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 The fiery-figured Yan Yan felt furious and wanted to directly act and teach this Fourth Prince a lesson, but You Qin stretched out a hand and stopped her, telling her to calm herself down. With the current situation, they could not afford to have a direct confrontation with the Gui Ye Kingdom.

Yan Yan asked angrily, "Are we just going to let him continue bullying us?"

You Qin said gently, "No matter what it is, we need to wait for our husband's orders. Don't worry, with his personality, he won't allow us to continue getting bullied."

Hearing this, Yan Yan lightly harrumphed and was no longer as angry.

The Fourth Prince could tell that Yan Yan had just wanted to attack him and teach him a lesson, and he said loudly, "It's best that you behave, as if the Gui Ye Kingdom attacks, you'll all be dead."

A middle-aged man next to him exploded out with a Heaven Realm aura, shaking everyone present.

The powerful aura caused the people in the surroundings to look at the Fourth Prince with fear, who raised his head and enjoyed these gazes.

Suddenly a light laugh sounded out as a cloaked figure walked over from the side. Seeing that person, You Qin immediately happily leapt into his embrace.

The Fourth Prince felt quite displeased as he had taken a fancy to these women. Moreover, they had treated him incredibly coldly, while they showed no regard for any dignity at all as they leapt into that person's embrace. The Fourth Prince said coldly, "You have angered me, and it's best to pacify me or else I'll immediately return to the Gui Ye Kingdom and have you all die a horrible death."

Yan Yan happily hugged Zhao Fu and said, "My good husband, this person was bullying us, and he wanted us to serve him."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he hugged her and looked at the Fourth Prince.

Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying gaze, the Fourth Prince felt a trace of coldness in his heart, as well as a sense of fear. The person next to him said, "Your Majesty, that person is incredibly powerful; we should leave for now."

The Fourth Prince greatly feared Zhao Fu and he nodded as he said, "Let's leave then!"

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "You think you can just leave after bullying my women?"

The Fourth Prince knew that Zhao Fu was terrifying, but he still mustered up the courage to say threateningly, "I am the Fourth Prince of the Gui Ye Kingdom; if you dare to do anything to me, the Gui Ye Kingdom will not let you all off."

Zhao Fu did not care and casually waved his hand, sending out a formless energy.

The Fourth Prince and his group were sent flying and everyone was sent flying back and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. Zhao Fu held back against the Fourth Prince - he was only injured after being sent flying back, and his expression became incredibly unsightly.

He understood how terrifying Zhao Fu's power was; people with such power definitely came from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.

Zhao Fu gave some orders to the people with him and had the Fourth Prince taken down.

Yan Yan smiled and felt much better, and she said, "Husband, let's quickly go to our room! I want to properly serve you."

You Qin leaned against Zhao Fu. Now that Zhao Fu had come to the Underworld, she did not have to worry about anything. She lightly smiled as she said, "Husband, you haven't come to the Underworld in a long time; you need to properly take care of us."

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged them and brought them to a room. The five women were incredibly lewd under him and continuously begged him for more.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged You Qin as he asked about the situation in the Nether Ghost City and the three other factions.

You Qin lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and introduced the three large factions in detail. She could sense what Zhao Fu was thinking and asked in shock, "Husband, don't tell me that you want to destroy those three factions."

You Qin did not know Zhao Fu's true identity, and she only knew that he was not from the Underworld. It was very likely that he had a powerful faction.

Zhao Fu smiled as he admitted, "That's right, I want to destroy the three factions together and unify this region. This region is about equivalent to a world, and I want you to be the Queen!"

You Qin kissed Zhao Fu in delight. The position of Queen was something that she would not dream to have back when she was the City Lord's wife. Moreover, without Zhao Fu, she would not have such accomplishments.

Liu Yeye looked at Zhao Fu in infatuation as she said, "Dear, in actuality I'm not interested in being a Queen; I just want to be loved by you every day."

Yan Yan happily laughed as she said, "I want to be a Queen and also want to receive love from husband. Also, just think about it husband; wouldn't it feel great to have five Queens serve you and lay panting under you?"

Zhao Fu laughed and lightly nodded before saying, "Let's start acting then! I've brought many people this time."

The women smiled and got up and put on their clothes.

The Gui Ye Kingdom received news that their Fourth Prince had been captured and that his bodyguards had all been killed. The Gui Ye Kingdom was infuriated and directly sent out 1.5 billion Yin Soldiers and its most talented General, Gui Xun, to attack the Nether Ghost City.

The Nether Ghost City only had 100 million soldiers, while the Gui Ye Kingdom had sent out 1.5 billion soldiers, which was 15 times their numbers. Moreover, they had Gui Xun, so destroying the Nether Ghost City would not be a problem at all.

Zhao Fu long since heard about this and mobilized ten billion soldiers to lie in ambush. The Gui Ye Kingdom could not possibly know that their forces were not merely 100 million but ten billion.

Gui Xun led the army forward, giving off immense killing intent. As they headed towards a relatively flat area, his hairs stood on end and he immediately sensed immense danger. However, the surroundings seemed deathly silent and there was not a trace of movement.

By now, Gui Xun could sense that there was an ambush here, and he loudly ordered, "All soldiers, stay alert!"

However, by now, they had entered Great Qin's trap. Seeing that they had been discovered, Zhao Fu did not bother hiding anymore and had the army reveal themselves.

Soldiers dressed in black armor with cold expressions appeared, and there were countless of them. An aura of killing and conquering that had been tempered through countless battles flooded out towards the Gui Ye Kingdom's soldiers, causing them to fall into terror.

What was going on? The Gui Ye Kingdom's soldiers clumped together and stared at Great Qin's soldiers surrounding them in shock, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Weren't they going to attack the Nether Ghost City? How were they suddenly surrounded by so many elite soldiers?

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked down at the Gui Ye Kingdom's soldiers. His gaze fell on Gui Xun and he spoke with a mighty and overbearing voice, "You're not bad. If you're willing to submit to me, not only will I not kill you, but I will also put you in an important position."