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 When Zhao Fu felt this incredibly powerful aura, he stopped moving and turned to look at the figure in the air. With such intense power, this person could only be Heavenstone City's City Lord!

Shi Jian, Heavenstone City's City Lord, stood in the air and looked at the countless dead and injured city guards as well as his three Great Generals. One was heavily injured, one was crippled, and the other one was dead. His dignified and majestic face had an intense look of anger on it as he looked at Zhao Fu and said, "You deserve death!"

Zhao Fu started to laugh wildly. They were the ones who had killed all of his people despite being innocent, and now they were blaming him for killing their people? In a world where the strong preyed on the weak, it was almost impossible to speak reason.

Zhao Fu looked at Shi Jian with his blood-red eyes and said with a sharp, hoarse voice, "I... deserve... death? Then come and kill me! Hahahaha!"

After speaking, Zhao Fu once again laughed wildly while his body exploded out with even more powerful energy than before. Countless terrifying arcs of lightning appeared around Zhao Fu's body, and the ground in a 10-meter radius of him was unable to withstand this monstrous energy and started to collapse.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Shi Jian felt even more furious. His body ignited with a destructive azure flame that covered the 10-meter radius area around him, making him seem like an azure sun. The spirit pressure that he gave off seemed to become corporeal, and it covered the surrounding 10,000-meter radius area. Within the flames, Shi Jian's clothes fluttered despite there being no wind, making him seem incredibly terrifying and ferocious.


Shi Jian took out the long saber at his waist, and his feet pushed off from the air, rocketing downwards towards Zhao Fu. He reached Zhao Fu in an instant and sliced his long saber towards him.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and gripped the Sky Demon Sword as he blocked with all of his might.


A massive explosion sounded out as two superpowers clashed, and it turned into an incredibly destructive shockwave. As it rippled outwards, the ground cracked and countless trees were obliterated as innumerable living creatures were killed.

The players who had run very far away could still feel the terrifying shockwave from behind them, and all the people in Heavenstone City could all feel this power, giving them a big fright. At the southern city gates, the indigenous residents panicked, desperately running away from the southern city gates. At the same time, a large number of soldiers flooded towards this place.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Massive explosions continuously rang out as Zhao Fu and Shi Jian fought an intense battle. As the battle dragged on, both of them received many injuries, and their appearances became more and more disorderly as they were covered with more and more blood.

At that moment, the azure aura around Shi Jian's body condensed, and he slashed out with his long saber with his full strength. A massive azure sword light that was 10 or so meters tall shot out, leaving a long gash in the ground as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu sent a massive amount of King's Power into his sword and pointed it forwards. A massive image of the Sky Demon, which was almost corporeal, shot out from the sword and spread its wings, roaring before flying towards Shi Jian.


Yet another massive explosion sounded out as the two attacks collided and turned into a shockwave. It covered both people, causing them to cough up a mouthful of blood and fly backwards.

After twisting in the air, Shi Jian landed steadily on the ground. He gazed at Zhao Fu seriously, and after exchanging a few blows with him, he found that he had underestimated Zhao Fu.

However, his expression soon became savage and he shouted at Zhao Fu, "Don't think that just because you have the Mandate of Heaven Fate and an immature Nation Armament that I won't be able to deal with you. I'll show you the true strength of a City Lord."

Shi Jian loudly roared, and all of Heavenstone City seemed to quake and give off a faint light. A formless energy entered Shi Jian's body, causing his veins to bulge, and azure aura filled the surrounding 100-meter radius area.

A profound-looking rune that was about as big as a palm appeared in front of Shi Jian. The instant that rune appeared, Shi Jian's power rose to its limits, and the air around him seemed to explode as a spirit pressure descended, making Shi Jian seem like a peerless war god.

When Zhao Fu saw this, he was quite surprised. Shi Jian had used some sort of power from Heavenstone City, and his strength now surpassed Zhao Fu's.

At that moment, Shi Jian kicked off the ground, causing it to crack. He turned into an azure light and rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's expression became savage, and he used the Sky Demon Sword to slash at his palm before plunging it into the ground. A large amount of Sky Demon Qi burrowed into the ground, dyeing it black. The blackness spread out, forming a 1,000-meter wide Domain instantly.

Shi Jian was incredibly fast, and he came within 500 meters of Zhao Fu instantly. Seeing this, Zhao Fu suddenly pressed his bleeding palm against the ground.

Blood spikes that were even thicker than the ones from before erupted from the ground, stabbing towards Shi Jian.

"Hmph!" Shi Jian coldly harrumphed, and the azure rune floating in front of him seemed to have a life of its own and floated onto his saber.

Immediately, his long saber became an azure stone saber that gave off a brilliant light. Its aura seemed even sharper, and just by looking at it, one's eyes would be injured. Shi Jian swung his stone saber, and a 1,000-meter long azure sword light flashed out.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

As the massive blood spikes were destroyed, Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew backwards, an incredibly deep gash appearing on his chest.

When Shi Jian saw Zhao Fu fly backwards and crash to the ground, Shi Jian leaped up, spanning the 100-meter distance between them in an instant and arriving at Zhao Fu's side.

Zhao Fu lay on the ground, his aura incredibly feeble. That incredibly powerful attack from Shi Jian had heavily injured him, and he coughed up another mouthful of blood as he glared at Shi Jian, who was slowly raising his saber, with his blood-red eyes.

That terrifying stone saber shot out a 10-meter long saber light, seeming incredibly powerful. Even a mighty dragon would most likely die from such a strike!

"Die!" Shi Jian roared coldly as he forcefully slashed downwards with the saber. He definitely wouldn't spare this person after he had killed his Generals and so many city guards. At this moment, he felt a trace of joy from taking revenge for them.

The saber brought with it a fearsome saber light as it descended towards Zhao Fu, and it was about to devour his body.


At this moment, a shocking explosion sounded out. A blinding pillar of golden light rushed up into the sky. At that instant, the other three City Lords in East Green felt a sense of shock and looked towards Heavenstone City.

Shi Jian was also quite confused and was sent tens of meters away by this energy.

A figure slowly stood up within the pillar of golden light. The Great Qin Town did not only have the Twelve Metal Colossi but also the jade Ruler's Seal with five divine dragons carved into it. The jade Ruler's Seal started to clang, giving off a powerful golden light.