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 This place was not very close to the Yellow Springs, but it was not too far either. It was separated by one region, which was not very big - about the size of half a world - and it contained countless factions, large and small.

Zhao Fu planned to go back and gather his forces to clear out that region. However, he needed to first choose the Yellow Springs Daughters.

It would naturally be best for them to be from the Underworld. Zhao Fu decided to choose You Qin; Yan Yan; Qing Yayuan; Li Ya; Liu Yeye; the Gui Ye Kingdom's cold Queen, Ye Changmei; the proud Concubine Mei Zhangshu; and the mature and alluring Concubine Ya Shi.

He also chose women from the two other Kingdoms, the Queen Han Shanling, Queen Ying Yuye, and the Concubine You Yueqiao.

This made 11 people in total, and with Huang Quanling, that would be all the 12 Yellow Springs Daughters.

Zhao Fu ordered people to bring the women here. The women had never expected for Zhao Fu to treat them so well right after being taken in by him and that he would give them such powerful legacies.

Han Shangling looked at Zhao Fu flirtatiously as she said, "I'll definitely serve you well later."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "All of you go up and accept the legacy. I still have many things to do."

Hearing this, the 12 women came before the 12 statues. The 12 statues gave off large amounts of yellow light, and a massive aura swept out. The 12 statues seemed to come to life and looked at the 12 women in front of them.

It was as if they thought for a moment before their foreheads opened up and beams of yellow light shot into the foreheads of the 12 women with immense power, causing their bodies to tremble. Large amounts of power flowed into their bodies, causing them to give off intense light.

This lasted for ten or so minutes, after which the light from the statues gradually weakened. The 12 women's looks and auras greatly changed - they were many times more beautiful than before, and they could now compare with even the Underworld's top-tier beauties.

Moreover, their auras had also become much more powerful and they now had Yellow Springs Power. They also had an evil charm about them, and they seemed like they could tempt people to death.

They also gained a pair of yellow pupils, as well as a black circle in their eyes.

Sensing the changes in their auras, the 12 women all looked delighted. Zhao Fu had given them a massive opportunity, and they would no longer be ordinary in the future and could directly walk to the center of Great Qin's power.

In the future, the 12 of them would shake the Underworld and cause countless people to feel fear and terror, and they would become the Yellow Springs 12 Empresses.

However, right now, they were taking turns to serve Zhao Fu, looking incredibly lewd. After going at it with them, Zhao Fu left to take care of other matters.

The 12 women's faces were red as they gave off alluring auras, entered the yellow spring water, and started to go through the final changes.

Zhao Fu gathered his forces and wanted to directly attack, but after finding out about a few powerful factions nearby, he decided against charging in and attacking. Instead, he sent out letters to persuade those factions to submit. This would be more diplomatic.

This would also reduce the wariness of the other factions towards Great Qin; Zhao Fu did not want them to ally together to attack.

After sending out countless letters, the people of the region became terrified. After knowing about how terrifying Great Qin was, some people chose to run while others chose to submit. However, many people gathered together to prepare to defend against Great Qin's invasion.

They could not blame Zhao Fu now - he had already tried to use peaceful measures before resorting to force, but these people were seeking their own deaths.

Zhao Fu brought large numbers of soldiers, who flooded forward like a tsunami. They broke through the defensive lines of the allied factions in just a few moments and started slaughtering.

After Great Qin's soldiers flooded into that region, countless people and animals madly escaped. Great Qin's soldiers continuously cut down enemies, dyeing the ground red and causing screams to continuously sound out.

Now, the factions that had allied together to resist Great Qin regretted their actions. With their strength, they were unable to retaliate at all. However, even if they regretted it, it was useless. Their corpses were hung on the City Walls as a warning in order to strike fear into others.

After clearing out this region, Zhao Fu saw the legendary Yellow Springs.

The Yellow Springs was incredibly long, and it was impossible to see how far it stretched. The water was yellow and it was filled with bones. There were countless vengeful spirits swimming within the water, crying and roaring.

The Yellow Springs also gave off a corrosive, yellow qi that was slightly harmful to ordinary people and things.

Those who had become part of the Yellow Springs race from being affected by the Yellow Springs power died from the corrosion and became part of the Yellow Springs race. However, such people had the lowest grade bloodline and were not very strong.

Because he could not move the Yellow Springs and Zhao Fu wanted to give the Yellow Springs Kingdom more area to develop, Zhao Fu made a bold decision and decide to dig a tributary river.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu ordered people to start with this project. In just a few days, ten billion people had dug a massive tributary river. In order to speed up the process, Zhao Fu even used the Primogenitor Statue.

As it slashed down with its sword, an enormous gash appeared in the ground.

The tributary river was much smaller than the actual Yellow Springs, but it was still 10,000 meters wide and thousands of meters deep. It was the length of half a world and connected to the place where Zhao Fu was going to establish the Yellow Springs Kingdom.

The tributary river had been dug but it was not connected to the Yellow Springs yet, as there was a massive stone wall blocking it. Digging the tributary river would be quite difficult if there was water, so connecting the river was left until the end.

Zhao Fu held the Emperor Killing Sword and no longer used the Primogenitor Statue - digging the tributary river had used much of its power and Zhao Fu planned to let it recover a bit.

Large amounts of power entered the Emperor Killing Sword and a massive sword qi exploded out, sending out sharp gales, and Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out.


An enormous sword light containing immense destructive power slammed into the stone wall, causing it to instantly shatter, and boundless Yellow Springs water flooded out.

"Roar!!" An enormous dragon's cry sounded throughout the sky. Traces of yellow aura rose up from the Yellow Springs and formed a 10,000 meter long Yellow Springs Dragon.

This Yellow Springs Dragon seemed to be made from the water of the Yellow Springs and its details were not very clear. However, its yellow, crystal-like eyes and horns were especially conspicuous.