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 Gui Xun coldly replied, "Apologies, I have no plans to submit to anyone else. Also, who are you? Why have you surrounded us with a large army; I don't believe the Gui Ye Kingdom has any enmity with a faction like yours."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "Think about why you've come!"

Gui Xun felt quite shocked; he had suspected that this army might be related to the Nether Ghost City, but he could not believe it. How could the Nether Ghost City suddenly gain ten billion or so soldiers?

Zhao Fu did not say anything else and gave the order to attack.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows made from Outer World materials gave off ferocious power as they shot towards the Gui Ye Kingdom's army. They incredibly dense and filled the sky, and under this arrow rain, countless people's hairs stood on end.

The Gui Ye soldiers roared and gathered in formation. Countless Gui Ye soldiers quickly reacted and got into position and exploded out with aura, forming a massive grey energy barrier that covered them.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The arrows slamming into the barrier caused massive sounds, and countless arrows were deflected. However, the materials that the arrows were made from were from the Outer World and dealt a lot of damage to things from the Heaven Awaken World. Adding on their numbers, the energy barrier started to violently tremble.

All of the Gui Ye soldiers felt a chill in their hearts; they knew just how long they would be able to stop the arrows for. Seeing this, Gui Xun hurriedly gave the order to try to find a direction to break out of the encirclement from.

Swish, swish, swish...

Even more ferocious arrows tore through the air and descended towards the barrier like rain.

The barrier violently trembled and countless cracks started to spread out, and it seemed like it would break soon. By now, all of the Gui Ye soldiers felt quite terrified and started to charge out, wanting to charge out of the encirclement at all costs.

However, at that moment, more powerful auras spread out as 100 meter tall men giving off intense holy light and 1,000 meter long Wyverns appeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

They shot out beams of light that contained terrifying power, and they traveled incredibly quickly. They blasted through the air and slammed into the barrier.


A massive sound rang out as the enormous barrier was blasted apart and turned into pieces as it fell apart.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless arrows containing terrifying power once again arced through the air and gave off sharp auras as they shot towards the Gui Ye soldiers.

Chi, chi, chi...

This time, the Gui Ye soldiers were unable to resist anymore. As the massive arrow rain descended, countless people were hit and blood sprayed everywhere. Cries sounded out and many people died in just an instant.

However, the Gui Ye soldiers still madly ran out in one direction because if they did not break out from the encirclement, they would all die here.

However, enormous flower-like monsters gave off immense auras and blocked in front of them. There were not many of them, only 10,000 or so, which should be quite easy to break through.

However, things did not go as the Gui Ye soldiers thought. The massive flower-like monsters' flower buds gradually bloomed and pollen spread out, covering a large area.

Cavalrymen riding on black horses held spears as they sped forwards and charged into the Gui Ye army, stabbing out with their spears. Great Qin's soldiers holding sabers continuously slashed out, cutting down the Gui Ye soldiers. Great Qin's Archers continuously shot out arrows, hitting Gui Ye soldiers.

Seeing that they could not escape, the Gui Ye soldiers started to retaliate and started to clash with Great Qin's soldiers. The battle was incredibly intense, and General Gui Xun joined the battle as well.

The outcome was just as expected - the Gui Ye soldiers were completely annihilated and not a single one was able to escape. They were either killed or captured by Great Qin.

Of the 1.5 billion Gui Ye soldiers, 900 million had died and 600 million had been captured. Zhao Fu also kept Gui Xun alive and did not kill him for now.

Zhao Fu looked at Gui Xun and lightly laughed as he said, "I want you to watch how the Gui Ye Kingdom you're loyal to will be destroyed, and I'll let you see a new Kingdom rise up."

Gui Xun remained silent. He had brought two-thirds of the Gui Ye Kingdom's soldiers, but now they had been completely destroyed. The Gui Ye Kingdom only had 500 million soldiers left; how could they defend against ten billion soldiers?

This time, they had not destroyed their target and had instead been the ones to be destroyed. Thinking about the Gui Ye Kingdom's end, Gui Xun could not help but feel quite sorrowful.

After clearing out the battlefield, Zhao Fu led the army towards the Gui Ye Kingdom.

By now, the Gui Ye Kingdom still had not realized that it was in danger of being destroyed. The Gui Ye Kingdom's King and Ministers did not pay much mind to the matter, and they were confident that this expedition would definitely succeed. They were currently discussing matters concerning what to do after devouring the Nether Ghost City.

They were mainly worried about what the two other factions would do afterwards, and if they would make a move against the Gui Ye Kingdom.

The Gui Ye Kingdom's King was a cold and cruel-looking middle-aged man dressed in gray dragon robes. He was quite ambitious and had always wanted to destroy the two other factions and unify this region and have it become an even stronger Kingdom.

However, it was a pity that he did not have the strength to do so. After destroying Nether Ghost City, it still would not be enough, unless the two other factions engaged in a big battle and he took advantage of that and destroyed them both. He could not think of any other methods.

Suddenly, a soldier rushed into the meeting hall and hurriedly reported, "Your Majesty, there are a large number of unknown soldiers marching towards our Kingdom and have already broken through our defensive lines. Please give us orders, Your Majesty."

This sudden news caused the King and the Ministers' hearts to sink, and their expressions became quite unsightly. After all, the news was not that soldiers were simply on their way but that their defensive lines had already been broken and that they were heading for the capital.

"Hurry and retrieve the army heading to the Nether Ghost City!" the King did not hesitate and immediately gave the order.

The soldier obeyed and turned to leave.

The King then gave an order to investigate what faction was attacking the Gui Ye Kingdom. He knew the two other large factions nearby and did not understand where such a powerful faction had jumped out from.

Soon, another soldier rushed in and reported, "Your Majesty, the army of 1.5 billion soldiers that we sent out has been annihilated. Moreover, that army is completely unstoppable and will soon arrive at the capital. Please leave, Your Majesty."