the countless chains binding the Yellow Springs Dragon dragged it into the underground sealed region.

Zhao Fu had thought of a good use for this Yellow Springs Dragon.

By now, the Yellow Springs water quickly flowed into Zhao Fu's tributary river until it reached the region where the Nether Ghost City was. The digging of the tributary river had been a success.

Zhao Fu came back to the Yellow Springs treasure trove, and by now the 12 women had finished their transformations. They were even more beautiful and had a deathly charm about them, which could make people willing to die for them.

They were within the spring water and they did not have any clothes on, completely exposing their figures.

Seeing Zhao Fu come, the women all looked quite flirtatious as they gazed at him.

Han Shanling's gaze fell on Zhao Fu as she said, "My good man, we want more. Hurry and let us feel that pleasure with you."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "I have some matters to take care of; we can do it afterwards. Also, Ling'Er, come with me."

Huang Quanling came out of the water and put on some clothes as she smiled and asked, "What is it, husband?"

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "Of course it's to help you fulfil what you've always wanted to do."

Huang Quanling realized and hugged Zhao Fu's arm as she gave an intoxicating smile and said, "Thank you, husband!"

Following this, Zhao Fu came with Huang Quanling to her Legacy City. It was within a remote valley and the City was not very big, only about as big as a basic City. It seemed that without Zhao Fu's help, it really would perish.

After coming back, Huang Quanling told this news to everyone, causing them to become delirious with delight. Some even kneeled on the ground and continuously thanked Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not pay this much mind and nodded before coming to the City Hall and had Huang Quanling relocate it. Zhao Fu wanted to make it the Yellow Spring Kingdom's central City.

Zhao Fu brought the Legacy Stone and the countless residents to where the region where the Nether Ghost City was and officially established the Yellow Springs Kingdom.