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 The two other factions quickly heard about the Gui Ye Kingdom being destroyed and were greatly shocked. They quickly gathered soldiers to defend, but against Great Qin's ferocious soldiers, they did not have any power to retaliate.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The beasts attacked first, followed by Corpse Soul Soldiers wearing heavy armor and holding heavy shields. They completely ignored the arrows and charged towards the City Walls and raised their terrifying weapons to vigorously smash at the City Walls, smashing countless people into meat paste.

Void Beasts darted out of the air and attacked the defending soldiers. Their sharp claws tore soldiers' bodies apart, and broken limbs and blood splattered onto the ground. The other side was unable to react at all.

Countless Giant Wolves leapt onto the City Walls and ferociously tossed people about. They opened their mouths and bit at the soldiers, biting countless soldiers to death as they howled in pain and making people feel terror.

Great Qin's soldiers turned into a massive flood that gave off unstoppable momentum as they charged towards the City Walls and started to fight with the defending soldiers.

The sounds of weapons clashing and people crying out continuously sounded out. The battle was incredibly intense, but it was evident that Great Qin's side was suppressing the other side, forcing them back.

Great Qin's soldiers entered the Kingdom and started a massacre. All people who resisted, regardless of if they were male or female, elderly or young, were killed. Some people who resisted intensely had their skin peeled and their hearts dug out before being hung onto the City Walls.

Because Great Qin had attacked so quickly, the two Kingdoms' royal families were unable to escape.

Seeing a King and his Ministers explode out with terrifying auras before rushing at him, Zhao Fu gave a disdainful cold smile as he sent out a few sword strikes, killing all of them. None of them were able to resist at all.

Great Qin quickly took over those two Kingdoms. The two Kingdoms' Ministers and Generals were suppressed using bloody methods; as long as they surrendered, Zhao Fu would not kill them. However, anyone who did not surrender was killed without mercy.

In order to govern a Kingdom that was the equivalent of a world, Zhao Fu needed many people. Great Qin's people and soldiers would leave the Underworld later on, so the Kingdom's Ministers, Generals, and soldiers were all made up of Underworld people.

Zhao Fu would move Great Qin's three billion Yin Soldiers to the Underworld. Zhao Fu wanted to properly develop in the Underworld; if he could develop that faction into one that was as strong as Great Qin, the overall power he controlled would be terrifying.

Zhao Fu also wanted to start up a faction in the Godly Spirit World. That way, Great Qin would have factions in the Godly Spirit World, Human World, and Underworld. The power of the three combined would be greater than a Royal Kingdom.

As for the two factions' Concubines, Zhao Fu ordered people to bring them back. There were 100 or so of them, and there were also some Princesses and the like.

There were five women who Zhao Fu particularly liked. One was extremely beautiful and had a strong and sharp aura; she was called Han Shangling and was the Queen of one of the Kingdoms. One looked quite flirtatious and had a mature figure, and she was the Queen of the other Kingdom. She was called Ying Yuye.

One had a seductive figure and had a bright personality, and was called You Yueque, and was one of many Concubines. One had a slim figure and a gentle and affectionate personality, and was called Long Shanli; she was one of the Princesses. The final one was called Huang Quanling and was a woman with a bewitching figure and a gloomy personality.

Huang Quanling was quite special. She, a few female attendants, and 20 or so guards had come here based on a map left behind by an ancestor.

Huang Quanling's identity was quite special. She was the legatee of the Yellow Springs Kingdom, and the Yellow Springs was a river that stretched through more than half of the Underworld. It contained countless wrathful spirits and rotten corpses everywhere. The river water was yellow and gave off a rotten smell of decay.

Some creatures that lived near the Yellow Springs were affected by the Yellow Springs' power and became the Yellow Springs Race, and they gained Yellow Springs Power.

Those people had established Kingdoms called the Yellow Springs Kingdoms, and there were many of them. They were mainly distinguished by the strength of their factions and their bloodlines.

The Yellow Springs Kingdom that Huang Quanling came from was a relatively strong Kingdom that could rival an Empire. His bloodline was also incredibly pure, as they were creatures that had been birthed from the Yellow Springs. They also had pure Yellow Springs Power, which was not something that those who had been contaminated by the Yellow Springs could compare with.

Huang Quanling's Yellow Springs definitely would have been one of the most powerful Yellow Springs Kingdoms in the past, and he had an incredibly high position.

However, that was in the past, and that Yellow Springs Kingdom had already been destroyed for many years.

Its Legacy Stone, which had once reached Rainbow grade, had fallen to Silver grade, and the Legacy and Fate it contained had disappeared. If this went on, Huang Quanling's race would perish sooner or later and their Yellow Springs Kingdom would completely disappear.

However, Huang Quanling discovered a Yellow Springs treasure trove that one of her ancestors had left behind. Compared to the strength that the Yellow Springs Kingdom once had, it was not much, but perhaps it would now be able to save their Yellow Springs race and restore their Kingdom. As such, Huang Quanling had brought a group of people and followed the map to here to find that Yellow Springs treasure trove.

However, they never would have expected that something so big would happen not long after arriving. An unknown, terrifying faction first destroyed the Gui Ye Kingdom before splitting into two armies to attack the Gui Shang Kingdom and the Gui Yi Kingdom.

Everyone's expressions had become quite grim and started to prepare things so that they could escape at any moment. This was because everyone had heard that that faction was incredibly terrifying, and their soldiers were all dressed in black armor and had icy expressions. They were incredibly merciless and gave off a dense Darkness aura, making them seem like demons.

The Gui Ye Kingdom had not been able to resist at all before being destroyed. Countless people had died pitifully, and after hearing about this, everyone started to worry if their Kingdoms would be able to survive.

At the suggestion of her female attendants, Huang Quanling decided to leave this region and come back to find the Yellow Springs after things had settled down.

However, that faction had split its soldiers into two armies and easily broke through the defenses of two Kingdoms and swarmed into countless Cities, not giving them any time to escape.

In the end, Great Qin's soldiers surrounded Huang Quanling and her people, and they were not a match for them at all. They were captured and if it was not for the fact that Huang Quanling was incredibly beautiful, she and her people would have been cut down in the chaos.