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 "Miss, are you alright?" a few female attendants ran to Huang Quanling's side and asked caringly.

They had only been separated for a few hours, but they could tell that their miss' aura had greatly changed. She seemed a bit more mature and alluring.

Huang Quanling lightly smiled and nodded. "Yes, let's go and look for the Yellow Springs treasure trove. With husband helping us, we'll be able to find it quickly and restore our Yellow Springs Kingdom."

Hearing this, the female attendants felt both quite delighted and confused as they looked at the handsome young man. They were delighted because they had such a powerful person helping them, but they were confused how their miss had submitted to this young man so quickly and seemed to love him a lot.

Zhao Fu looked at the map and found that the Yellow Springs treasure trove was in this region. However, this region was as big as a world, and with Huang Quanling and her groups' abilities, it would be quite difficult to find it.

The map only indicated this region and did not give a specific location, which made things much more difficult. Without a way to sense the treasure trove, it would be quite difficult to find it.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought Huan Quanling and the female attendants to look for the treasure trove in the region.

Two days later, they finally found something. In front of a mountain cave, the pendant in Huang Quanling's hands gave an intense reaction, which meant that the treasure trove was inside the mountain cave.

The mountain cave was not very big, only three or four meters wide. It was pitch black inside and was slightly cold. It seemed that it went quite deep within.

Zhao Fu led the women in and took out an Illumination Pearl so that they could see around them. As they advanced, apart from a few bats, they did not encounter anything dangerous.

The cave continuously stretched downwards, and after walking for who knows how long, they arrived at an even bigger cave.

This cave was hundreds of meters tall and hundreds of meters wide. There was an alligator-like monster carved on the walls, and it looked incredibly lifelike and there were also many runes.

Within the opened mouth of the monster was a yellow vortex, which seemed to be the entrance of the treasure trove.

However, the monster on the wall did not seem simple; if they just walked into its mouth, perhaps something unexpected would happen.

However, with the Yellow Springs Kingdom's legatee next to him, this treasure trove was hers, so he did not have to worry about anything.

Huang Quanling went up and raised the pendant in her hand before sending her bloodline power into it. The pendant gave off boundless yellow light, which shined on the monster's body. The runes on the monster's body were instantly enlivened.

The yellow vortex in the monster's mouth started to spin the opposite way; perhaps if they entered the vortex just then they would have been sent to another place.

"Husband, we can go in now," Huang Quanling said as she turned and lightly smiled.

Zhao Fu smiled, went up, and hugged her, and they walked into the monster's mouth with a few female attendants. The monster did not launch any attacks in the meantime.

The group passed through the vortex and came to a large open area. The sky was yellow and there were rotting corpses all over the ground. There was a massive stage at the center which was covered with treasures and gave off alluring glows.

Apart from this, there were 12 statues on the stage. All of them were statues of women and they were all beautiful and had voluptuous figures, and they gave off mature auras.

There was a circular spring at the center, and it was 100 meters wide. There were many pictures of monsters carved around it, and it flowed with yellow spring water. What was surprising was that the spring water did not have a pungent rotting smell but a sweet scent.

Zhao Fu was not very interested in the treasures and directly went up to have a look at the 12 statues and the spring.

These 12 statues seemed to be able to give 12 women legacies. This legacy was called the Yellow Springs Daughters, and it was a legacy that contained powerful Yellow Springs Power and could also give the Yellow Springs Bloodline. Both the power and bloodline were of the highest grade.

Moreover, if those 12 Yellow Springs Daughters raised the legacy's power to the maximum, they would be able to control the Yellow Springs itself and wield a lot of Yellow Springs Power, and they would be able to compare to Ghost Celestials.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; the Yellow Springs Daughters legacy was a very powerful legacy and could become quite terrifying.

This also made up for Great Qin's weakness of not having many legacies in the Underworld. This would allow Great Qin's Underworld faction to grow faster in the future. With the Yellow Springs Kingdom's legacy, Great Qin's future in the Underworld would become quite bright.

It was a pity that only women could inherit this legacy, or else even Zhao Fu would have wanted it.

The yellow spring looked like a normal spring, but it flowed with pure Yellow Springs water. Anyone who drank even a bit would be able to gain Yellow Springs Power. If one went into the yellow spring, it would allow one to gain Advanced Yellow Springs Power and raise one's constitution, as well as remove impurities from one's body.

If the 12 women who had obtained the Yellow Springs Daughters legacy entered the water, the effects would be even greater.

Firstly, their bloodlines would be greatly improved, and they would become pure Yellow Springs Spirits, which were creatures created from the Yellow Springs. Their constitutions would also become Yellow Springs Constitutions, and they would gain more affinity with Yellow Springs Power.

It could be said that this spring was prepared for the 12 Yellow Springs Daughters. Of course, it could be used by ordinary people as well and allow them to gain Yellow Springs Power.

The spring also had another effect. If it was near the Yellow Springs, it could create large amounts of Yellow Springs spring water. Even though the effects would not be as powerful as the original water, it could be used by many people and allow countless people to gain Yellow Springs Power.

Zhao Fu was not too interested in the Yellow Springs Power as he controlled the Underworld's supreme power, which was the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, so he did not plan to enter the spring water.

"Husband, with this thing, our Yellow Springs Kingdom will definitely become powerful again," Huang Quanling said happily as she hugged Zhao Fu. Her eyes danced with light and there was a trace of confidence in her voice. She was determined to bring the Yellow Springs Kingdom to its former glory.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. Right now, he was considering the development of the Yellow Springs Kingdom and who to make the 12 Yellow Springs Daughters. As a Yellow Springs Kingdom, it was best to be near the Yellow Springs so that it could absorb a large amount of Yellow Springs Power.

Moreover, this spring should also be placed near the Yellow Springs so it could create large amounts of spring water. It seemed that there was still much to do.